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July 6, 2021

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1.17.1 is a minor update to Java Edition, released on July 6, 2021, which changes some game mechanics and fixes bugs.[1] It is not compatible with 1.17 servers.



Death messages
  • Two previously untranslated death messages for some underwater mobs have been given messages:
    • <Name> died from dehydration.
    • <Name> died from dehydration whilst trying to escape <Name>.
  • All enchantments are now capped at level 255 in both display and power.



  • Powder snow now fills cauldrons twice as fast as before.


  • Tweaked held model texture to include glass on the backside.


  • Blue axolotls now only spawn through breeding.
  • Increased the drop probability of a copper ingot from 5% to 11%, and increased the drop rate with each level of Looting from 1% to 2%.
  • Breeding common goats now have a 2% chance to produce screaming goats.
  • Status effects applied to goats now also apply when the goat is jumping or ramming.
Zombies, Zombie Villagers, Husks and Drowned
  • No longer pick up glow ink sacs.
    • This prevents zombies from persisting after picking up the loot of a dead glow squid.


  • Handshake packet padding method for "hostname" and "port" field has reverted to pre-1.17 when the server address which used is a SRV record.
    • Now, data padded in these field will use the address and port which SRV record pointed at, instead of using "server address" as "hostname" and 25565 as "port".
  • Some new characters have been added.
    • Includes several currency symbols and some new emoji.
    • The new characters are: ✂🍖🪣🔔⏳⚑₠₡₢₣₤₥₦₩₫₭₮₰₱₲₳₵₶₷₸₹₺₻₼₿
  • Removed the following languages due to incomplete translations:
  • Deaths of named mobs are now logged.


48 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.17
  • MC-123654 – Sun, moon, and/or clouds are not showing if render distance is below 4.
  • MC-131290 – Enchantments are saved as shorts, but are loaded as and function with integer values.
  • MC-148635 – Dolphins do not swim with or give "Dolphin's Grace" to creative players.
  • MC-156155 – Turkish lira sign () appears as in the game.
  • MC-194736 – Duplicate text mapping for U+00B7.
  • MC-196999U+1FEC is wrong in Minecraft's font.
  • MC-202164 – "Times Crafted" statistics & corresponding objectives increase incorrectly when using the stonecutter.
  • MC-223350 – Loaded chunks sometimes don't render until the player moves their head slightly.
  • MC-224894 – Light tickets are released too early.
From 1.17
  • MC-213986 – Pistons and dispensers can be used to create ghost blocks using powder snow.
  • MC-219018 – Ghost items can be created using /item (server doesn't update client inventory correctly).
  • MC-219290 – Calcite is too quiet compared to other blocks.
  • MC-221656 – Creative mode obtained bucket of axolotl/tropical fish only spawns one kind axolotl/tropical fish.
  • MC-222731 – Captured axolotl constantly tries to leave water.
  • MC-223368 – Strength and weakness potions / custom attack damage attributes does not change damage from goats.
  • MC-225816 – Hanging roots appear large when an item entity.
  • MC-226461 – Logs can be replaced with stone near lava pools.
  • MC-226505 – Goat's long jump is not affected by the jump boost effect.
  • MC-226512 – Goats do not use the damage of held items when ramming entities.
  • MC-226926 – Emerald ore generates too often.
  • MC-226948 – Withers are now affected by potion effects.
  • MC-227387 – World gen datapacks will likely crash or softlock the game.
  • MC-227435 – Lag when placing heads of non-existent players when on servers.
  • MC-227483root_system feature config's codec uses a wrong field.
  • MC-227520 – Overworld Fossils always generate at bedrock level.
  • MC-227557 – End portal texture appears stretched after world conversion.
  • MC-227618 – Small dripleaf is consumed without being placed when used on tall seagrass.
  • MC-227651 – Group for lapis lazuli ore smelting and blasting recipes is misspelled.
  • MC-227821 – Client crash when trying to create/edit realm immediately after deleting previous one.
  • MC-227891 – Ender pearls despawn when a player logs out of a server.
  • MC-228219 – Thrown ender pearls disappear upon entering the exit end portal.
  • MC-228343java.lang.NullPointerException when random_selector default feature isn't found.
  • MC-228430 – Very long loading pause while booting the game ("Failed to add PDH Counter", caused by oshi).
  • MC-228599 – Attempting to walk through flowing water constantly switches the player from swimming into normal mode.
  • MC-228802 – Chunks not loading on a server / Cannot invoke cmq.a(int, int, int) because is null.
  • MC-228828 – Specifying the --server parameter when starting the game, causes the game to crash.
  • MC-228858 – Axolotls despawning though named and on leashes.
  • MC-229169 – Piglins can no longer hear players breaking protected blocks through walls.
  • MC-229191 – Diamond ore distribution changed between 1.16.5 and 1.17.
  • MC-229246 – Piglins and piglin brutes no longer call other piglins after attacking one of them behind walls.
  • MC-229299 – Blue axolotls can spawn naturally.
  • MC-229441 – You can steal the item a villager is holding for trade by killing it.
  • MC-229614 – Wandering Trader obtained tropical fish are only white kob.
  • MC-230716death.attack.dryout and death.attack.dryout.player display raw translation strings (are untranslated).
  • Duplication exploit with anvils.
  • Fixed crashes.
  • A private issue was fixed.
  • Fixed some critical issues.


Videos made by slicedlime:


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  1. Re-enables features set to release for 1.18.
  2. Also available for versions since 19w34a.
  3. Also removed from 1.15's assets.
  4. Also removed from 1.15's and 1.16's assets.