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This article is about a pre-release. For the full version, see Java Edition 1.2.1.

1.2 is the first and only pre-release for Java Edition 1.2.1, released on February 29, 2012,[1] which adds chiseled stone bricks.



Chiseled stone bricks
  • New type of stone bricks.
  • Creative-exclusive block.
  • Chiseled Sandstone (side texture) JE0.pngCut Sandstone (side texture) JE0.png Two new textures have been added to the terrain.png file. They look similar to sandstone but instead they contain hieroglyphics. These blocks have not been added to the game yet.


Iron golems
  • Now have sounds.



  • When crafting ladders, the player will now get 3 instead of 2.
Redstone Lamp JE2 BE1.png Lit Redstone Lamp JE2 BE1.png Redstone Lamps
  • Changed the textures from Redstone Lamp JE1.png and Lit Redstone Lamp JE1.png.
  • When crafting slabs, the player will now get 6 instead of 3.
  • Can now be placed upside-down when placed against the bottom of a block.


  • Removed camera controls accidentally added in 12w08a.
Debug screen
  • Pressing F3 now displays what biome the player is currently in.
  • Raw, sky & block brightness values called rl, sl & bl respectively.


21 bugs fixed
  • Nerfed iron golem spawn rate.
  • Fixed bug with updating powered rail when placing redstone.
  • Fixed stairs being placed upside down when placed on snow.
  • Fixed not being able to put torches on upside-down stairs, probably normal stairs too.
  • Fixed jukeboxes not playing above level 128.
  • Fixed not being able to grow huge mushrooms above level 128.
  • Fixed bug with growing trees above level 128 with bone meal.
  • Fixed crash bug with iron golem building.
  • When building an iron golem, the block above them is no longer destroyed.
  • Fixed tamed wolves still attacking sheep.
  • Fixed some language bugs.
  • Fixed some Anvil bugs.
  • Fixed the client not properly handling biome values greater than 22.
  • Fixed mobs spawning half as quick due to the code checking in invalid spawning places half of the time due to the new world height.
  • Fixed lava lakes generating over bedrock.
  • Fixed iron Golem's texture being white or invisible.
  • Fixed the iron Golem model.
  • Fixed villagers being restless at night.
  • Fixed nether wart dropping from soul sand.
  • Fixed lag from iron golems.
  • Iron golems no longer drown.


  • 1.2 is the first version to be released on a leap day.
  • 1.2 is also the first pre-release to be released on a leap day.


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