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Horse Update

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July 1, 2013[1]

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of 1.6.1
For a guide about all content in this release and the other releases of the Horse Update, see Java Edition guides/Horse Update.

1.6.1,[2] the first release of the Horse Update, is a major update to Minecraft (Java Edition) released on July 1, 2013,[3] which added many new features including horses, leads, coal blocks, carpets, new commands, resource packs and a new launcher.

A pre-release version of 1.6.1 was released on June 28, 2013.[4] This pre-release then became the full release of 1.6.1.



Hay Bale
  • Can be placed in all orientations
  • Crafted with wheat in a 3×3 arrangement
  • Crafted with 2 colors of wool in a horizontal line, yields 3 carpets
  • Can be placed on any block (even translucent ones)
Hardened Clay
Stained Clay
  • Comes in 16 colors, one for each dye.
  • Similar to wool.
  • Made by surrounding any dye with hardened clay in a crafting table
Block of Coal
  • Crafted with 3×3 coal.
  • Crafted only with coal, not charcoal.
  • Can be used as furnace fuel and smelts 80 items, more than 9 coal (72 smelted items).


Horse Armor
Horse Spawn Egg
  • Works like any other spawn egg
  • Just like naturally spawned Horses, these Horses will have one of seven base colors and one of five variations of markings
  • Sometimes a Donkey will be spawned instead
  • Can be used to bind mobs to fences or lead them around
  • Right-click mob first, then right-click fence or right-click the mob again to get the leash back
  • Crafted with 4 string and 1 slimeball, yields 2 leads
Name Tag
  • Found in dungeon chests
  • Name it in an anvil, then right-click a mob to name it.


  • Creation assisted & inspired by DrZhark's Mo' Creatures mod
  • To tame, ride them, and get thrown off a few times until hearts appear
  • Can be bred using Golden Apples & Golden Carrots
  • Drop Leather when killed
  • Health can be restored using Bread, Sugar, Hay Bales, Wheat, Apples, Golden Apples & Golden Carrots
  • Baby Horses can be grown the same way
  • Players riding saddled Horses are granted full control over the Horse's movement
  • Color, style, maximum health, jump height, and speed vary between Horses
  • Open your inventory, right-click a Horse, or press the inventory key while sneaking and looking at a Horse to access their inventory to deal with their storage, armor, and saddle
  • Rarely spawn in small groups
  • Like horses, but smaller and gray, and can carry chests with 15 slots on their saddles.
  • Obtained by breeding a horse with a donkey
  • Can wear chests on their saddles, just like donkeys
  • Not breedable with horses, donkeys, or other mules
Skeleton and Zombie Horses
  • Introduced as the code of the normal Horse, although require third-party modifications to be used in the game. There is no current use of it at this time.


Status effects
  • Health Boost
    • Gives player 4♥♥ base health; extra health vanishes when the effect ends
    • Can be acquired ingame by the command /effect <playername> 21 <duration in seconds> <amplifier>
  • Absorption
    • Gives player 4♥♥ "absorption" health that cannot be replenished by natural regeneration or other effects, but would return every 30 seconds, regardless of the state of the rest of the health bar; absorption health vanishes when the effect ends
    • Can be acquired ingame by the command /effect <playername> 22 <duration in seconds> <amplifier> or by eating either tier of Golden Apple
  • Saturation[note 1]
    • Causes food meter to be replenished by 1 (🍗) per tick.
    • Can be acquired ingame by the command /effect <playername> 23 <duration in seconds> <amplifier>
    • Affects the hunger bar.
    • Does nothing if hunger bar is full

Command format[]

  • Spreads certain players from an origin point
  • Has a Max Spread and Minimum Distance from player to player
  • Can be used with the team's scoreboard functionality to spread team members to the same location
/playsound[note 1]
  • Can use to play sound to player
  • Can change the pitch and/or volume
  • Can use sound from resource pack
/gamerule arguments
  • naturalRegeneration
    • Toggles natural health regeneration
  • doDaylightCycle
    • Toggles the day-night cycle (the sun stops moving and stays where it is)


