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December 10, 2021

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1.18.1 is a minor update to Java Edition, released on December 10, 2021, which makes minor changes related to fog and fixes bugs.[1] It is compatible with 1.18 servers.

Most importantly, this version fixes a zero-day security vulnerability in the Log4j library that could be used to perform a remote code execution exploit. As a result, players were urged to secure their clients and servers.[2]



  • World fog now starts further away from the player, to make distant terrain more visible.
  • Instead of applying fog as a spherical volume, it is now applied as a cylindrical volume.


8 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.18
  • MC-152198 – Actual render distance is 2 chunks lower than render distance setting.
  • MC-219507 – Beacon's power reverts back to previous one on world reload.
From 1.18
  • MC-242729 – Observer activating without any updates nearby, caused by /clone.
  • MC-243216 – Chunk render distance on servers seems shorter than in 1.17.1.
  • MC-243253 – Minecraft Realms screen is loading for long time.
  • MC-243796 – Random non fatal exceptions in console: Failed to store chunk ConcurrentModificationException.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause players on low-bandwidth connections to get timeout errors when connecting to a server. [3]
  • Fixed a critical security issue in which attackers are able to execute code on others' devices (RCE exploit) via in-game messaging or other methods where the game logs a certain exploitable string formatted as ${jndi:ldap://<url>}, due to an upstream vulnerability in log4j2. [4][2][5]


  • This is the first minor update to feature a third release candidate.
  • This was the last full version to be released in 2021.


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