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For a guide about all content currently released in this update, see Java Edition guides/Caves & Cliffs.

1.17, the first release of Caves & Cliffs: Part I, is a major update to Java Edition announced at Minecraft Live 2020[1] and released on June 8, 2021.[2]

On April 14, 2021, Mojang Studios announced that the update would be split into two updates due to the amount and complexity of content, as well as team health.[3] Multiple features such as revamped mountain and cave generation, the lush caves and dripstone caves biomes, and increased world height were removed in 21w15a, and were subequently released in 1.18.[4] A data pack was included in the Minecraft.net article for 21w15a that re-enabled the removed features, and subsequent snapshots updated this data pack.



Amethyst Bud
  • Grows from budding amethyst, which is found in amethyst geodes.
  • Starts out tiny, but grows into medium after a while, large after even more time, and eventually becomes an amethyst cluster.
  • Unlike crops, each growth stage is a separate block instead of a block state.
  • Drops only when mined with a Silk Touch pickaxe.
Amethyst Cluster
  • The final, mature stage of the amethyst bud, which grows from budding amethyst in amethyst geodes.
  • Drops amethyst shards if broken, in an amount affected by Fortune, but can also be picked up with Silk Touch.
    • Breaking by hand, piston, breaking the support block or other means drops only 2 amethyst shards instead of 4 that would be dropped by using any pickaxe.
  • Emits a light level of 5.
  • Has variants with either no blossoms or pink blossoms.
  • Bush-like blocks that can be planted on dirt and grass blocks.
  • Both azaleas can grow from moss blocks when bone meal is used on them.
  • The variant with pink blossoms is seen as small flowers by the game (for example, bees can pollinate them).
Azalea Leaves
  • Has variants with either no blossoms or pink blossoms.
  • Yield azalea and sticks on decay.
  • The variant with pink blossoms is seen as small flowers by the game (for example, bees can pollinate them).
Block of Amethyst
  • A decorative block found in amethyst geodes.
  • Unlike the Budding Amethyst, the Block of Amethyst can be obtained when mined.
  • Can also be crafted with 4 amethyst shards.
Block of Copper
  • Can be crafted with 9 copper ingots, and can also be crafted back into 9 copper ingots.
  • Oxidizes and changes texture to a turquoise-green over time.
  • Can be stopped from oxidizing by combining it with a honeycomb to create a Waxed Block of Copper.
  • Honeycomb can also be used, or applied with a dispenser to wax them.
    • Yellow particles are formed when waxing the block.
  • Axes can be used to scrape off wax and oxidation (one stage at a time).
    • White particles are formed when scraping off wax from the block.
  • Lightning may clean oxidation, reverting the oxidation process by one or several stages.
    • Chances of cleaning and number of reverted stages are higher the closer to the struck block.
  • Can be crafted into cut copper.
  • There are 8 variants in total.
Block of Raw Metal
Budding Amethyst
  • Generates amethyst buds/clusters on any side that is exposed either to air or a water source block.
  • Cannot be obtained when mined, even with Silk Touch, and does not drop anything.
  • Breaks immediately if pushed by a piston or sticky piston.
    • Cannot be pulled by sticky pistons.
  • Generates in amethyst geodes.
  • Crafted with honeycomb and string.
  • Comes with 16 dyed types and a yellowish non-dyed type.
  • Can be lit by any item that produces fire.
  • Up to 4 can be placed in a single block, similar to sea pickles, for a maximum light level of 12.
    • Only candles of the same color can be placed on the same block.
  • Only one can be placed on an uneaten cake and lit.
    • If any of the cake is consumed, the candle pops off.
  • Can be placed underwater, but cannot be lit.
Cave Vines
  • A natural light source, with a light level of 14.
  • Drop glow berries.
    • Growth can be sped up using bone meal.
    • Berries can be harvested by interacting with the vine.
  • Grow from glow berries when placed on the underside of a block.
Cobbled Deepslate
  • Drops from deepslate when mined with a pickaxe without Silk Touch.
  • Can be used interchangeably with cobblestone and blackstone in crafting recipes of basic tools, furnaces and brewing stands.
