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Minecraft 13w26a
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Java Edition



Release date

June 24, 2013[1]

Snapshot for



Client (.json)
Server (.exe)

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13w26a is the eighteenth and final snapshot released for Java Edition 1.6.1.


23 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.6.1
  • MC-1038 – Beacon block incorrect texture when surrounded by blocks.
  • MC-2453 – Jack-o-lantern name is mispunctuated.
  • MC-6828 – Brewing stand feet's sides are transparent when placed against a wall.
  • MC-9026 – Splash potions particles are incorrect.
  • MC-9584 – Cactus texture error when near a wall.
  • MC-10976 – Single player: "java.io.IOException: Stream Closed" when quitting game.
  • MC-18640 – Crash when language file of currently selected language is missing.
From the 1.6.1 development versions
  • MC-13737 – Ridden Horse / Mule / Donkey duplicates when reloading the world.
  • MC-13774 – Mounting rideable entities (horses/boats/minecarts/pigs) underwater desyncs client/server (ghost mode).
  • MC-14944 – Weighted pressure plates' names are too long to be renamed.
  • MC-16413 – Boats toss the player off like horses.
  • MC-16828 – Horses make the galloping sound + their original walking sound at the same time.
  • MC-16847 – Horse jump bar becomes stuck if player is kicked off / dismounts while charging a jump.
  • MC-16887 – Jumping sideways on an unsaddled horse.
  • MC-17571 – Health overflow isn't removed when health boost ends.
  • MC-17675 – Sun jitters when time is set to zero and doDaylightCycle is false.
  • MC-17997 – Horse "Gelding" bug.
  • MC-18505 – Sitting direction does not fit when riding a horse.
  • MC-18522 – 3D anaglyth sometimes crashing Minecraft upon toggle in the options menu.
From the previous development version
  • MC-18632 – Player induced horse jumps negate the horse's jump boost effect.
  • MC-18633 – Lag then crash on LAN world.
From TextureEnder.jar
  • MC-17667 – Resource pack conversion bug: Stone brick texture given to cobble. Stone bricks don't get a texture.
  • MC-17938 – Converter not converting some animations correctly.