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Minecraft 1.18 Pre-release 1
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Java Edition



Release date

November 11, 2021

Pre-release for



Client (.json)

Obfuscation maps


Protocol version

 dec: 1073741873
 hex: 40000031

Data version


1.18 Pre-release 1 (known as 1.18-pre1 in the launcher) is the first pre-release for Java Edition 1.18, released on November 11, 2021,[1] which readded Amplified and Large Biomes, made some tweaks, and fixed bugs.



World types
  • Readded Amplified and Large Biomes, they have been adapted to the new terrain.
    • Amplified had terrain with following characteristics:
      • Rounded terrain at Y=320, instead of Y=256 previously.
      • Doubled offset above sea level.
      • Greatly increased 3D noise values, resulting in lower factor values inversely.
      • Doubled peak jaggedness.
    • Large Biomes had terrain with following characteristics:
      • Most biomes are four times larger, except mountain peaks and rivers.
      • Multinoise is slowed down by factor 4 for temperature, vegetation, continentalness, and erosion, but not for ridge noise.



  • Now has an assigned tool, the pickaxe.

World generation[]

Lava lakes
  • Now only generate above Y=0
Upgrading of old worlds
  • Changed transition between old and new terrain to be less cliff-like.
    • Surface height, biomes, and caves will now blend much more smoothly.
  • Deepslate and bedrock now properly generate in upgraded chunks.
  • Cave carvers now properly generate in upgraded chunks.


Data generator
  • --report option now creates full worldgen reference files instead of just biomes.
World creation screen
  • Removed "Caves" and "Floating islands".


49 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.18
  • MC-46584 – Clicking and dragging MOUSE3 (mouse wheel) over item slots incorrectly attempts to place full stacks in Survival.
  • MC-50888 – Can get out of 30,000,000 area.
  • MC-53444 – You can get outside of the world border by mounting a rideable entity (boat, pig, etc.) outside of it.
  • MC-54119 – Can place/take water/lava/lily pads outside world border and inside spawn protection.
  • MC-62550 – World border not correctly initialized for the End and Nether.
  • MC-96535 – Ambient property of potion effects with ShowParticles:0b is not disregarded.
  • MC-101334 – Required space for placing a boat is too small.
  • MC-113425 – Player can interact with entities outside the world border.
  • MC-117800 – Half bed can be placed outside the world border.
  • MC-121997 – Every dimension's world border is operating independently, and doesn't appear where it actually is.
  • MC-131808 – Forests don't spawn trees near the positive edges, but overstretch bounds on the negative edges.
  • MC-135947 – Conduit takes a long time to break when underwater.
  • MC-136523 – Invisible world border in the End dimension.
  • MC-147122 – You can set your spawn point outside the world border using a bed or respawn anchor.
  • MC-187174 – World border does not take Nether coordinates into account.
  • MC-206620 – Cauldron invisible when crawling in it.
  • MC-206660 – Stalactites don't fall properly if there are blocks directly below it.
  • MC-214963 – Mineshaft generation is non-deterministic.
  • MC-215139 – Some water in caves will not start flowing.
  • MC-219035 – Fossil structures can't generate in far east and south blocks of a chunk.
  • MC-222388 – Acacia trees under Y=0 often grow with bare branches.
  • MC-229013 – Lava lake decorator config is unused.
  • MC-229517 – Conversion sounds for strays and drowned is controlled by Friendly Creatures mixer, not Hostile Creatures.
  • MC-231666 – Dragon egg can teleport to outside the world border.
  • MC-240021 – Cullface arguments in cauldrons are excessive.
From the 1.18 development versions
  • MC-236610 – Lava lakes generate without stone around.
  • MC-236628 – Lava pools cause sand to fall now instead of putting sandstone beneath it.
  • MC-236652 – Weather can be incorrect sometimes within a biome.
  • MC-236659 – Lava lakes spawn more on the surface than usual.
  • MC-236803 – Extremely low amount of pillager spawns in outpost on jagged peaks, groves, snowy slopes and frozen peaks.
  • MC-237040 – Falling blocks still sometimes disappear for a moment when landing.
  • MC-237598 – Projectiles glitch around in the air when exiting simulation distance.
  • MC-237621 – Missing biome definitions in some peak grid cells cause unintended ocean placement.
  • MC-237791 – Villager spawn eggs used on grove, frozen peaks, snowy slopes and jagged peaks don't spawn snowy plains villagers.
  • MC-237954 – The "Sound of Music" and "Feels like home" advancements are internally located in the incorrect tab folder.
  • MC-238038 – Newly added advancements' namespace ID does not match its translation key.
  • MC-238972 – Deserts generate with little or no sandstone.
  • MC-239714 – Doing /locate desert_pyramid on a desert Superflat world freezes the world.
  • MC-239851 – Upgrading old worlds causes leaves to change to surface builder blocks.
  • MC-239852 – Lava pools intersecting strongholds can cause end portal frames to be deleted.
From the previous development version
  • MC-240481 – Deepslate doesn't generate in the new cave generation under old chunks.
  • MC-240482 – There is no bedrock in the Overworld in old chunks.
  • MC-240495 – Deepslate does not generate below Y=0 in badlands or wooded badlands biomes.
  • MC-240503 – Bedrock doesn't generate in badlands or wooded badlands.
  • MC-240516 – Cave carvers don't generate below old chunks.
  • MC-240531 – Block simulation distance is always 8 chunks regardless of the slider's value.
  • MC-240534 – Clicking a JFR link copies full server-side path to clipboard.
  • MC-240631 – Extremely slow End terrain generation.
  • MC-240998 – Portals no longer load chunks as non entity processing.


Videos made by slicedlime:


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