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1.7.9[1] is a minor update released on April 14, 2014,[2] to fix some further issues with skins in 1.7.8, and to improve the speed it converts names.[2] It is compatible with servers.



Naming System
  • Improved name conversion speed.
Skin system
  • Added support for the new skin system.
  • Loosened restrictions so NPCs and similar are still possible for now.
  • Servers still have to send signed blobs to show skins, but there are no more timeout & "is it for this player" checks.


4 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.7.9
  • MC-4812 – Piston arm graphical glitch in the End.
From the 1.7.x release versions
  • MC-51786 – 1.7.5 Minecraft Realms OP bug.
  • MC-52719 – Outdated server, pretending to be 1.7.7 / 1.7.8.
  • MC-52817 – "Add player" packets and "Remove player" packets are being sent out of order.