Resource pack system
  • Replaces the texture pack system
    • A conversion tool that converts texture packs into resource packs was released by Dinnerbone and is available here.
  • Contains:
  • New "missing texture" texture
Attribute system
  • Item attributes using NBT tags:
    • Attributes can be additive, subtractive, and multiplicative using a set value
    • Some items have default modifiers in place of previously hard-coded attributes
    • Examples of possible changes players could make: A bow that slows the holder, a helm that buffs health, etc.
  • Entity attributes:
    • These properties can now be changed as easily as any other NBT attribute
    • Entity speed, base health, base attack
  • Other properties like weapon damage/bow draw speed/sword swing speed are yet to follow
Splash screens



Lapis Lazuli Block
  • Retextured subtly; it now has a border around it
Redstone Comparator
  • Now give out a signal for Cauldrons and End Portal frames depending on their state
    • Cauldrons give from zero signal (empty) to three signal strength (full) depending on water inside
    • End Portal frame varies between zero and fifteen signal strength, depending on if an Eye of Ender is present
Command Blocks
  • Can no longer be mined or destroyed in Survival mode
  • Now decays properly


  • Retextured, with more brown shading to differentiate from coal
  • The player can now put a saddle on a horse
Golden Apple
  • Golden apples now require gold ingots instead of gold nuggets to craft
  • Golden apples now give Regeneration II for 10 seconds and both tiers give Absorption for 1 min 30 seconds
Glistering Melon
  • Glistering melons now require 8 gold nuggets
Spawn Eggs
  • Spawn eggs work on water
Flint and Steel
  • Now loses durability when igniting TNT


All mobs
  • Mobs named "Dinnerbone" or "Grumm" are now flipped upside down.
  • Now spawn in groups again.
  • Now have a small chance to spawn additional zombies when damaged or not being looked at.
  • Able to lock onto the player from 40 blocks away (formerly 16 blocks).
  • Mobbing zombies can now move when further than 32 blocks from the player.
  • Now have sounds for trading, getting hurt and other things.
  • Now have a chance to spawn with potion effects.

World generation[]

  • No longer contain water lakes.
The Nether
  • Added chest generation in nether fortresses.


Riding mounts
  • When riding a mob, its health is on the Heads-up display
  • When riding on an entity, dismounting has changed from right-clicking the entity to using the Sneak key (⇧ Left Shift by default)
  • New boat physics with lower inertia
  • Boat controls have been changed from the A, S, and D keys to mouse control
  • Boats now take damage and break when colliding with many lily pads in a short time
Respiration enchantment
  • Now also helps seeing underwater
Changed the idea of mob difficulty
  • Regional difficulty: The longer you spend in one area, the harder it gets
  • Scales with difficulty - items, enchants, or AI improve with difficulty
  • Added extra tooltip info in the search tab for the creative inventory, which shows what category a block/item is in
  • Tooltips for swords, pickaxes, shovels, axes, and potions show how much damage the sword/tool does and what effect a potion will give
Status effect
  • Balanced to improve gameplay
    • Instant Health nerfed by 33% (heals only 4 health points/2 hearts at level I)
    • Regeneration nerfed by 50% (takes 50 ticks/2.5 seconds to restore 1 health point/.5 heart at level I)
  • Natural health regeneration now costs hunger points/saturation points
Creative mode
  • It is no longer possible to break blocks with swords in Creative mode
  • The experience level is no longer displayed in Creative mode