  • Can be crafted into respective stairs, slabs and walls, Polished Deepslate, Chiseled Deepslate, Deepslate Bricks and Deepslate Tiles, which can be used to craft their respective stairs, slabs, and walls (excluding Chiseled Deepslate).
    • Deepslate Bricks and Deepslate Tiles can also be smelted into their cracked variants.
  • Can be smelted back into deepslate.
Copper Ore
  • Generates randomly underground in small blobs.
  • Copper ore generates uniformly between levels 0 and 64.
  • Drops raw copper when mined.
  • Can be smelted into a copper ingot.
Cut Copper
  • Can be made into stair and slab variants.
  • Oxidizes and changes texture over time.
  • Can be stopped from oxidizing by combining it with a honeycomb to create Waxed Cut Copper.
  • There are 8 variants in total.
Cut Copper Slab
  • Oxidizes and changes texture over time.
  • Can be stopped from oxidizing by combining it with a honeycomb to create a Waxed Cut Copper Slab.
  • There are 8 variants in total.
Cut Copper Stairs
  • Oxidizes and changes texture over time.
  • Can be stopped from oxidizing by combining it with a honeycomb to create Waxed Cut Copper Stairs.
  • There are 8 variants in total.
  • A dark-gray stone that generates in blobs between heights 0 and 16.
  • Has a hardness value greater than that of stone but can be mined with any pickaxe.
  • Drops cobbled deepslate when mined.
  • Can be obtained only with a Silk Touch pickaxe, or by smelting cobbled deepslate.
  • There are 19 variants in total, including
Deepslate Ore
  • Added deepslate variants of all ores, including iron, gold, copper, coal, diamond, redstone, emerald, and lapis lazuli.
  • Takes twice as long to mine as normal ores.
  • Has the texture of deepslate replacing the normal stone texture.
  • Takes place of ores that generate in deepslate.
  • Can be used in blasting and smelting recipes like normal ores.
    • These recipes can be unlocked in the recipe book with deepslate ores as well.
  • Allows an entity to stay on it for 1.5 seconds (30 ticks) before the entity falls through it.
    • The tilt happens in 3 stages: unstable, partial, and full. These can be seen in the F3 debug menu.
      • All the stages are solid except the full stage, which is when the player falls through.
      • When nobody is standing on it, it is set to none stage.
    • The tilt can also be triggered by hitting the plant with a projectile.
    • The tilt can be prevented by powering it with redstone, but hitting it with a projectile still causes it to tilt.
  • Comes in two sizes: small and big. Small can be applied bone meal to grow into big.
    • Small dripleaf can be obtained only with shears (otherwise breaks) and can be planted on clay or moss blocks, or underwater on clay and dirt blocks.
    • Big dripleaf can be obtained with any tool or by hand and can be planted on grass, dirt, and moss blocks.
  • Both sizes can be found inside lush caves, which can currently only be accessed through the single biome, caves, or floating islands world types.
Dripstone Block
  • A decoration block.
  • Appears to be made of the same materials as stalactites and stalagmites but as a full cube.
  • Generates mainly in the dripstone caves biome, which is currently available only through single biome, caves, or floating islands world types.
  • Can be crafted from 4 pointed dripstone.
Glow Item Frame
  • Placeable entities that appear to glow.
  • Do not affect the light level, but appear as if lit up themselves.
  • Items placed inside also glow.
  • Crafted using an item frame and a glow ink sac.
  • Includes application to maps.
Glow Lichen
  • A naturally occurring light source found rarely in caves, growing on any face of a block.
  • Has a light level of 7.
  • Obtained with shears, otherwise breaks.
  • Does not spread naturally, although bone meal can be used to spread it horizontally (or vertically if on the side of a block).
    • It spreads to adjacent spaces, up to 4.
  • Can be waterlogged.
  • Unlike vines, it does not pop off when underwater, and is not climbable.
  • Up to 6 can be put on the same block space, merging into one block.
Hanging Roots
  • Decorative blocks that can be placed only on the underside of a block.
  • Obtained with shears, otherwise breaks.
  • It can also be obtained using a hoe on rooted dirt turning it into normal dirt.
Infested Deepslate
  • An infested variant of deepslate.
  • Spawns a silverfish when mined.
  • A new waterloggable source of light, originally from Bedrock Edition.
  • Only available with commands such as /give.
  • Behaves like air and it is visible only when the item is held, similar to barriers.
