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This page details features which were broken by 12w18a's client-server logic split which remained broken into the full release of 1.3.1.


Feature Description Fix version? Bug tracker report
Thunderstorms darkening the sky Thunderstorms would darken the sky to a much greater extent than normal rain. 13w39a MC-673
Portal travel sound Entering a Nether Portal or End Portal would play a sound once the loading screen appeared. 16w02a MC-233
Most server-side particles Water/lava collisions, burning out redstone torches, mob armor breaking, end portal frame eye additions and more would create dedicated particles for these events. 19w14a MC-10369
Saving Level text "Saving level..." would appear on the bottom left of the pause menu when the level was being saved. 21w42a MC-73300
Directional damage tilt The screen tilting would indicate what direction damage came from. 23w03a MC-26678
Nether portal exit animation Being placed at a destination nether portal would show the effect at full intensity, rapidly decreasing to nothing. 1.20 Pre-release 1 MC-180
Accurate dragon egg trails Dragon eggs would create a trail of particles leading from its old destination to its new destination upon teleporting. Not fixed MC-2157
Dimension text Entering the Nether or the End would display "Entering the Nether" or "Entering the End", and entering the Overworld would display "Leaving the Nether" or "Leaving the End" respectively. Not fixed MC-12789
Mob construction particles Building iron golems and snow golems would result in the production of particles. Not fixed MC-217618
Sky instantly set to daytime after sleeping The sky would get instantly set to daytime after the "fade out" animation played after the player wakes up. Not fixed MC-233911
Progress bars These would be shown under text when creating, loading or saving worlds or when entering or exiting dimensions. Not fixed MC-2681
resolved as "Works As Intended"
Ghast loading animation Ghasts would visually expand directly prior to shooting a fireball. Not fixed MC-165038
resolved as "Won't Fix"
Minecart physics Minecarts would quickly change orientation in response to entity collision and could push other entities. Not fixed MC-193779
resolved as "Works As Intended"

Still broken features[]

Accurate dragon egg trails[]

When first implemented, dragon eggs would leave a trail of particles upon performing a teleportation. This trail of particles would lead from their initial position directly to the position they teleported to.

Like many other particles, these stopped appearing in 12w18a for presumably similar reasons.

While this functionality was said to have been fixed in 1.4.3,[1] the fix is flawed - the trail of particles is now completely deceptive, as while they lead away from the egg, the point it leads to is at all but a negligible subset of occasions completely different from the actual place it teleports to.

Dimension text[]

When entering the Nether or End, the screen would respectively display "Entering the Nether" or "Entering the End". Leaving either dimension would display "Leaving the Nether" or "Leaving the End". This no longer occurs.

Mob construction particles[]

When a snow golem was built, along with the snow golem, a cloak of snowflake particles would also be generated around it. Similarly, when building an iron golem, a burst of snowball-textured particles would also be created at the instant of its spawning. In 12w18a, these particles would no longer appear at all, and the mobs would just phase into existence with no further effects.

When the wither was made spawnable, its spawning code also made it create snowball particles in much the same way that iron golems would. Being introduced after 12w18a, the particles produced by them never ended up able to be seen.[citation needed]

In 17w47a, due to changes to the breaking of blocks, particles would again be generated upon the creation of the golems and for the first time ever the wither. However, these particles are functionally and fundamentally different - where the particles were themed for the mob at first, these particles were simply the result of the constituent blocks being broken by the game, and as such were block breaking particles using the textures of the blocks in question.[2] The actual particles for these three mobs still remain to be fixed.



Sky instantly set to daytime after sleeping[]

Jigsaw Block (top texture) JE2 BE2
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Progress bars[]

When generating or loading a world or entering a given dimension, a green progress bar would appear on screen under relevant text. This no longer appears. For world generation and loading this was effectively replaced with a chunk graph, but dimension loading screens still show nothing.

