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* Texture of the wild axolotl was changed.
* Texture of the wild axolotl was changed.
; All [[Parrot]]s variants.
; All [[Parrot]]s variants
* Textures were changed, their wings are not reversed now.
* Models were changed, their wings are not reversed now.
; [[Illusioner]]
; [[Illusioner]]

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Minecraft 1.18 Pre-release 5
Java Edition 1.18 Pre-release 5.png

Java Edition



Release date

November 19, 2021

Pre-release for



Client (.json)

Obfuscation maps


Protocol version

 dec: 1073741877
 hex: 40000035

Data version


1.18 Pre-release 5 (known as 1.18-pre5 in the launcher) is the fifth pre-release for Java Edition 1.18, released on November 19, 2021,[1] which fixes some bugs, many of which are relating to textures issues.



  • Added following block tags:
    • azalea_grows_on
    • azalea_root_replaceable
    • replaceable_plants
    • terracotta
  • Added following item tags:
    • dirt
    • terracotta


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  • GUI hammer texture was changed.
Carrot Crop
  • Texture of stage3 was changed.
Cocoa Beans
  • Textures for cocoa pods were changed.
Cartography Table
  • Texture was changed.
Spruce Door
  • Changed spruce door model, to fix top/bottom texture.
Oak and Iron Door
  • Textures were changed.
Red and Blue Stained Glass
  • Textures were changed.
Glass Pane
  • Top texture was changed.
Dirt Path
  • Texture was changed.
  • Base texture was changed
Crimson and Warped stems
  • Top textures were changed.


Beetroot Seeds
  • Texture was changed.
Melon Seeds
  • Texture was changed.


  • Texture of the wild axolotl was changed.
All Parrots variants
  • Models were changed, their wings are not reversed now.
  • Illusioner texture was changed, removed a few misplaced pixels.


Armor Stand
  • Smooth stone texture was changed.

World generation

Upgrading of old worlds
  • If there is any bedrock at height 0 in a chunk, new world generation will happen under any non-air block at height 0 in that chunk.


55 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.18
  • MC-138118 – Parrot wing texture is reversed on the bottom.
  • MC-148422 – Stripped dark oak log side texture is too bright.
  • MC-150567 – Dark oak log top texture bark ring not updated.
  • MC-162038 – Pillagers have no hood texture.
  • MC-162803 – Lily Pad mirrors texture when placed.
  • MC-170557 – Spruce door top/bottom has the incorrect texture.
  • MC-176309 – Illusioner has a few misplaced pixels left in their texture.
  • MC-176824 – Red glass and outline of blue glass are slightly more opaque.
  • MC-176833 – Anvil GUI hammer uses an outdated iron pallet.
  • MC-177664 – Sound system warning messages are spamming the system log.
  • MC-180398 – Too many sounds causes client to stall, limit can be easily reached with rabbits.
  • MC-194822 – Glass pane top texture has not changed with the Texture Update.
  • MC-194950 – Cactus in potted cactus is vertically squished.
  • MC-198007 – Villages replace ice with path blocks instead of wood.
  • MC-199662 – Extra pixels in cocoa pod textures as of Texture Update.
  • MC-200046 – Cartography table planks texture is incorrect/slightly outdated.
  • MC-200137 – Lectern base plate texture still uses the old planks texture.
  • MC-200956 – Beetroot seeds texture is not vertically centered.
  • MC-200957 – Melon seeds texture is not vertically centered.
  • MC-202910 – Inconsistent highlight color on armor.
  • MC-204901 – Side texture for dirt paths hasn't been updated with the texture update.
  • MC-221172 – Warped and Crimson Stems use different top texture from Bedrock Edition.
  • MC-222154 – Cave vines can generate hanging on pointed dripstone.
  • MC-222763 – Armor stands use the old smooth stone slab texture.
  • MC-225553 – Oak and iron doors have a line in their textures.
  • MC-226711 – Carrot crop texture has an incorrect pixel.
  • MC-227258 – Flowering Azalea Leaves are in both #minecraft:mineable/hoe and #minecraft:mineable/axe tags, while regular Azalea Leaves (and all other leaves) are only in #minecraft:mineable/hoe.
  • MC-228900 – Cave vines can generate floating (Recurrence of MC-218817).
  • MC-229977 – Breaking blocks with pistons on the east/west direction causes significant lag.
  • MC-231272 – Cave vines can sometimes generate hanging on cobwebs.
  • MC-231818 – You can no longer use the up or down arrow to navigate between servers in the multiplayer menu.
  • MC-233883 – The hide and show messages buttons in the social interactions menu display their hover text regardless of the position of the cursor.
  • MC-234039 – The back of wild axolotls are off-centered.
  • MC-235567 – Clusters of dripstone (stalagmites) tend to generate abnormally frequent with thickness "tip" on tall caves.
  • MC-241747 – Inconsistent Colors in grindstone GUI.
From the 1.18 development versions
  • MC-236723 – The Floating Islands preset does not seem to be generating correctly.
  • MC-237500 – Azalea trees can generate on top of huge mushrooms, trees & bamboo.
  • MC-238360 – Rooted dirt cannot replace terracotta.
  • MC-238529 – Azalea trees can fail to generate.
  • MC-238892 – Rooted dirt doesn't replace red sand.
  • MC-239128 – Sweet berry bushes generate extremely rare in comparison with 1.17.1.
  • MC-239237 – Azalea trees can be generated on icebergs.
  • MC-239489 – Melons generate rarely in jungle biomes.
  • MC-239847 – Chunk blending occasionally produces sharp chunk border edges.
  • MC-241256 – Some feature configs still expect a configured feature instead of a placed feature.
  • MC-241278 – Azalea trees are no longer generating.
  • MC-241539 – Stone generates in the side of hoodoos.
  • MC-241566 – Mossy cobblestone boulders generate in a grid pattern in old-growth spruce taigas.
  • MC-241588 – Cave vines can sometimes generate hanging on water.
  • MC-241672 – Mobs don't panic when burning if standing on blocks placed above water.
  • MC-241728 – Converting world to 1.18 pre-release 2 generates new caves in too many places.
  • MC-241784 – Some sliders in options menu do not work properly.
  • MC-241933 – Spore blossoms, cave vines, and pointed dripstones generate indented into the cave surface.
From the previous development version
  • MC-241800 – Cannot change numbers for gamerules on world creation.
  • MC-241847 – Floating stone platform doesn't generate in void superflat world preset.


Videos made by slicedlime:


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