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February 28, 2022

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1.18.2 is a minor update to Java Edition, released on February 28, 2022, which adds the /placefeature command, makes changes to tags and custom world generation, and fixes bugs.[1] It is not compatible with 1.18 and 1.18.1 servers.


World generation[]

Custom world generation
  • Added biomes field in configured structure files, which is a tag.
  • Added spline density function: general-purpose building block that allows user to express almost any function using a cubic spline.

Command format[]

  • Used to place a configured feature at a given location.
  • Syntax: /placefeature <feature> [<pos>]
    • feature: The namespaced ID of a configured feature to place.
    • pos: The position to use as the origin for the feature placement.
      • If omitted, ~ ~ ~ is used.


Notification of playing greater than 1 hour.

Notification of playing greater than 24 hours.

Compliance requirements
  • Added gameplay timers and notices in compliance with gaming laws of South Korea to South Korean users, in order to remind these players to take occasional breaks from gameplay.
Debug screen
  • Now contains the chunk position in the region file, and the name of this region file which the player is currently in, at the end of the "Chunk" row.
Resource packs
  • Added a JSON file related to the new compliance requirements, located at assets/[namespace]/regional_compliancies.json.
  • Added the #fall_damage_resetting block tag.
  • Tags can now be defined for any types in registry, rather than only blocks, items, fluids, entity types, game events and functions previously.
    • In datapacks, tags of new types are stored in their own folders (but not present in the vanilla datapack currently). The folders' names are based on their names in the registries.json, for example:
      • Tags for potions: /data/[namespace]/tags/potion
      • Tags for biomes: /data/[namespace]/tags/worldgen/biome
    • For tags of blocks, items, fluids, entity types, game events and functions, their locations in datapacks are currently not changed, even if they use plural names which is against the new name format.
  • Added biome tags in vanilla datapacks, as following:
    • #is_badlands: badlands, eroded_badlands, and wooded_badlands.
    • #is_beach: beach, and snowy_beach.
    • #is_deep_ocean: deep_frozen_ocean, deep_cold_ocean, deep_ocean, and deep_lukewarm_ocean.
    • #is_forest: forest, flower_forest, birch_forest, old_growth_birch_forest, dark_forest, and grove.
    • #is_hill: windswept_hills, windswept_forest, and windswept_gravelly_hills.
    • #is_jungle: bamboo_jungle, jungle, and sparse_jungle.
    • #is_mountain: meadow, frozen_peaks, jagged_peaks, stony_peaks, and snowy_slopes.
    • #is_nether: nether_wastes, basalt_deltas, soul_sand_valley, crimson_forest, and warped_forest.
    • #is_ocean: #is_deep_ocean, frozen_ocean, ocean, cold_ocean, lukewarm_ocean, and warm_ocean.
    • #is_river: river, and frozen_river.
    • #is_taiga: taiga, snowy_taiga, old_growth_pine_taiga, and old_growth_spruce_taiga.
  • Added biome tags to determine which biomes a structure can generate in, stored in tags/worldgen/biome/has_structure.
    • values field in these files can accept both biome IDs and biome tags.
  • Added following configured structure feature tags:
    • #dolphin_located: #ocean_ruin, and #shipwreck.
    • #eye_of_ender_located: stronghold.
    • #mineshaft: mineshaft, and mineshaft_mesa.
    • #ocean_ruin: ocean_ruin_cold, and ocean_ruin_warm.
    • #on_ocean_explorer_maps: monument.
    • #on_treasure_maps: buried_treasure.
    • #on_woodland_explorer_maps: mansion.
    • #ruined_portal: ruined_portal, ruined_portal_desert, ruined_portal_jungle, ruined_portal_mountain, ruined_portal_nether, ruined_portal_ocean, and ruined_portal_swamp.
    • #shipwreck: shipwreck, and shipwreck_beached.
    • #village: village‌, village_desert‌, village_plains‌, village_savanna‌, village_snowy‌, and village_taiga‌.



Ender Chest
  • No longer gift wrapped around Christmas.