    • Unlike barriers, light blocks can only be targeted when holding the item.
  • The light level it is emitting can be changed by interacting with it.
Lightning Rod
  • Can be crafted with 3 copper ingots.
  • Lightning strikes within a 32-block radius get redirected to the lightning rod.
    • Turns completely white when struck by lightning.
  • Gives off a redstone signal with a strength of 15 if hit by lightning.
  • Can be activated directly by throwing a trident with Channeling at it during a thunderstorm, though this does not produce a redstone signal.
Moss Block
  • An opaque block with a grass-like texture on all sides.
  • Can be fertilized with bone meal to grow grass, tall grass, moss carpets, and both types of azaleas on it and in its vicinity.
  • Can be fertilized with bone meal to grow over (expand) across stone surfaces, but not grass surfaces.
  • Breaks when pushed by a piston or sticky piston.
  • Can be combined with cobblestone or stone bricks to make the mossy versions of those blocks.
    • Vines can still be used, in addition to moss blocks.
  • Hoes are the appropriate tool to collect it.
  • Small dripleaf can be planted on it.
Moss Carpet
  • Same texture as the moss block, but one pixel thick.
  • Can be crafted with moss blocks, or be obtained by applying bone meal to them.
Pointed Dripstone
  • Can be either placed on a ceiling to create a stalactite or on top of a block to create a stalagmite.
    • Can be combined to form longer stalactites and stalagmites.
  • Thrown tridents break pointed dripstone. They also break when pushed directly or with a block by a piston.
  • Stalagmites break if not attached to something below.
  • Stalagmites hurt entities that fall on top of them more than normal fall damage.
    • Damage is relative to height: For example, jumping on a stalagmite deals 2♥ of damage, and falling from 3 blocks deals 8♥♥♥♥ of damage.
  • Stalactites can fall or break if unsupported, and break apart on impact, hurting entities they fall on.
    • Damage is relative to height: For example, one falling from 2 blocks deals 2♥ of damage, and one falling from 3 blocks deal 4♥♥ of damage.
    • They drip water or lava into cauldrons if a source block is placed above the stalactite, and gradually fill the cauldron. Water drips even without any water above the block (as does lava in the Nether) but this effect alone does not fill the cauldron.
  • If a stalactite is hanging from a dripstone block with a water source above, it will slowly grow both the stalactite from above and a stalagmite from below.
    • Growth speed is random but very slow; a single growth step can take several in-game days.
Potted Azalea
Powder Snow
  • A variant of snow, entities that walk over it sink into it.
  • Leather boots can be worn to prevent entities from sinking into powder snow blocks.
  • When inside a powder snow block, a frosty vignette appears around the player's screen and any entity (with the exception of strays, polar bears, snow golems and withers) inside starts freezing and taking damage after a short time.
  • Can be collected and placed with a bucket.
  • Entities on fire melt powder snow when colliding.
Rooted Dirt
Sculk Sensor
  • A redstone component that detects vibrations.
  • Currently, it does not generate naturally, available only from commands such as /give, but natural generation is planned for future versions.
  • Senses vibrations such as block placement, footsteps, and projectiles, and emits a redstone signal.
  • Vibration JE1 BE1 Emits particles when it senses a vibration nearby.
  • A comparator connected to it emits different signal strengths based on what caused the signal.
  • Does not detect ambient weather such as rain.
  • Wool blocks between the sensor and the cause of the sound prevent the sensor from detecting the sound.
Smooth Basalt
  • A basalt variant that composes the outer layer of amethyst geodes.
  • Can be obtained by smelting basalt.
Spore Blossom
  • Available only in Creative or in buffet/custom worlds with the currently unused lush caves biome.
  • Can be placed only on the underside of a block.
  • Sends green particles downward when opened.
  • Particles appear in the air around the block.
Tinted Glass
  • A black variant of glass that is transparent to players, but does not let light through.
  • Can be crafted with 4 amethyst shards and a glass block.
    • Stained glass cannot be used to craft tinted glass.
  • Drops itself if mined without Silk Touch or even by hand, unlike glass.
  • A deep grayish stone that generates in blobs between levels 0 and 16.


