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The pre-reupload version of this version is currently missing. 
This version has been reuploaded at one point in time. While the reuploaded version has been archived, the pre-reupload has not, meaning that it is currently lost.
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Minecraft 13w03a
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Java Edition



Release date

January 17, 2013

Snapshot for



Original client unavailable
Reupload 1 client (.json)
Reupload 2 client (.json)
Server (.exe)

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13w03a is the fifth snapshot released for Java Edition 1.5,[1] which adds droppers, minecarts with hoppers, and the /testfor command.

13w03a was reuploaded twice. The first time was later on January 17, 2013, to fix an issue with droppers duplicating items,[2] and it was soon reuploaded for a second time half an hour later fixing the inability to break blocks by punching, and random crashes when breaking blocks and items.[3]



  • Places items in containers in front of them.
    • If there is no container it will eject the item without using it.
    • A dispenser "shoots" items at the player, while a dropper "throws" items at them.[2]
  • Crafted using cobblestone, a hopper, and a piece of redstone:
Ingredients Crafting recipe
Cobblestone +
Hopper +

Non-mob entities[]

Minecart with Hopper
  • Crafting recipe is a hopper on top of a minecart.
  • Can only be emptied by passing over a hopper.
  • Can pick up items it passes over.

Command format[]

  • Command to test for players.
  • Uses comparators to get an analog redstone signal indicating the amount of found players.



Pillar quartz blocks
  • Can now be placed in any orientation – placement works like with wooden logs.
Command blocks
  • Comparators fed by command blocks will now indicate whether the last run command was run successfully.
Detector rails
  • Comparators powered by them now give out a signal depending on the fullness of the container on the rail.
Locked Chests
  • Now have their crash fixed causing their texture to be changed again.
  • Creating an infinite water source no longer needs a block underneath, but has to have a water source block.
    • Players cannot ruin oceans/rivers with buckets.


  • Scales to difficulty.
  • They now shoot faster when their target is closer.
  • They shoot players one block away.
  • Made them harder to shoot.
  • Scales to difficulty.
  • They now group upon targets.
  • When on fire, they can now set players on fire.
  • Now become aggressive and come towards the player when shot from further away.

Non-mob entities[]

Minecart with TNT
  • When blown up using activator rails, they no longer destroy rails and supporting blocks.
  • Still blows up redstone materials.


  • Added some new chat options in multiplayer menu:
    • Focused Height
    • Unfocused Height
    • Width
  • Moved the texture packs button (no longer appears on the main menu).
    • Players can now change texture packs in-game.


36 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.5
  • MC-547 – Arrows don't land properly.
  • MC-592 – Dying stacked leather armor duplicates the armor.
  • MC-916 – Water does not form source blocks properly on top of existing source blocks.
  • MC-1570 – Levers have random orientation when placed.
  • MC-2582 – Powered/activator rail on slope stays powered/activated.
  • MC-2711 – Jukebox crashes when breaking with no record inside.
  • MC-2989 – Block "resets" when right clicked with a food item.
  • MC-3169 – Wither In Peaceful spawns very glitchy.
  • MC-3449 – Block breaking resets when the item you're holding changes.
  • MC-4770 – Chat Shown: commands only broken - displays all chats but prevents me from submitting commands with "cannot send chat message".
From the 1.5 development versions
  • MC-5719 – Clicking on items in inventory is delayed or does not work.
  • MC-5737 – World generating in stripped parts.
  • MC-5744 – Daylight sensor emits power in the nether even though there's no day or night there.
  • MC-6757 – Game crashes trying to render blocks 55, 64, 71, 95 as items.
  • MC-6833 – Doubled up TNT minecarts creates huge lag ("Nuclear minecarts").
  • MC-6900 – Locked chest crashes game.
  • MC-7019 – Minecart with TNT explodes prematurely before derailing.
  • MC-7111 – Melon and Pumpkin seed stems use the fully grown texture scaled down to the right size.
  • MC-7119 – Cake uses inside texture on all sides when placed.
From the previous development version
  • MC-7084 – Game crashes when looking into a chest that contains items that crash the game.
  • MC-7085 – Debug file "stitched_items.png" overlays textures on itself.
  • MC-7108 – Hoppers grab/put items from/into chests that aren't connected.
  • MC-7125 – Hopper doesn't get the correct powered state when placed.
  • MC-7141 – More items going into a hopper than it can hold can duplicate the items.
  • MC-7143 – The game crashes after several seconds in the End with NullPointerException.
  • MC-7277 – Texturepack-Textures won't load (Mac OSX).
  • MC-7301 – Single hopper does not properly grab items form double trapped chests.
  • MC-7323 – TNT Minecart explodes after derailing even if it was already activated.
  • MC-7342 – Death message shows java entity name (w/ fireballs).
  • MC-7349 – TNT minecart "Ticking Entity" crash.
From the current version, hotfixed
  • MC-7620 – Dropper duping glitch.
  • MC-7622 – Snapshot Crash when trying to break sugar cane.
  • MC-7623 – Thrown splash potion doesn't show "potion" inside it.
  • MC-7625 – Can't break blocks with nothing in hand.
  • MC-7775 – Minecart with TNT and activator track have no names.
  • Fixed "<player> was knocked into the void by <player>" failing to show.