  • Now pick the closest structure more accurately, regardless of structure type.
Glow Squids
  • Now require complete darkness to spawn.
Tropical Fish
  • Now only spawn if the block above is a full water block.

World generation[]

Bastion remnant
  • Bounding boxes are now slightly more accurate to the shape of the structure.
Custom world generation
  • Some fields in worldgen structures that previously only lists of element IDs now accept tags.
    • Those entries now accept [id, ...], id (shortcut for [id]), and #tag.
    • Changed fields are:
      • feature.glow_lichen configuration: can_be_placed_on
      • feature.spring_feature configuration: valid_blocks
      • feature.simple_random_selector configuration: features
      • block_predicate_type.matching_blocks: blocks
      • block_predicate_type.matching_fluids: fluids
      • biome: inner list in features, map value in carvers
      • biome_source.checkerboard: biomes
  • Some tag fields now require id to be prepended with #, however they are not yet accepting element list:
    • dimension_type: infiniburn
    • feature.geode configuration: blocks.cannot_replace, blocks.invalid_blocks
    • feature.vegetation_patch, feature.waterlogged_vegetation_patch configuration: replaceable
    • feature.root_system configuration: root_replaceable
    • structure_processor.protected_blocks: value
  • Structure fields in noise settings no longer have separate subfields for strongholds and non-stronghold structures. Instead each structure has a tag field which is tag: concentric_rings for strongholds and tag: random_spread for non-stronghold structures.
  • A seed of the number zero is no longer handled as a special case.
  • Any spaces before/after an inputted seed will now be trimmed.
  • "Redstone Ready" preset's top layer of blocks has increased to height Y=55 instead of Y=-9 in order to prevent slimes from spawning.
  • Changed the "Water World" preset, by replacing sand with gravel, and adding additional 64 layers of deepslate above the bedrock layer, in order to fix the ocean monument generation issue in worlds using this preset.

Command format[]

  • Now uses a namespaced ID parameter.
  • Now support tags, using # prefix to distinguish from normal IDs.
  • The parameter is now a configured structure rather than a structure type.
    • For instance, it is now possible to use /locate village_desert or /locate shipwreck_beached.
  • The old usage for structure categories is now done via tags.
  • Now support tags, using # prefix to distinguish from normal IDs.
    • For instance, it is now possibile to use /locatebiome #minecraft:has_structure/igloo.


Data packs
  • Increased data pack version from 8 to 9.
  • It is now possible to add custom structures in experimental datapacks: the game now generates and stores data-driven configured structures.
    • Experimental datapacks can add new structure sets.
    • The feature field in location predicates now references a configured feature.
    • The exploration_map loot table function destination field is now a configured feature tag id.
    • The exploration_map loot table function no longer automatically sets the display name of the map.
  • A lot of the cave generation is now configurable through data packs.
    • A new registry was added for Density functions (caves are created by combining those together).
    • Noise settings got a new field noise_router (and lost a couple of flags), see worldgen/noise_settings folder in the worldgen report.
    • Noise router wires data-driven parts of the cave generation with the rest of the code.
Debug screen
  • Moved the location of the player within a chunk from "Chunk" row, into the new square brackets at the end of the "Block" row.
  • Merged the "Terrain" and "Multinoise" row into the "NoiseRouter" row, with the format NoiseRouter T: data H: data C: data E: data D: data W: data PV: data AS: data N: data.
    • T, H, C, E, and W are the same with data from the former "Multinoise" row.
    • PV is the same with data from the former "Terrain" row.
    • D, AS, and N are currently unknown. [more information needed]
  • Upgrades log4j to 2.17.0.
  • Powder snow is no longer part of the #goats_spawnable_on block tag.
  • Snow blocks and powder snow are now part of the #azalea_root_replaceable block tag.
  • Removed dirt from the #dripstone_replaceable_blocks block tag.
  • Removed #lush_ground_replaceable, and added #base_stone_overworld, #dirt, clay, gravel, and sand block tags to the #azalea_root_replaceable block tag.
  • Added a warning for users running Minecraft in a 32-bit environment in the main menu, because support for the 32-bit environment will end soon.


