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Minecraft 1.3.2
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Java Edition

Release date

Pre-release: August 14, 2012
Release: August 16, 2012


Client (.json)
Server (.exe)

Protocol version


Other instances
of 1.3.2

1.3.2[1] is a minor update to Minecraft (Java Edition) released on August 16, 2012, to fix some of the bugs and crashes in Java Edition 1.3.1.[2]

A pre-release version of 1.3.2 was released on August 14, 2012, for players to test,[3] though the full release of 1.3.2 is identical to this pre-release.


World generation[]

  • Large oak trees now generate with sideways logs.


Server list
  • The player can now toggle showing server addresses in the server list using the F1 key.


4 bugs fixed

  • Fixed players sometimes falling out of the world when entering the Nether having been there before in the same session.[4]
  • Fixed players taking damage when water or players push them into corners.
  • Fixed various uncommon crash bugs.
  • Fixed players not getting fall damage when falling from a height of 4 blocks.


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