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February 6, 2014

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14w06a is the tenth snapshot released for Java Edition 1.8.


Command format[]

  • Syntax: /trigger <objective> <add:set> <value>.
  • Functions the same way as /scoreboard players set or /scoreboard players add, but can only modify objectives with the trigger criteria (referred to as "triggers") and can only modify the score of the player running the command.
  • Can be used by non-operator players.
  • For a player to run this command, the trigger must be enabled for that player.
    • /scoreboard players enable <player> <trigger> will enable the specified player to use the specified trigger objective.
    • Trigger availability is stored per player, per trigger.
      • One trigger may be disabled for a player, but that player can use a different trigger.
      • One player may be unable to use a trigger, but another player can use the same trigger.
    • Disabled after the trigger has been used (must be re-enabled to use the trigger again).
  • Mostly for use with /tellraw.
Data Tags
  • CanPlaceOn
    • Allows placing of certain blocks against other blocks in adventure mode.
    • Example: /give @p minecraft:stone 16 0 {CanPlaceOn:[minecraft:diamond_block]}.
  • HideFlags.
    • Allows hiding of certain parts of the tooltip.
    • Bit field of 1/enchantments, 2/modifiers, 4/unbreakable, 8/candestroy, 16/canplace.
  • ShowParticles
    • Option to show or hide all particles for a potion effect, while the 'Ambient' tag only shows fewer particles. Set to true to show, false to hide.
  • PickupDelay
    • The number of ticks before an item entity can be picked up.
    • Setting to 32767 will prevent the duration from decreasing, thus making the item incapable of being picked up.
  • A new argument for /scoreboard: [objective].
  • Allows objectives to be reset one by one.
    • Example: /scoreboard players reset <player> [objective].
  • New objective criteria for team-specific kills, e.g.: teamkill.red, killedByTeam.blue.
  • New objective criteria: trigger.
  • Acts like the dummy criteria.
  • Mostly for use with /tellraw.
  • The ability to iterate over every scoreboard player with *.


  • New achievement Overpowered
  • Obtained by crafting an enchanted golden apple
    • Requires obtaining Getting an Upgrade first.


  • Added "Yay, puppies for everyone!"



  • Now becomes visible when a player in Creative mode is holding a barrier in their hand.
    • The block itself is not rendered, a particle appears in its place.
  • Now uses block of redstone breaking particles instead of lava.
Ender crystals
  • Now generate one block lower, without bedrock underneath.


  • When items are collected, rather than "zooming" into the player's chest, it appears to move to the player's feet instead.


  • All mobs now use the 'new' AI.[1]
  • Mobs now show a glow of a slightly different color when hurt.
  • Mobs that can ride boats can now control the boats.
    • Except for ghasts and bats
  • Will now shoot the player even if there are solid blocks between them.
Cave spiders and spiders
  • Can no longer draw its line of sight through opaque blocks.
  • Are slightly taller (0.4 blocks tall rather than 0.3).
  • Now pathfind to the player when aggravated.
  • Worn armor is now rendered.
  • AI is removed.
  • Are slightly taller (11.7 blocks tall rather than 10.8).
  • Leftover AI is removed.
Magma cubes and slimes
  • Now swim, and randomly change direction every so often, reducing the chance of them getting stuck at walls or corners.
  • Will now randomly despawn over time if no player is within a 32-meter range.
  • Are slightly smaller (0.51 blocks square rather than 0.6) (values given are for the smallest variant, the size of others can be calculated though).
  • Are slightly shorter (0.7 blocks tall rather than 0.8).
  • Are significantly smaller (0.3 blocks tall and 0.4 blocks wide rather than 0.7 blocks tall and 0.3 blocks wide).
Skeletons, witches, zombies and zombie villagers
  • Are slightly taller (1.95 blocks tall rather than 1.8)
Snow golems
  • Are significantly larger (1.9 blocks tall and 0.7 blocks wide rather than 1.8 blocks tall and 0.4 blocks wide).
  • Are slightly shorter (3.5 blocks tall rather than 4.0)
Wither skeletons
  • Are slightly taller (2.353 blocks tall rather than 2.34)
Zombie pigmen
  • Now pathfind to the player when aggravated.
  • Are slightly taller (1.95 blocks tall rather than 1.8).