  • Support for Java 5 and PowerPC users will be dropped.
    • If a player has a PowerPC-based computer and/or Java 5 installed, a warning will be shown at the main menu.
Internal chat system
  • Lots of messages should be translated now that were previously not
  • Messages are now better modularized
  • Server messages can be sent by their code-defined name, allowing the client to utilize the correct translation according to their language settings
  • Color can be specifically designated, preventing leakage into further messages
  • Updated language files and fixed missing strings
New launcher
  • Increases performance and stability
  • Minecraft game icon changed to a crafting table, presumably to differentiate between game and launcher
  • Allows LWJGL to be updated, fixing many launcher bugs
  • Supports multiple versions/installs
  • Self updatable.
  • New password storing system
  • More user-friendly.
  • A major step towards the Plugin API.
  • New authentication system - "Yggdrasil", which is more secure and has more features
  • If downloaded for free, it'll only let you play the demo world.
  • Accounts are mandatory.
  • Added handling of invitations
  • Added resetting realm with one of the provided realm templates
  • Added viewing backups for a realm and the ability to restore them
  • Added setting the owner of a realm as game master operator
  • Added confirmation screens for various actions such as deleting a realm
  • Ability to leave someone else's realm that previously accepted an invitation for
  • Fixed game mode and game difficulty issue
  • Minor GUI fixes for better usability
  • Saddle to EntityHorse has now been re-added.[note 1]