Amethyst Shard
  • Obtained from breaking amethyst clusters.
  • The amount dropped can be increased with the Fortune enchantment.
  • Can be used to craft tinted glass, blocks of amethyst, and spyglasses.
Bucket of Axolotl
  • Obtained by using a water bucket on an axolotl, similar to fish.
  • Can be used to carry around and empty out axolotls, also similarly to fish.
  • Available only from commands such as /give,
  • Used to store other items (except shulker boxes) inside of it.
  • Can hold only one stack of items, but is able to hold different types of items inside of it.
    • Items with smaller stacks, such as ender pearls, take up more room in a bundle, and non-stackable items take up the whole bundle.
  • The bundle's contents can be opened by pressing use while holding it, throwing out its entire content into the world. When destroyed as an entity, it drops the items it currently has as well.
    • Right-clicking a bundle in the inventory empties one item from the bundle.
  • The player receives a tutorial when first having a bundle in the inventory.
  • Even though bundles are not stackable, bundles can be nested.
    • Can hold up to 16 bundles.
    • Only empty bundles can be placed in other bundles without using commands.
  • Has a GUI when hovering over it.
    • Shows contained items in its GUI's inventory slots when hovering over it, as well as fullness as a number.
  • Note: Bundles can hold any amount of any item if added using commands.
Copper Ingot
  • Obtained by smelting raw copper or copper ore.
  • Used to craft copper blocks, lightning rods, and spyglasses.
Glow Berries
  • Can be eaten, restoring 2 (🍗).
  • Grow on cave vines.
    • Once harvested the vines will lose their glow berry texture.
Glow Ink Sac
  • Dropped by glow squids when killed.
  • Can be used to craft glow item frames.
  • Can be used to make text glow on signs.
Powder Snow Bucket
  • Obtained by using a bucket on powder snow.
  • Can be used to place a powder snow block wherever it is used, or can be used to fill cauldrons with powder snow.
Raw Copper
Raw Gold
  • Drops from gold ore when mined with a iron pickaxe or higher without Silk Touch.
  • Can be smelted into gold ingots.
  • Piglins attempt to pick up raw gold.
Raw Iron
  • Drops from iron ore when mined with a stone pickaxe or higher without Silk Touch.
  • Can be smelted into iron ingots.
Spawn Eggs
  • Crafted with 2 copper ingots and an amethyst shard.
  • When used, it zooms in on wherever the player is looking but limits their view to a square.
  • There is a unique animation for using the spyglass, which is visible in a third-person perspective or by another player.