Command format[]

  • Can now also specify whether particles are to be shown:
  • Usage: /effect <player> <effect> [seconds] [amplifier] [hideParticles].
    • Use 'true' to hide particles and 'false' to show; if value not given, defaults to false.
  • Added the barrier particle.
    • Uses the barrier item texture.
    • Used for indicating barrier blocks.
Data Tags
  • Age
    • Setting Age to a value of -32768 makes items which never expire


Spectator mode
  • An optional hotkey to show outlines on players whilst spectating.
    • Can be color coded to teams.
    • Can be set/canceled in Controls option.
    • Outline seen when the key is held down (like sneaking when Shift is held down).


Block IDs
  • Statistics for items/blocks can now be referenced per name, instead of ID.
    • Example: stat.mineBlock.minecraft.stone.
Debug screen
  • X, Y, and Z title has been changed from 'Feet' in the previous snapshot, to 'XYZ'.
  • Day counter added.
    • Increases by 1 every dawn.
  • Now displays difficulty.
    • Peaceful- 0.00, Easy- 0.75, Normal- 1.50, Hard 2.25 (but numbers slowly increase the longer you are in an area).
  • Now displays player rotation again.
    • However now it displays it in degrees and quadrants.
F3 hotkeys
  • Now display entity eye level in red.
Resource packs
  • Block models in resource packs can now be customized.
  • Replaces the files in /assets/minecraft/models/.
  • After loading the resource pack, the game may have to be reloaded.
  • Splash changed - "OpenGL 1.2!" changed to "OpenGL 2.1 (if supported)!"


32 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.8
  • MC-2947 – Ghasts and witches do not aim properly.
  • MC-4222 – While under the effect of a night vision potion, enemies no longer flash red upon taking damage.
  • MC-10099 – Angry Zombie pigmen usually won't jump over 1-high transparent blocks to get to enemies.
  • MC-12061 – Witch hitbox is shorter than the witch mob itself.
  • MC-12730 – TNT placed on fence / nether fence/cobble wall/mossy wall and ignited has TNT fall through floor.
  • MC-19886 – Plants don't cause an update when the block beneath is broken/light level changed.
  • MC-32579 – Attribute "followRange" not working thoroughly.
  • MC-33110 – Spiders (and some other mobs) are not affected by speed effects or movementSpeed attributes.
  • MC-36151stat.leaveGame does not increment when game is closed.
  • MC-39139walkOneCm stat doesn't accurately measure distance.
  • MC-41839 – Chicken jockeys with baby zombie pigmen do not work.
  • MC-47705 – Blaze mobs attack creative mode player.
  • MC-56363 – Crash on auto-complete name of scoreboard objective.
From the 1.8 development versions
  • MC-44688/clear fails on strings containing spaces.
  • MC-45261 – Sneaking while teleporting changes player position to face -z.
  • MC-46404 – Hearts, food, armor and crosshair are the wrong color (overlay) when holding certain items.
  • MC-46427 – Breaking barriers create lava and water particles.
  • MC-46435 – Reticle (now hitbox) appears on tile entities in spectator mode.
  • MC-46473 – Cannot open minecart with chest in spectator mode.
  • MC-46492 – Texture issues with invisible slime.
  • MC-46535 – Can control minecarts in spectator mode.
  • MC-46550 – The head of the sheep is bugged.
  • MC-46560 – When certain mobs take damage, the red damage indicator is not displayed properly.
  • MC-46599 – Trapped chests display triple chests in spectator mode.
From the previous development version
  • MC-46694 – Item frames, knots and paintings displaying void particle.
  • MC-46695 – "flyingSpeed" flood in the dev console when flying in gamemode 1 and 3.
  • MC-46711 – Spectating baby zombies has wrong eye level.
  • MC-46715 – Item repair duplicating item.
  • MC-46751 – Cardinal direction in debug screen change with mouse while spectating a mob.
  • MC-46761 – Zombies and zombie pigmen do not show holding items.
  • MC-46950 – Can see the item name when pressing hotbar shortcut key in spectator mode.
  • MC-47268 – Attempting to use a post-processing effect crashes on old Mac hardware.


  • 14w06a was previously removed from the launcher for some time, but was added back in September 2018.