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This article documents an April Fools' joke. 
There is no actual 1.RV version of Minecraft in development.

1.RV-Pre1 is an April Fools' joke pre-release, supposedly the first and only pre-release for 1.RV, also known as the Trendy Update. Mojang released the hoax announcement for the update and its pre-release on March 31, 2016.[1]



USB Charger USB Charger Block


Reality Vision (item) Reality Vision
  • Equipped via the helmet armor slot.
  • When equipped, it shows a 3D minimap.
  • Displays vision overlay (similar to the pumpkin overlay), this can be turned off pressing F1.
  • Activates a shader when equipped.
  • Signs display the text "OBEY" while glasses are equipped, a reference to the movie They Live.
Ankle Monitor (item) Ankle Monitor
  • Equipped via the boots armor slot.
  • When equipped in Survival mode, they can't be taken off.
  • Gives the player Slowness I effect when equipped.
  • Will display several messages if the wearer is far from the world spawn point or in another dimension.
  • Stackable up to 64.
Smarter Watch (item) Smarter Watch
  • Equipped on the off-hand slot.
  • Shows the time above the hotbar where item tooltips are shown in human readable format (18:00, and 22:00 for example).
  • Push notifications in the chat whenever a statistic reaches a significant milestone.
    • Other messages are shown when the player takes damage and sometimes even shows item specific information in chat when items are crafted.
  • Stackable up to 64.


  • Zombies and Skeletons now have a chance of being equipped with any of the 3 equipment items added.
    • When they wear the reality vision, they will not attack the player, even if the player attacks them.
      • However, endermen with reality vision will still attack when looked at.
  • Signs have a different unique texture.
  • Sign text is now green.
  • Signs read "OBEY" while reality shades are equipped. This is a reference to They Live.


1.RV-Pre1 is not supported due to being an April Fools' joke, and therefore issues affecting it will be closed as "Invalid" in the issue tracker.[2]


  • Sounds are saved in minecraft/sounds/buzzwords/sound_name.ogg where sound_name is replaced with the actual name of the sound, for example equipvr.ogg.
  • The update was released before April 1st by the developers.
  • The overlay for the reality vision in the assets folder, cantseeshitcaptain.png, is a reference to a popular meme from the TV show Star Trek.
  • The shader for the reality vision can be disabled by using F4.
  • This version was previously removed from the launcher for some time, but was added back in September 2018.


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