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May 27, 2021

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 dec: 1073741853
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1.17 Pre-release 1 (known as 1.17-pre1 in the launcher) is the first pre-release for Java Edition 1.17, released on May 27, 2021,[1] which re-added candles to survival mode, changed credits and the glowing on signs, added new advancements and splashes, and fixes bugs.



  • Re-added candles to the creative inventory.
  • Candles can be crafted again.
Potted Azalea and Potted Flowering Azalea

Command format[]

  • Starts a recording for 10 seconds capturing metrics such as tick durations, used heap sizes and other more detailed stats.
  • Executing again before the 10-second limit ends the recording early.


  • Added eleven new advancements:
    • Whatever Floats Your Goat!
    • Wax On
    • Wax Off
      • Scrape wax off a copper block.
    • The Cutest Predator
    • The Healing Power of Friendship!
      • Team up with an axolotl and win a fight.
    • Glow and Behold!
    • Light as a Rabbit
    • Surge Protector
    • Is It a Bird?
    • Is It a Balloon?
      • Look at a ghast through a spyglass.
    • Is It a Plane?
  • Adds new advancement triggers.
    • started_riding
      • Triggered when player starts riding a vehicle or entity starts riding vehicle currently ridden by player.
    • lightning_strike
      • Triggers for any player on the server when lightning finishes (i.e. entity disappears).
    • using_item
      • Triggered for every tick of using items (like crossbows, spyglass, fishing rods, etc).


  • Added lightning_bolt sub-predicate.
  • Added the following splash text:
    • "[this splash text has been delayed until part 2]"
    • "Contains simulated goats!"
    • "Home-made!"
    • "There's <<a cat on ,my keyboard!~" [sic]
    • "The cutest predator you'll ever meet!"
    • "Now you are thinking with pistons!"
    • "Get to the coppah!"
    • "Board game version also available!"
    • "Honey, I waxed the copper!"
    • "Plant-based light sources!"
    • "Made by "real" people!"



  • Candles now have a different texture when lit.
  • Glowing text on signs now has an outer glow, making text in dark colors more visible in the dark.


Big dripleaf and small dripleaf
  • Changed the held item models in the player's right hand.

Command format[]

  • Removes debug report command.
  • Replaced by F3 + L and /perf.


  • Added source condition to effects_changed trigger.


  • Updated the credits, which were brought over from Bedrock Edition; as a result, the credits are significantly longer, as they include people and corporations that did not work on Java Edition.[3]
  • Changed the format from .txt to .json.
  • Now scroll faster when holding Space.
  • Added passenger, stepping_on and lightning_bolt properties to entity_properties predicate
  • Added looking_at (entity currently viewed by player) condition to player sub-predicate.
  • Expanded item field on item predicate to items.
  • Now accepts an array of item types.
  • Expanded block field on block predicate to blocks.
    • Now accepts an array of block types.
  • Removed "Woo, /v/!"
  • Added flowering azalea and flowering azalea leaves to the flowers block and item tags.
  • Removed flowering azalea and flowering azalea leaves from the small_flowers block and item tags.
    • This prevents endermen from picking up these blocks, as well as crafting suspicious stew with them.
  • Removed moss carpet from the mineable/axe block tag.
  • Added potted azalea bushes and potted flowering azaleas bushes to the flower_pots block tag.
  • Added non-waxed oxidized copper variants to the needs_stone_tool block tag.


