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February 19, 2015

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1.8.2[1] is an update for Minecraft which was released on February 19, 2015.[2] 1.8.2 is compatible with 1.8 and 1.8.1 servers.[3]



Debug screen
  • New frame-time graph.
    • Activated by pressing Alt+F3 to display frame time bar chart in lower left of screen.
  • Added "Do it all, everything!"
  • Added "Where there is not light, there can spider!"
  • Added new statistics.
    • Cake Slices Eaten
    • Cauldrons Filled
    • Water Taken from Cauldron
    • Armor Pieces Cleaned
    • Banners Cleaned
    • Interactions with Brewing Stand
    • Interactions with Beacon
    • Droppers Searched
    • Hoppers Searched
    • Dispensers Searched
    • Noteblocks played
    • Noteblocks tuned
    • Plants potted
    • Trapped Chests Triggered
    • Ender Chests Opened
    • Items Enchanted
    • Records Played
    • Interactions with Furnace
    • Interactions with Crafting Table
    • Chests Opened



  • Now ignore bedrock above them when determining a clear view to the sky.
  • Reverted explosion physics changes to those before the 14w31a snapshot.
  • Explosion force is no longer directionally biased.


Carrot on a stick
  • Crafting one now removes all enchantments from the original fishing rod.


  • Now spawn at or above sea level, rather than at Y=63.
  • Now spawn below sea level, rather than at Y=63.

World generation[]

Dark oak trees & oak trees
  • Oak and dark oak branches no longer replace blocks.
Mushroom biomes
  • Now generate with only one kind of giant mushroom, instead of brown and red (MC-77972).


Spectator mode
  • Mobs no longer follow/attack the player in spectator mode.


  • Now directly takes the player back to the multiplayer screen, instead of the title screen, when leaving a server.


48 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.8
  • MC-141/spawnpoint command fails directly on pressure plates, cobwebs, signs, open fence gates.
  • MC-3416 – Player location marker invisible on map (wrong Z-Order). One-line fix included.
  • MC-3885 – Arrows shot into the underside of a block appear black.
  • MC-4405 – Beacons work inconsistently in the Nether.
  • MC-8578 – Hopper sometimes doesn't suck items above when they are overlaying.
  • MC-10176 – Oak/dark oak tree branches can replace all solid blocks (including bedrock and barrier).
  • MC-13057 – Multiplayer "back to title screen" button incorrect.
  • MC-31338 – No eggs with /summon.
  • MC-41881 – Hopper minecart acts like it is in a different position.
  • MC-42192WitherSkulls flash for a brief moment when being summoned.
  • MC-44634 – Invulnerable Fireballs are invisible/being client-side rendered on hit.
  • MC-47683 – Black particles when breaking a block/torch particles dark.
  • MC-48219 – Keyboard input causes mouse look to stutter or jerk (Fixed in LWJGL 2.9.3).
  • MC-48969Tellraw crashes if clickEvent is a URL without "http://".
  • MC-49704 – Mooshroom udder texture does not display correctly.
  • MC-50769 – Mooshrooms incorrectly display custom mushroom models.
  • MC-51573 – Hostile mobs continue to follow/attack you in spectator mode.
  • MC-51804 – Corner fences/cobblestone wall with a block next to them turn black (Smooth lighting off).
  • MC-63370 – Baby cows are milkable.
  • MC-64444 – Wither skulls are being rendered for a moment.
  • MC-65697 – Explosion force on entities is directionally biased.
  • MC-66089 – Explosion physics changed, range of some TNT cannons greatly reduced.
  • MC-66090 – TNT is no longer colliding with a block placed above it when the TNT is triggered.
  • MC-67727 – Beacons in Nether need clear path to "sky".
  • MC-71163 – Bed can overlap when placed on grass.
  • MC-72574/stats command doesn't work on players who aren't op.
  • MC-73866 – Game crash when an item is thrown into a nether portal.
  • MC-74686 – Marker armor stand block placing issue.
  • MC-74866 – Chunk flickering (only Intel HD Graphics/Driver version
  • MC-75083 – Single Player: Can't select any of the previous created worlds in Java 8 (Fixed by installing Java 7) (Windows 8).
  • MC-75195 – Armor stands with the "Marker" tag set to 1 don't show their name tag.
  • MC-75722 – Buy a realm has no "Back" button with no internet connection.
  • MC-75885 – World generator crashes when generating pumpkins (e.g. seed "Cows").
  • MC-76239 – Minecraft Realms main menu button's text between quotation marks.
  • MC-76611villages.dat stores player names instead of UUIDs.
  • MC-76650 – Glass pane image flipped.
  • MC-76747 – Various particles near world border rendered incorrectly.
From 1.8
  • MC-57691 – Water generates above sea level as part of ocean monument generation.
  • MC-57769 – Server Console spams "0".
  • MC-58184 – Cocoa block texture bug.
  • MC-59549 – Graphical arrow glitch in position.
  • MC-60859 – Regular stone villages spawning desert biomes.
  • MC-61475 – Using /setblock to set block entities with items in their inventory does not update comparators adjacent to the block entity.
  • MC-61897 – Crash when dispensing any minecart types out of upside-down dispensers onto powered rails or activator rails.
  • MC-67150 – Ocean Monument cuts unnaturally into ocean floor.
  • MC-70104 – Arrow visual glitch (fake arrow).
From 1.8.1
  • MC-73062 – Ambiguous Realms error "Incompatible client, consider updating" at newest snapshot.
  • MC-73406 – Beacon stops working at a certain height.


Video made by slicedlime:


  • At the time, 1.8.2 had the most pre-releases of any update so far, at 7 pre-releases, which is the second-equal most pre-releases of any update.
    • This is broken by 1.13, which has 10 pre-releases, and equaled by 1.12.
  • 1.8.2 is tied with 1.14.4 as having the highest number of pre-releases on a minor version, with seven.
  • 1.8.2 holds the record of having the longest developmental time in a minor version, taking more than 2 months to complete.