  • Has 14♥ × 7 health.
  • Can only spawn in complete darkness and where there's a natural stone block less than 5 blocks below the spawning space.
  • The first amphibian added to Minecraft.
    • Dry out and start taking damage after 5 minutes of being out of water.
  • Can be caught using a water bucket, like fish.
  • Can be bred using buckets of tropical fish.
  • Come in five different colors (leucistic, yellow, brown, cyan, and blue, with blue being the rarest).[1]
    • Blue axolotls are very rare, as they don't naturally spawn, only appearing with a 11200 chance when breeding.
  • Plays dead when damaged on water, receiving Regeneration I.
    • This regeneration ability is likely based on how real axolotls can regrow lost limbs.
  • Attacks drowned, guardians, elder guardians, squids, glow squids and fish, dealing 2♥ damage.
    • They have a two-minute cooldown after hunting non-hostile targets such as fish and squids.
    • They prioritise attacking hostile mobs over passive ones.
  • If a player kills a mob an axolotl is in combat with, the player gets a Regeneration I effect and is rid of Mining Fatigue, if they had it.
Glow Squid
  • Has 10♥♥♥♥♥ health.
  • Originates from the mob of the same name in Minecraft Earth.
  • Underwater mob that behaves like a regular squid.
  • Can only spawn in complete darkness and where there's a natural stone block less than 5 blocks below the spawning space.
  • Is attacked by axolotls without provocation.
  • Drops glow ink sacs when killed.
  • Does not affect the light level, but appears as if lit up. Glows in the same way that magma cube cores, vexes, blazes and the eyes of spiders, drowned, and endermen do.
  • Stops glowing for a short time and swims away quickly after taking damage.
  • Has 10♥♥♥♥♥ health
  • Spawns in mountain biomes.
    • Currently a place holder until the new mountains are added.
  • Goats can ram other mobs and armor stands to knock them a few blocks.
    • Mobs rammed by goats don't retaliate.
  • Can jump higher than other mobs to avoid obstacles, up to 10 blocks high.
  • Takes reduced fall damage.
  • Avoids powder snow by jumping over it.
  • Can be bred with wheat to produce a baby goat.
  • A bucket can be used on them to get milk.
  • Do not drop anything.
  • They have a 2% chance of spawning as a screaming goat, which are more hostile and make different noises.