64 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.17
  • MC-19690 – Reducing maxHealth / max_health can cause fake death.
  • MC-65587 – Lag spike while loading player head textures/player skins.
  • MC-99680 – Heart jittering effect doesn't take absorption into account.
  • MC-104897 – End crystals placed on exit portals generated before 1.9 do not respawn the ender dragon.
  • MC-118757 – Increasing Game State Rain Level values make the game increasingly laggier and distorts UI.
  • MC-130523 – Void World spawns you at y=0 even if you entered 64 air blocks in customization.
  • MC-148809 – Structure block data length limited to 12.
  • MC-163945 – Intersecting structures can create corrupted block entities (spawner / chest).
  • MC-189336⇧ Shifting around servers in the server list crashes the game (ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException).
  • MC-190952 – Apostrophe in "Developers of Mo' Creatures" heading is inconsistent with other apostrophes in credits.
  • MC-192889 – When placing certain heads or putting them in entities' head slot the game stutters.
  • MC-197942 – Leaves change to stone near Lava Pool (Recurrence of MC-48340).
  • MC-198957 – End Portal Frames change to Stone near Lava Pool.
  • MC-202249 – Angering passive mobs in new nether chunks very far away from previously generated chunks, then entering a nether portal causes server to completely freeze.
  • MC-203131 – Setting the weight in Template Pool to high values will lag world and can cause out of memory error.
  • MC-209819 – Server crash when pathfinding to player that is teleporting away.
  • MC-213062 – A ruined portal generated in an end portal.
  • MC-218112SynchedEntityData is using locks incorrectly.
  • MC-218972 – The glowing effect outline omits parts of entities if the entity is invisible.
  • MC-224778 – Game crashes when there is a block with no facing block state in #wall_corals and a warm ocean tries to generate.
From the 1.17 development versions
  • MC-203558 – Lighting a candle is sometimes delayed.
  • MC-203661 – Flowing liquids look very dark through tinted glass.
  • MC-203704 – Candles don't show flame animations when particles are set to "Minimal".
  • MC-204649 – Amethyst blocks don't make chime sounds when walked on by certain mobs.
  • MC-205035 – Powder Snow Bucket is not grouped with Snowball or buckets in creative inventory.
  • MC-208604 – While the mainhand is empty and there's a loaded crossbow in the offhand, the mainhand will appear invisible.
  • MC-211601 – Entities are loaded after scheduled ticks are processed causing detector rails, pressure plates, etc. to turn off.
  • MC-212142 – Applying glow ink on signs doesn't render the text bright without also having applied a custom color.
  • MC-212146 – Glow lichen can generate floating inside underground structures.
  • MC-212207 – Geodes generating inside icebergs.
  • MC-213799 – Dripleaf isn't properly held in the player's hand.
  • MC-214057 – Entities no longer showing flame animation when in water/lava at the same time.
  • MC-214636 – Small dripleaf leafs can overlap each other and cause z-fighting.
  • MC-214684 – Azaleas cannot be placed in flower pots.
  • MC-216276 – Lava pools break bedrock with custom world generation.
  • MC-218831 – Lots of missing shaders in the game assets.
  • MC-219762 – More performant noise blending algorithm in BlendedNoise.
  • MC-221554 – When searching, the goat spawn egg appears in the middle of the different boat types.
  • MC-221819 – Inconsistency: Enderman is able to pick up flowering azalea leaves, while unable to hold other types of leaves.
  • MC-221820 – Inconsistency: Enderman is able to pick up flowering azalea, while unable to hold normal azalea bush.
  • MC-223021glShaderSource fails on some AMD drivers resulting in a crash on 1.17.
  • MC-223843 – Mycelium inside enderman_holdable.json twice.
  • MC-224159 – Absorbtion hearts don't have the wither heart effect.
  • MC-224349 – Attempting to save multiple debug profiles during the same second fails to properly save all but the first profile.
  • MC-224445 – Reloading resource packs with fabulous graphics causes screen to become black, after a few times causes crash for AMD drivers.
  • MC-224861 – Falling blocks disappear for a moment when landing.
  • MC-224862 – Azalea and Flowering Azaleas can take bone meal despite being on clay.
  • MC-225010 – Closing the inventory in creative mode while having an item on the cursor turns it into a ghost item.
  • MC-225129 – Players do not despawn until they respawn.
  • MC-225193 – Goats will attempt to ram entities that are outside of the world border.
  • MC-225315 – Selected text on signs blinks.
  • MC-225404 – The axe is still an appropriate tool for moss carpets.
  • MC-225722java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: bound must be positive.
  • MC-225773 – Axolotls can make ambient noises when they're playing dead.
  • MC-226192 – Crash upon attempting to create a new scoreboard objective: java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke "String.toLowerCase(java.util.Locale)" because "☃" is null.
From the previous development version
  • MC-225843 – Snow layers can still generate floating over lakes.
  • MC-225850 – Grass, tall grass, flower, double flower, fern, large fern and tree can generate on sand or gravel.
  • MC-225853 – Minecraft sometimes crashes when trying to start 21w20a for the first time.
  • MC-225895 – Floating grass can still generate above lava lakes.
  • MC-225916 – Non-waxed oxidized copper blocks don't require at least stone tier to be mined.
  • MC-225919 – Coal Ore from fossils can generate through bedrock.
  • MC-225929 – Item statistic sorting not functioning.
  • MC-225978 – Non-waxed weathered copper blocks appear twice in needs_stone_tool.json.
Private issues
  • MC-213869 – Ender dragon's death animation resets when the chunk it is in is reloaded.


  • 1.17 Pre-release 1 was released exactly 12 years after 0.0.14a_03


Videos made by slicedlime:



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  1. Re-enables features set to release for 1.18.