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1.9.1[1] is an update for Minecraft (Java Edition) released on March 30, 2016.[2] 1.9.1 is not compatible with 1.9 servers. Due to a major multiplayer bug, 1.9.1 was replaced with 1.9.2 on the same day.



  • New armor attribute: generic.armorToughness, which includes a new formula for calculating damage:
    • Increased toughness means less armor defense point reduction from strong attacks.
    • Diamond armor has toughness 2, all other armor has toughness 0. A full set of diamond armor, therefore gives a toughness attribute of 8.
  • Added sound effects while gliding with elytra.
    • Sound event item.elytra.flying.



  • Dispensers with arrows in jungle temples now use loot tables.
  • Increased limit per tick for scheduled tile ticks from 1,000 to 65,536.
  • Can now push and pull items to and from chests that are blocked from opening.


  • No longer take damage when blocking weak attacks (less than 3♥♥ damage).


  • Now shoot less quickly on Easy and Normal difficulties.

Non-mob entities[]

Minecarts with chest & minecarts with hopper
  • The GUI name is now the same as the item's display name.

Command format[]

  • Entity selector c (count) now sorts on proximity using true coordinates, not coordinates snapped to the grid.[3]


  • Attack cooldown indicator is now enabled by default.[note 1]


Loot tables
Session IDs
  • Are no longer printed by the game to the log files or to the launcher.[4]


13 issues fixed
From release versions older than 1.9
  • MC-7961 – Hopper can't fill or empty a chest if the chest is blocked from opening.
  • MC-56162 – Setting /worldborder damage amount 0 doesn't work.
  • MC-95352 – Spatial target arguments c, dx, dy, dz behave unexpectedly and inconsistently.
From release version 1.9
  • MC-90257 – A chain of command blocks may take more than 1 tick to traverse.
  • MC-93074 – Summoned arrows can't be assigned a scoreboard value (too many arrows/spectral arrows cause command fail).
  • MC-96219 – Block duplication bug with pistons (ghost blocks).
  • MC-96927 – Selector c= targeting inaccurate entity position.
  • MC-98327 – Elytra texture transparency issues.
  • MC-98461 – Several languages (at least Frisian, Talossan, Ripuarian, Lojban, and LOLCAT) are not selectable, "Eesti (Eesti)" is listed as "Inglise (US)".
  • MC-98587 – Command block logic sometimes fails arbitrarily.
  • MC-99060 – Elytra glowing effect is always black.
  • MC-99697 – Missnamed minecarts with hoppers and chests as "container.minecart".
From the 1.9.1 development versions
  • MC-99396 – Players attack animation missing.
Other fixes
  • Fixed game engine adding non-existent entities (failed mob spawns, etc.) to its internal lists, increasing instability.[5]


Video made by slicedlime:


  1. Players who already played previous 1.9 versions may still need to manually enable the crosshair option (or delete options.txt to reset the default values).


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