Non-mob entities[]

  • Added the Marker entity meant for custom use cases like map making and data packs.
    • Only exists on the server side, is never sent to clients.
    • Does not do any updates of their own.
    • Has a  data compound field that can contain any data.

World generation[]

Amethyst Geodes
  • A new feature found uncommonly underground (can rarely appear exposed to the surface close to sea level).
  • Contains blocks of amethyst and budding amethyst blocks, which are encased in a shell of calcite and smooth basalt.
    • Also generates with a small air pocket nearby that may open into the geode.
  • Generates between Y=70 and y=0.
  • Overrides standard caves and ravines, but is overridden by abandoned mineshafts.
  • Currently has a high generation rate, presumably for testing purposes as with ruined portals in the 1.16 snapshots.
Azalea Tree


Dripstone Caves
Dripstone Caves

A dripstone caves biome.

Lush Caves
Lush Caves

A lush caves biome.

Command format[]

/debug function
  • New debug subcommand executes command with same syntax as function.
    • Every executed command, message (even if it would be normally invisible), result or error is stored to file.
    • Cannot be run from inside functions.
  • Modifies the inventory of a block or entity.
    • This command has three forms:
      • /item <target> replace <item stack> [<count>] – same as old /replaceitem
      • /item <target> modify <modifier> – modifies item (without copying).
      • /item <target> copy <source> [<modifier>] – copies item for source to target(s), optionally applying modifier
    • Possible sources and targets: entity <selector> <slot> or block <x> <y> <z> <slot>
    • For example, /item block ~ ~ ~ container.0 copy entity @s enderchest.0 copies the first item from player's enderchest to the first slot of the container player is currently standing on.
    • Replaced /replaceitem.
  • Starts a recording for 10 seconds capturing metrics such as tick durations, used heap sizes and other more detailed stats.
  • Executing again before the 10-second limit ends the recording early.
Item modifiers
  • Reuse functions syntax of a loot table to describe item modification in /item command.
  • The function part of loot tables can now be defined as separate data pack resource in item_modifiers directory.
    • Such files can contain a single function (i.e single JSON object) or an array of functions.
  • freezeDamage
    • Whether entities take damage from freezing inside of powder snow.
  • playersSleepingPercentage
    • Controls what percentage of players must sleep to skip the night.
    • When set to 0 or a negative value, a single player is sufficient to skip the night. The sleeping animation occurs as normal.
    • When set over 100, the night cannot be skipped.
    • Set to 100 by default.


  • Added eleven new advancements:
    • Whatever Floats Your Goat!
    • Wax On
    • Wax Off
      • Scrape wax off a copper block.
    • The Cutest Predator
    • The Healing Power of Friendship!
      • Team up with an axolotl and win a fight.
    • Glow and Behold!
    • Light as a Rabbit
    • Surge Protector
    • Is It a Bird?
    • Is It a Balloon?
      • Look at a ghast through a spyglass.
    • Is It a Plane?
  • Adds new advancement triggers.
    • started_riding
      • Triggered when player starts riding a vehicle or entity starts riding vehicle currently ridden by player.
    • lightning_strike
      • Triggers for any player on the server when lightning finishes (i.e. entity disappears).
    • using_item
      • Triggered for every tick of using items (like crossbows, spyglass, fishing rods, etc).
Death messages
  • Added 6 new death messages:
    • "<player> froze to death"
    • "<player> was frozen to death by <entity>"
    • "<player> was skewered by a falling stalactite"
    • "<player> was skewered by a falling stalactite whilst fighting <entity>"
    • "<player> was impaled on a stalagmite"
    • "<player> was impaled on a stalagmite whilst fighting <entity>"
Loot tables
  • New condition: value_check
    • Checks range of value.
    • Parameters:
      • value – see "New value providers" section (currently combination of random generators and score)
      • range – min/max range
  • New functions:
    • set_enchantments
      • Modifies enchantments on item.
      • Parameters:
        • enchantments – map of enchantment id to level value (can be score or random number)
        • add – if true, change is relative to current level. If false, level is replaced with current value (default behavior)
    • set_banner_pattern
      • Sets tags needed for banner patterns. Parameters:
        • patterns - list of pattern objects:
          • pattern - name of pattern (square_bottom_left, bricks, etc.)
          • color - name of color (light_gray, etc.)
        • append - if true, new elements are appended to existing ones instead of replacing
  • New value providers: score
    • Returns scaled scoreboard value.
    • Parameters:
      • score – scoreboard name
      • target – same as target in score predicate
      • scale – scaling factor (float)


