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For a guide about all content in this release and the other releases of 1.2, see Java Edition guides/1.2 releases.

1.2.1 is a major update to Minecraft (Java Edition) released on March 1, 2012,[1] which adds a new height limit of 256 blocks (changed from 128) as a result of the new Anvil file format, zombie sieges, and generated features including jungle biomes, wooden bridges in mineshafts, and desert wells. It also added new blocks and items – bottles o' enchanting, redstone lamps, fire charges and chiseled stone bricks – and two new mobs, iron golems and ocelots.



Chiseled Stone Bricks JE1 BE1 Chiseled Stone Bricks
  • Only available in creative mode.
Redstone Lamp JE2 BE1Lit Redstone Lamp JE2 BE1Redstone Lamp
  • Crafted with glowstone and redstone.
  • Gives off light at a light level of 15 only when it is powered.
Jungle Log (UD) JE1 BE1 Jungle Log
  • New type of wood that spawns as jungle tree trunks.
  • Has a slightly mossy brown texture with horizontal bark.
Jungle Leaves JE1 BE2 Jungle Leaves
  • Generates in jungle trees and as bushes in jungles.
Jungle Sapling JE1 Jungle Sapling
  • Can be grown into jungle trees and drops from jungle leaves.
Chiseled Sandstone (side texture) JE0Cut Sandstone (side texture) JE0 New textures
  • Not available in-game and have no block equivalents.
  • Planned to be used as decorative sandstone variants.


Bottle o' Enchanting JE1 BE1 Bottle o' Enchanting
Fire Charge JE1 BE1 Fire Charge
  • Produces fire when used.
  • Can be fired out from dispensers.
Ocelot Spawn Egg JE1 BE1 Ocelot Spawn Egg


Iron Golem JE1 BE1 Iron Golem
Ocelot JE1 BE1 Ocelot
  • Can be tamed using raw fish.
    • Tamed ocelots will scare off creepers and teleport to the player similarly to tamed wolves.

World generation[]

Jungle biome
  • A very dense, uncommon biome featuring large jungle trees that can reach up to 31 blocks tall with 2×2 thick trunks. Oak trees can also be found. Jungle leaves cover much of the forest floor.
Desert Wells
  • Rarely found in deserts.
  • Are comprised of sandstone with a single water source in the middle.
  • Generated with wooden bridges in midair portions.


Zombie sieges
  • Comprised of a large number of zombies.
  • Spawn occasionally at night in villages.


World file format
  • New setting:
    • max-build-height



  • Changed texture from Dispenser (S) JE1 to Dispenser (S) JE2 BE1.
Grass JE1 Grass
  • Placing blocks on grass will now replace the grass.
Ladder (S) JE2 BE1 Ladders
  • Re-added collision box.
  • Crafting recipe now yields 3 ladders instead of 2.
Lava JE11 Lava
  • Lava now has a faint rumbling sound effect, and large particles that hop out of the lava produce a popping sound.
Oak Sapling
  • Changed texture from Oak Sapling (texture) JE3 BE1Oak Sapling JE4 to Oak Sapling (texture) JE4 BE2Oak Sapling JE11 move.
Sandstone Slab JE2 BE2Oak Slab JE3 BE2Cobblestone Slab JE2 BE2Smooth Stone Slab JE2 BE2Seamless Stone Slab JE2 BE1Stone Brick Slab JE1 BE1Brick Slab JE2 BE2 Slabs and Oak Stairs (N) JE1 BE1Cobblestone Stairs (N) JE2 BE3Brick Stairs (N) JE1Nether Brick Stairs (N) JE3 BE1 stairs
  • Crafting recipe for slabs now yields 6 instead of 3.
Vines (N) JE1 Vines
  • Can now be climbed like ladders.


Cave Spider JE1 BE1 Cave spider
  • Now swim quickly.
Creeper JE2 BE1 Creepers
  • No longer strafe to the player's left but now simply stop in front of the player when they are about to explode.
FarmerLibrarianPriestBlacksmithButcherNitwit Villager
  • Will now breed if there are enough empty houses in a village.
Wolf JE1 BE1 Wolf
Zombie JE2 BE1 Zombies
  • Can break down doors on Hard difficulty and in Hardcore mode.
  • Now have a rare chance to drop an iron ingot, iron helmet, iron shovel, or iron sword.
  • Will now navigate to the nearest shadow or body of water for safety when they catch fire.
  • Will chase and attack villagers.
    • Sometimes zombies will prioritize attacking villagers instead of the player, and will always chose the shortest way to the target, even if there was a door in the way.
Skeleton JE4 BE2 Skeletons
  • Now have a rare chance to drop a bow or an enchanted bow.
  • Will now navigate to the nearest shadow or body of water for safety when they catch fire.
Snow Golem JE1 BE1 Snow golems
  • Will now melt and die in the Nether.
Zombified Piglin JE3 BE2 Zombie pigmen
  • Now have a rare chance to drop a golden helmet, gold ingot, or golden sword (which may be enchanted).
  • Now swim faster in water.


Debug screen
  • Added items:
    • lc: Largest section height
    • b: Current biome
    • bl: Block brightness
    • sl: Sky brightness
    • rl: Raw brightness
  • Now that biome data saves to chunks, multiplayer servers no longer send clients the world seed, instead the seed will display as "0" to the client.
Third person view
  • Now has a slight delay on the speed at which the head moves on the player.
    • Makes it possible to see the sides of the player's head.


3 bugs fixed


Similar to Java Edition 1.1, an official video documenting some of the 1.2's major features was released on Mojang's official YouTube channel on March 1, 2012. The video was made by Hat Films, who have made update trailers and videos for Mojang in the past.


  • Development versions for 1.2 started only a week after 1.1 was released.
  • Despite the number, 1.2.1 is the first full release, not a minor update.
  • 1.2.1 has the same amount of snapshots as 1.7.4.


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