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August 10, 2021

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 dec: 1073741867
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1.18 experimental snapshot 3 is the third experimental snapshot for Java Edition 1.18, released on August 10, 2021,[1][2] which makes numerous changes to world generation and fixes bugs from previous experimental snapshots.


World generation[]

Stony peaks
  • A new mountains biome that is a variant of lofty/snowcapped peaks that uses stone and strips of gravel, instead of snow and ice.
    • Is used to avoid temperature clashes.



  • Mob spawning is now consistent throughout all altitudes increasing spawn rates in higher altitudes and decreasing spawn rates in lower altitudes.
    • The spawning rates are similar to 1.17's spawning rate at y=64.

World generation[]

  • Aquifers can go deeper and are more likely to connect with cave systems further down.
  • Added more high-frequency variation to aquifers, to reduce the risk of massively huge areas with waterfilled caves everywhere.
    • Underground lakes and flooded regions are more likely to be spread out instead of concentrated in one region.
  • Tweaked badlands so they sometimes show up in flat areas next to plateaus, and made the red sand generate higher up (to account for the generally higher terrain).
  • Eroded badlands no longer create floating pillars on top of the water surface.
  • Tweaked biome placement to reduce the chance of temperature clashes.
  • Tweaked biome placement to allow for more noisiness and diversity.
    • This allows for the reintroduction of microbiomes.
  • Tweaked beaches a bit, to make them more inclined to show up on flat coastlines rather than hilly areas.
  • Reduced the amount of stone shores.
Desert temples
  • Desert temples spawn on the surface rather than at a fixed y-level.
  • Made peak biomes and meadows less likely to generate in flat low elevation areas.
  • Snowy slopes and snowcapped peaks no longer place dirt under the snow.
Pillager outposts
  • Now generate in all the new mountain biomes.
  • Swamps are less likely to overlap cold or dry biomes, and they no longer place hanging water.
  • Smoothed out the cliffs in shattered terrain a bit.
  • Coastlines and river banks are less likely to be intersected by aquifers.
    • Local water levels are mostly used in terrain that doesn't border a river or ocean.
    • Cave openings and ravines that intersect an ocean or river will mostly use sea level.
  • Inland low-elevation areas are less likely to have flooded caves everywhere.
  • Grass no longer generates underwater.
  • Reduced the chance of incorrect surface placement.
  • Reduced the chance of river biome generating in dry mountain gorges.


  • Fixed goats not spawning in the new mountain biomes.
  • Fixed an issue where players in multiplayer can face far more or far fewer enemies than intended, particularly when other players are flying.
  • MC-30560 was fixed by this version, although it will not be marked as such due to the bug tracker not handling experimental snapshots.


This version is not supported on the bug tracker, and therefore issues affecting it will be resolved as "Invalid".[3]


Video made by slicedlime:


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  1. Unzip this file in the .minecraft/versions folder.