Monochrome Mojang Studios Logo

The alternative Mojang Studios loading screen that appears when the Monochrome Logo option is turned on

  • Added an alternative solid black background color for the Mojang Studios loading screen, toggleable with the “Monochrome Logo” accessibility category in options.
  • Added F3 + L shortcut to generate and persist performance metrics from in-game, similar to /debug.
    • Metrics are saved in .minecraft/debug/profiling/<timestamp>.zip.
    • Pressing F3+L while in the game starts a recording for 10 seconds capturing metrics such as tick.
    • Pressing F3+L before the 10 second limit ends the recording early.
    • Also include reports for the integrated server on single-player worlds.
Data Packs
  • Added  aquifers_enabled,  deepslate_enabled and  noise_caves_enabled to worldgen/noise_settings/*.json.
  • Added Russian (Pre-revolutionary) language.
  • Added Chinese Traditional (Hong Kong) language.
  • Added HasVisualFire NBT tag.
    • Entities with this tag visually appear on fire, even if they are not actually on fire.
  • Added 15 new particle types: dripping_dripstone_lava, dripping_dripstone_water, dust_color_transition, electric_spark, falling_dripstone_lava, falling_dripstone_water, falling_spore_blossom, glow, glow_squid_ink, scrape, snowflake, spore_blossom_air, vibration, wax_off and wax_on.
  • Added lightning_bolt sub-predicate.
server.properties arguments
  • resource-pack-prompt
    • Adds a custom message to be shown on resource pack prompt when require-resource-pack is used.
    • Expects chat component syntax, can contain multiple lines.
  • Are now included for all supported render states.
  • Any shader except for the blit shader can also be replaced in resource packs.
  • For now replacing these shaders is not officially supported and the way it works may change in the future.
  • Current rendering engine uses a system similar to the post-processing shader pipeline. There are some differences between both systems that cater to the slightly different requirements.
  • Added the following splash text:
    • "[this splash text has been delayed until part 2]"
    • "Contains simulated goats!"
    • "Home-made!"
    • "There's <<a cat on ,my keyboard!~" [sic]
    • "The cutest predator you'll ever meet!"
    • "Now you are thinking with pistons!"
    • "Get to the coppah!"
    • "Board game version also available!"
    • "Honey, I waxed the copper!"
    • "Plant-based light sources!"
    • "Made by "real" people!"
  • Added the axolotl_always_hostiles entity type tag.
    • Contains drowned, guardian and elder guardian.
    • Axolotls are always hostile towards entities in this tag.
  • Added the axolotl_hunt_targets entity type tag.
  • Added the axolotl_tempt_items item tag.
  • Added the candle_cakes block tag.
    • Contains all 17 types of candle cake.
    • Blocks in this tag are considered candle cakes and can be lit if they have the lit block states set to false.
  • Added the candles block and item tags.
    • Contains all 17 types of candles.
    • Blocks in this tag are considered candles and can be lit if they have the lit, and waterlogged block states and both are false.
    • Cakes use this tag to determine if a candle item can be placed on it or not.
  • Added the cauldrons block tag.
    • Contains cauldrons, water cauldrons, lava cauldrons, and powder snow cauldrons.
    • This tag is used in certain pathfinding processes.
  • Added the cave_vines block tag.
    • Contains the cave vines body block and cave vines head block.
  • Added the cluster_max_harvestables item tag.
    • Contains all pickaxes.
  • Added the coal_ores, copper_ores, diamond_ores, emerald_ores, iron_ores, lapis_ores, and redstone_ores block and item tags.
    • Contain the normal and deepslate variants of each ore type.
  • Added the crystal_sound_blocks block tag.
    • Contains amethyst blocks and budding amethyst.
    • Blocks in this tag play the "amethyst block chime" sound repeatedly for a short amount of time after being stepped on, gradually decreasing in volume.
  • Added the deepslate_ore_replaceables block tag.
    • Contains deepslate and tuff.
  • Added the dirt block tag.
    • Contains dirt, coarse dirt, podzol, rooted dirt, grass blocks, mycelium, and moss blocks.
    • Grass, tall grass, ferns, tall ferns, sweet berry bushes, saplings, flowers, azaleas, sugar cane, and dead bushes can be placed in blocks in this tag.
    • Pumpkins and melons can grow onto blocks in this tag.
  • Added the dripstone_replaceable_blocks block tag.
    • Contains the base_stone_overworld block tag and dirt.
    • Used in dripstone generation to determine what dripstone can replace and what pointed dripstone can generate on.
  • Added the features_cannot_replace block tag.
  • Added the fox_food item tag.
    • Contains sweet berries and glow berries.
  • Added the freeze_hurts_extra_types entity type tag.
  • Added the freeze_immune_entity_types entity type tag.
  • Added the freeze_immune_wearables item tag.
    • Contains leather horse armor, leather boots, leather pants, leather tunic, and leather cap.
    • Having an item in this tag in an armor slot prevents entities from freezing.
  • Added new game_events tag type.
  • Added the geode_invalid_blocks block tag.
  • Added the ignored_by_piglin_babies item tag.
    • Contains leather.
    • Baby piglins do not attempt to pick up items in this tag. Adult piglins are unaffected. Baby piglins still follow the other rules adult piglins follow.
      • If an item is in this tag while simultaneously being recognized as a wanted item by piglins, this tag takes precedence.
  • Added the ignore_vibrations_sneaking game event tag.
    • Contains the step, swim, falling, and shooting projectile events.
    • Game events in this tag are ignored by sculk sensors if the source entity is sneaking.
  • Added the inside_step_sound_block block tag.
    • Contains snow and powder snow.
    • Blocks in this tag create snow stepping noises while the player walks in them.
  • Added the lava_pool_stone_replaceables block tag.
  • Added the lush_ground_replaceable block tag.
  • Added mineable/axe, mineable/hoe, mineable/pickaxe, and mineable/shovel block tags.
    • Blocks with these tags can be destroyed more quickly with the matching tool.
  • Added the moss_replaceable block tag.
  • Added needs_stone_tool, needs_iron_tool, and needs_diamond_tool block tags.
    • If a block requires the correct tool to drop, these tags determine which tier of that tool is required.
  • Added the occludes_vibration_signals block and item tag.
    • Contains the wool block and item tag.
    • Blocks in this tag prevent sculk sensors from hearing vibrations if the block is between the sculk sensor and the vibration.
    • As thrown entities, items in this tag do not trigger vibrations.
  • Added the piglin_food item tag.
    • Contains raw and cooked porkchop.
    • Piglins can eat items in this tag.
      • Eating refers to the piglin seeking out and picking up an item without appearing in its inventory, thus vanishing.
  • Added the powder_snow_walkable_mobs entity tag.
    • Contains foxes, rabbits, endermites, and silverfish.
    • Entities in this tag can walk on top of powder snow.
  • Added the small_dripleaf_placeable block tag.
  • Added the snow block tag.
    • Contains snow, snow blocks and powder snow.
    • Blocks in this tag turn blocks with a snowy variant below them (like grass) into said snow variant.
  • Added the stone_ore_replaceables block tag.
    • Contains stone, granite, diorite, and andesite.
  • Added the vibrations game event tag.
    • Contains every game event.
    • Game events in this tag trigger sculk sensors.
  • Removed some unused textures, including:
    • The texture for the zombie villager before 1.9.
    • The "arrow.png" placed outside of the arrow folder that included the purple arrow texture.
    • The ruby item texture.
    • The piglin leather armor models.
    • The footprint particles.