86 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.6.1
  • MC-137 – Ping packet doesn't include host information.
  • MC-188 – 'doFiretick' makes fire to not extinguish. Lighting makes fire all over the place!
  • MC-483 – Keyboard Unresponsive on OS X.
  • MC-505 – Boats float in middle of air after logout and re-login.[note 1]
  • MC-507 – Teleporting to Large Numbers Creates a Broken Error.
  • MC-552 – Command block choosing wrong people / Selecting players cross-dimensional.
  • MC-560 – Sound made by mobs in water causes massive FPS drop.[note 1]
  • MC-590 – Mobs not realizing they killed their attacker and trying to attack empty space.
  • MC-607 – Running at a high resolution causes large portions of the screen to be UNCLICKABLE.
  • MC-671 – Minecarts with Furnace consume coal in creative mode.
  • MC-820 – Death messages in English regardless of the selected language (Multiplayer).
  • MC-1038 – Beacon Block Incorrect Texture When Surrounded by Blocks.
  • MC-1124 – Mouse "Back" and "Forward" open menu in windowed mode.
  • MC-1126 – Server command "/whitelist list doesn't display the full list of players.
  • MC-1159 – Mouse wrongly positioned in fullscreen.[note 1]
  • MC-1202 – Mobs spawn and then quickly despawn in peaceful. Looks like the "ender-porting-out-of-water" effect.
  • MC-1229 – Compasses in item frames move with the player.[note 1]
  • MC-1320 – Dogs won't stop snarling after being punched by someone else.
  • MC-1497 – Damaged Anvils do not show damage in inventory or item frame.
  • MC-1598 – Zombie pigmen burn for a moment in daylight.[note 1]
  • MC-1903 – Console command and set console for a block in Command Block merge when in windowed mode.
  • MC-1980 – Zombie villagers are able to despawn during the curing process.
  • MC-2097 – You can't get "The End?" achievement.
  • MC-2200 – Sleeping while in a minecart produces a graphical glitch.
  • MC-2419PersistenceRequired tag freezes mobs.
  • MC-2453 – Jack-o-lantern name is mispunctuated.
  • MC-2476 – Regeneration increases the speed at which damage is taken from cacti, lava, and fire.[note 1]
  • MC-2559 – Squid taking damage while in water.
  • MC-2692 – Hard to spawn squid.
  • MC-2758 – Derailed minecarts float when reloading the world.[note 1]
  • MC-3008 – Regular skeleton's melee damage is unaffected by the sword type.
  • MC-3090 – Unable to play the game unless LWJGL is manually replaced.
  • MC-3695 – Boats/Minecarts and Ender Pearls don't mix.
  • MC-3737 – Placing water sources into some blocks yields no drops.
  • MC-3798 – 3D Anaglyph biome color corruption.
  • MC-3914 – Grass can't be tilled under plants/signs while dirt can.[note 1]
  • MC-3960 – After the last use of a bow you get a glitch bow that when dropped and picked up again duplicates.
  • MC-4266 – Death counter does not update.
  • MC-4631 – Lava decay fails to schedule block update.
  • MC-4822 – Skeletons attack like zombies when hit in creative.
  • MC-6721 – Ctrl + Alt + Esc crashes Minecraft.
  • MC-6828 – Brewing stand feet' sides are transparent when placed against a wall.
  • MC-7134 – Silverfish breaking blocks when "mobGriefing" is set to false.
  • MC-8073 – Switching from windowed to fullscreen and back moves the point of view.
  • MC-9026 – Splash potions particles are incorrect.
  • MC-9317 – /scoreboard syntax missing (/help scoreboard).
  • MC-9355 – Argument "team" does not work with "!" for other players.
  • MC-9584 – Cactus texture error when near a wall.
  • MC-9917 – In multiplayer screen holding shift and pressing "down" without selecting any server crashes the game.
  • MC-10601 – Can't use the scroll wheel in crash reports.
  • MC-11033 – Item count/numbers randomly flickering in item bar, inventory, workbench.
  • MC-11199 – Eye of Ender does not always lead to the nearest Stronghold.
  • MC-11385 – Scoreboard problem with "seeFriendlyInvisibles".
  • MC-11439 – Memory leak switching texture packs.
  • MC-11595 – 1.5 HD Texture pack stitched images greater than 2048 resolution result in massive performance drops.
  • MC-11605 – Certain death messages will print "null" as the player/mob name that caused the death.
  • MC-11765 – Command Blocks breaking easily in survival.
  • MC-12017 – Can get permanently stuck in a minecart in a nether portal.
  • MC-12241 – Minecart collision boxes are briefly positioned wrong.
  • MC-12526 – Minecarts off-track float.
  • MC-12569 – Sitting in minecart is higher than it should be.
  • MC-12733 – Minecart hitbox too large.
  • MC-12906 – in the /help menu, the /debug option does not show the <start/stop>.[note 1]
  • MC-13177 – New Client and Server Outputs Increase Loading Time.
  • MC-13276 – Zombies with increased health don't deal damage.
  • MC-13330 – Mob armor percentage likely error.[note 1]
  • MC-13559 – Pick block from inventory in creative doesn't preserve the size of stacks.
  • MC-14218 – Minecraft can't handle 4096x4096 or larger cloud textures.
  • MC-14757 – Stacked Entity Spawner creating mass duplicate ghost entities.
  • MC-14795 – Wither is still named "Withern" in German.
  • MC-14926 – Cannot use resolution clock and compass textures with resolutions higher than 16x16.
  • MC-15145 – Receiving a very high amount of damage at once creates ghost mode in multiplayer.
  • MC-15732 – Achievement "We Need to Go Deeper" rewarded for going through an End Portal.
  • MC-16075 – Entities other than the player can't leave the end.
  • MC-16530 – When under resistance effects above 5, /kill command does not work.
  • MC-16554 – lang files for en_US is grammatically incorrect at death.fell.finish.item.
  • MC-17037 – No error report when Minecraft crashes.
  • MC-17280 – Freezes When Moving.
  • MC-17701 – Fire Animation Jumps and skips frames.
  • MC-18088 – Sticky and unregistering keys during normal Minecraft play only, AMD processor driver conflict?
  • MC-18324 – Text misplaced on Direct connect, Rename World screen.
  • MC-18483 – Shift clicking on the destroy item button in multiplayer doesn't work.
  • MC-18640 – Crash when language file of currently selected language is missing.
  • MC-18713 – If a team name has "-" in it, the argument for seeing if anyone is in the team doesn't work.
  • MC-19029 – Instant health effect set to a 29, 61, 93...253 value kills any player without any death message.
From the current version, hotfixed
  • MC-19849 – The game starts and has the Mojang title, but then the next slide is black except the bottom left corner, which is dirt.


  1. a b c d e f g h i j k l m n This change occurred between the last pre-release for 1.6.1, the 1.6 pre-release, and the release of 1.6.1.