Ghast loading animation[]

When Ghasts were first added, they would expand slightly before shooting a fireball, similarly to a creeper about to explode. This created the effect of the ghast "charging" a fireball, rather than just opening its mouth and firing it. However, the effect was not properly networked from the server to the client, causing it to not work in multiplayer. As a result, when singleplayer was changed to use an internal server, the effect broke there too. The expand code was removed entirely in 1.8.

Minecart physics[]

Prior to the client-server split, minecarts were capable of pushing players, and would react immediately and change direction when pushed. However, minecarts no longer push the player, and turn very sluggishly.

Fixed features[]

Portal travel sound[]

Travelling to another dimension via the use of a nether portal or end portal would result in a dedicated sound being played on the dimension loading screen. This sound played as expected up until 12w18a, when it stopped playing completely, teleporting the player silently. In 16w02a, this sound would now play again, however after transport to the dimension rather than on the loading screen.[3]

Most server-side particles[]

Certain particles were created dependent on the server, and never showed up on clients connected to said servers. As a result, several particles simply stopped appearing in 12w18a and beyond. The majority of these were eventually fixed in 19w14a.

The following particles stopped appearing in 12w18a:



Saving Level text[]


In the pause menu, the bottom left would display "Saving level..." for a few seconds as it saved the level. As of 21w42a, the text "Saving world" shows in the bottom right whenever the game autosaves, regardless of if the player is in the pause menu. This can be toggled in the video settings.

Directional damage tilt[]

Missing Model JE3
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Originally, taking damage would cause the camera to tilt towards the direction the damage came from. However, the direction value was not properly networked from the server to the client, causing the camera to always tilt left in multiplayer. As a result, when singleplayer was changed to use an internal server, the directional tilt broke there too. The code still existed and was broken until 23w03a, despite being marked as "Won't Fix" on issue tracker before.

Nether portal exit animation[]

Exiting a nether portal originally showed a screen effect combination, in which the nausea effect would ramp down and stop and the overlay would disappear. It was occurred since 12w18a until it was fixed in 1.20 Pre-release 1.

As of 12w34a, the nether portal screen effects[5] and trigger sound[6] will play even if the player arrives on the other side of a portal, making the brokenness of this exit animation hard to spot. It is still noticeable given that this wrong animation starts weak and gets more intense as if this were a newly entered portal, rather than beginning at full intensity.

The table below demonstrates the historical visual behavior of entering a nether portal, with time passing going to the right. Blank spaces show where the effect does not play, an opaque nether portal texture shows when the effect is at full intensity, and a transparent nether portal texture shows where the portal animation is either accelerating or decelerating. The behavior types shown in the table are used within the following version ranges:

  • Type 1: Alpha v1.2.0 - 12w17a (this behavior is the desirable one)
  • Type 2: 12w18a - 12w32a
  • Type 3: 12w34a onwards
Behavior type Before entering a portal Standing in the entry portal Loading screen Standing in the exit portal Stepping out of the portal
Type 1 Blank End Portal (inventory) JE5 End Portal (inventory) JE5 End Portal (inventory) JE4 End Portal (inventory) JE4 Dirt (texture) JE1 BE1 End Portal (inventory) JE4 End Portal (inventory) JE5 Blank Blank Blank Blank Blank
Type 2 Blank End Portal (inventory) JE5 End Portal (inventory) JE5 End Portal (inventory) JE4 End Portal (inventory) JE4 Dirt (texture) JE1 BE1 Blank Blank Blank Blank Blank Blank
Type 3 Blank End Portal (inventory) JE5 End Portal (inventory) JE5 End Portal (inventory) JE4 End Portal (inventory) JE4 Dirt (texture) JE1 BE1 End Portal (inventory) JE5 End Portal (inventory) JE5 End Portal (inventory) JE4 End Portal (inventory) JE4 End Portal (inventory) JE4 End Portal (inventory) JE5 Blank