97 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.18
  • MC-3524 – Structure related mobs do not spawn in flat type world generation.
  • MC-4533 – Water graphical glitch when connecting diagonally.
  • MC-53850 – Invulnerable item entities and experience orbs are removed client-side when they take damage.
  • MC-70848 – Water looks like it flows up.
  • MC-72248 – Falling sand creates invisible blocks.
  • MC-83938 – Standing on entities with solid collision boxes (shulkers, boats) kicks you for flying.
  • MC-94025 – A world with seed 0 cannot be copied using the "Re-Create" option.
  • MC-98727 – Server: Entering a boat/minecart/horse while going upwards from jumping causes a kick for flying.
  • MC-105317 – Structure blocks do not rotate entities correctly when loading.
  • MC-111082 – Riding a boat with NoGravity on a server without flight enabled causes kick for flying.
  • MC-126772 – Underwater fog doesn't hide edge of chunks correctly at low render distances.
  • MC-135989 – Kicked for flying using trident with riptide enchantment.
  • MC-138717/locate command does not locate certain structures in Superflat.
  • MC-146854 – Player movement favors x axis when in a corner.
  • MC-156309 – TNT entities don't properly collide with blocks when being fired in X direction.
  • MC-165974 – Game pushes east/west when jumping from the inside corner.
  • MC-167763 – Blindness does not work underwater for certain graphics cards.
  • MC-179315 – Ruined portals never generate in Superflat worlds by default.
  • MC-185545 – Knockback Resistance on players is still affected by chance.
  • MC-185695 – Twisting vines don't reliably protect the player from fall damage.
  • MC-187911 – minecraft:endcity structure has no underscore while end_city_treasure does.
  • MC-188086 – Decorations and amethyst geodes get cut off on full chunk boundaries upon relog.
  • MC-192361/locate stronghold does not locate stronghold in Superflat worlds despite them generating.
  • MC-197128 – If a custom biome uses multiple configured structure features of the same type, only one of them can generate.
  • MC-205232 – Player can see farther in powder snow with blindness effect.
  • MC-210612 – Strongholds do not generate in certain customized worlds despite /locate saying otherwise.
  • MC-214289 – Pointed dripstone can replace blocks when generating.
  • MC-216004 – Wood pillars from mineshafts are generating on pointed dripstones.
  • MC-216589 – Abandoned Mineshafts don't delete dripstone in certain situations.
  • MC-218739 – Glow berries and glow lichen generation does not cause light updates across chunk borders.
  • MC-223834 – Pointed dripstone can form below some non-full (non-solid) blocks.
  • MC-226359 – The Zero-Width Non-Joiner shows as a "ZWNJ" box.
  • MC-229313 – Some blocks that negate fall damage don't reliably protect mobs at certain heights.
  • MC-230905 – Sky background is visible on certain reduced fog situations.
  • MC-232290 – Foxes will lay down in powder snow and not try to escape even when taking damage.
  • MC-232822 – Various structures not generating in Superflat worlds.
  • MC-233599/spreadplayers command does not allow for negative "under" values.
  • MC-234390 – The minecraft:ui.button.click sound isn't played when clicking on the credits button in the main menu.
  • MC-235574 – Game crashes when replacing a block with a wall with blockstate up:false.
  • MC-242331 – Entities are displayed faster than chunks.
  • MC-248225 – Incorrect BlockPos getSquaredDistance() calculation.
From 1.18
  • MC-236693 – "Done" button in controls submenu is very low.
  • MC-236775 – Biome selector is disordered in other languages.
  • MC-237110 – Grass blocks can generate underwater.
  • MC-237262 – Crash report and tick profiling causes "Failed to find module info for _" spam to log.
  • MC-238114 – Meadow trees can spawn without bee nests.
  • MC-238696 – Using /locate stronghold or throwing an eye of ender in Superflat, will be able to find strongholds that do not actually exist.
  • MC-238866 – Snow / powder snow can generate underwater.
  • MC-238977 – Glow squids spawn in villager farms and wells in Superflat worlds.
  • MC-239031 – Glitchy chunk rendering persists since 21w41a.
  • MC-239436 – Broken culling in very long caves.
  • MC-239708 – Superflat world "Water World" preset settings are obsolete for the 1.18 update.
  • MC-240559 – JFR JSON report's bytesPerSecond is incorrectly calculated.
  • MC-241152 – Powder snow is part of #goat_spawnable_on block tag / goats can spawn on powder snow.
  • MC-241205 – Sandstone generates 2-5 layers instead of 3-8 layers.
  • MC-241232 – Pointed dripstone doesn't properly maintain its shape when falling directly over a block.
  • MC-241288 – Support for custom structures has been removed.
  • MC-242010 – Snow blocks, powder snow aren't a part of #azalea_root_replaceable / rooted dirt can't replace snow blocks and powder snow.
  • MC-242543 – Suffocation always uses the entity head center position for predicate and collision box.
  • MC-242709 – Pointed dripstone clusters create holes in the ground when generating in aquifers.
  • MC-243015 – Falling blocks at chunk generation cause tons of entities and (client-side) lag.
  • MC-243152 – Slimes spawn in "Redstone Ready" Superflat worlds.
  • MC-243190 – Rooted dirt can replace cave vines.
  • MC-243196 – Driver view angle resets when another player enters or exits boat.
  • MC-243245 – Unable to select "What is Realms?" button using Tab ↹.
  • MC-243489 – Console spam: Skipping update for removed player.
  • MC-243619 – Raid waves can spawn outside of simulation distance.
  • MC-243766 – Not able to label "Copyright Mojang AB. Do not distribute" using Tab ↹ key.
  • MC-244137 – The option "level-seed" is not present in server.properties by default.
  • MC-244164 – Upgrade to 1.18 makes chests invisible and empty.
  • MC-244682 – Some custom dimensions settings can cause the server to stop running, but not crash.
  • MC-244683 – Tropical Fish in lush caves spawn in bubble columns.
  • MC-244772 – Can't double click to join a realm.
From 1.18.1
  • MC-244174 – Fog effect for void, blindness, water, lava and powder snow is cylindrical.
  • MC-245345 – Crash when reloading chunks.
  • MC-245347 – Flying with an elytra and colliding with floating flowing water sometimes doesn't reset fall damage.
  • MC-245406 – Memory leak leading to crashes when loading pre-1.18 chunks.
  • MC-245416 – Baby turtles suffocate on soul sand.
  • MC-245772 – Outdated chests' loot tables get deleted when updating to 1.18.1.
  • MC-245817 – Server constantly writes to disk at about 500kB/s.
  • MC-245850 – Buttons in the multiplayer warning menu are not selected in order when using the Tab ↹ key.
  • MC-245857 – Enchanting table registers block diagonally above the bookshelves as blocking said bookshelf.
  • MC-245910 – Campfires and hoppers cause constant chunk saving.
  • MC-245925 – Falling block visual glitch when dying with doImmediateRespawn.
  • MC-245937 – Flashing particles when boosting upwards with firework rockets.
  • MC-246445 – Game crashes when dispenser with shears is used on non-beehive block in #beehives tag.
  • MC-246449 – Game crashes when villager tries to open non-door in #wooden_doors tag.
  • MC-246464 – Game crashes when dispensing a bone meal in a warm ocean and there is a block with no facing block state in #wall_corals.
  • MC-246465 – Lava can burn, damage, and destroy entities client-side and lead to de-sync.
  • MC-247415 – Game crashes if coral related block tags are empty during coral reef generation.
  • MC-247636 – Deleting a world no longer logs that a world is being deleted.
  • MC-247871Cannot invoke "com.mojang.datafixers.util.Either.left()" because "$$6" is null.
  • MC-248095 – Active repeating command blocks stop running after world conversion to 1.18.
  • MC-248106 – Parrot dying while using Riptide enchantment.
  • MC-248163 – Horrible server performance since changes to auto-saving in 1.18-pre6.
  • MC-248316 – Minecraft server 1.18.1 crashes with OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space.
From the previous development version
  • MC-248814Unknown structure start: minecraft:ruined_portal_standard.


Videos made by slicedlime:


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  1. Also available for versions since 21w37a.