  • The maximum length a name of an item can have after being renamed has been increased from 35 characters to 50 characters.
  • The unused "base" pattern has been renamed to the "field" pattern and given proper translation strings (its ID is still "base").
  • Beacon beams are now visible up to 1343 blocks away from the source instead of 256 blocks.
Blackstone, gilded blackstone, polished blackstone bricks, and cracked polished blackstone bricks and stair, slab and wall variants
  • Slightly changed the texture.
Brewing Stand
  • Changed potion icon in the brewing stand GUI to reflect the new bottle texture in the Texture Update.[5]
  • Removed some stray pixels from the GUI texture.
  • Have a variation called "Cake with Candle".
    • Can be created by using a candle on an uneaten cake.
    • The candle on the cake comes in 17 colors, depending on the color of the candle used to create it.
    • The candle pops off when any of the cake is eaten.
  • Can now be filled with lava and powder snow.
    • Lava-filled cauldrons can damage players and mobs inside of them, and give off a redstone comparator signal of strength 3.
    • Powder snow cauldrons are formed when cauldrons are under the sky during snowfall.
    • Can also be filled with powder snow by using a powder snow bucket on it.
  • Have been split into normal, water, lava, and powder snow cauldrons.
  • Some items are now compostable:
    • 30% chance: non-flowering azalea leaves, glow berries, moss carpet, small dripleaf, hanging roots.
    • 50% chance: flowering azalea leaves, glow lichen.
    • 65% chance: spore blossoms, non-flowering azalea, moss blocks, big dripleaf.
    • 85% chance: flowering azalea.
Grass Block
  • Changed part of the dirt of the side texture of snowy grass to match regular grass.[6]
Grass Path
  • Renamed to "Dirt Path", as per Bedrock Edition.
    • The block ID has also been changed to dirt_path.
  • Can now be made with dirt, coarse dirt, rooted dirt, mycelium, and podzol by using a shovel.
Infested Blocks
  • Instead of breaking instantly, infested blocks now take half of the time to break compared to their regular counterparts.
  • Pickaxes are the assigned tool for breaking them.
Lapis lazuli block
  • Renamed to "Block of Lapis Lazuli".
  • Slightly shrunk top part to prevent z-fighting with fire.[7]
  • Grass, tall grass, ferns, tall ferns, sweet berry bushes, saplings, flowers, azaleas, sugar cane, dead bushes, and bamboo can now be placed on these blocks.
  • Pumpkins and melons can now grow onto these blocks.
  • Texture changes (all Overworld ores except diamond) had the shape of the "ore pattern" in the stone changed to make them visually distinct for colorblind players:
Name Old texture New texture Deepslate texture
Coal Ore Coal Ore JE2 BE2 Coal Ore JE5 Deepslate Coal Ore JE1
Diamond Ore Diamond Ore JE3 BE3 Diamond Ore JE5 Deepslate Diamond Ore JE2
Emerald Ore Emerald Ore JE3 BE2 Emerald Ore JE4 BE3 Deepslate Emerald Ore JE1
Gold Ore Gold Ore JE3 BE2 Gold Ore JE7 Deepslate Gold Ore JE2
Iron Ore Iron Ore JE3 Iron Ore JE6 Deepslate Iron Ore JE2
Lapis Lazuli Ore Lapis Lazuli Ore JE2 BE2 Lapis Lazuli Ore JE4 Deepslate Lapis Lazuli Ore JE3
Redstone Ore Redstone Ore JE2 BE2 Redstone Ore JE4 Deepslate Redstone Ore JE2
  • Particles now appear if a block is broken by a piston or sticky piston.
    • Sounds, however, do not play.[8]
  • Breaks Budding Amethyst if pushed/pulled with a piston/sticky piston.
  • Changed one pixel on the pumpkin's top texture to remove the possibility for a small swastika to be displayed.[9]
  • Changed the textures of acacia, birch, dark oak, jungle, oak, and spruce signs to reflect new textures in the Texture Update.
  • Can now be tinted with glow ink sacs to make the text glow.
    • Glowing signs do not affect the light level, but appear as if the text itself is illuminated.
    • A new lit block state had been added to indicate whether the sign text is lit up.
    • Regular ink sacs can be used to remove the glowing effect.
    • Now has sounds for being dyed.
  • Changed the top texture of the smoker to fix a stray pixel in the bottom left corner.
Structure block
  • Default mode of structure blocks is now "Load". "Data" is now hidden by default.
  • "Data" can be accessed by clicking the mode button while holding the Alt key.
  • All invisible blocks are now displayed as small cubes by save mode structure blocks; previously barriers and light blocks would not display at all.[10][11]
    • Variants of air still all appear identical and are not distinguished.[12]
Air, Cave Air and Void Air Structure Void Barrier Light
Before Air (shown) JE2 Structure Void (shown) JE2 Blank Blank
After Air (shown) JE2 Structure Void (shown) JE3 Barrier (shown) JE1 Light (shown) JE1


Bone Meal
  • The texture has been changed from Clock JE2 BE2 to Clock JE3
Compass and Lodestone Compass
  • The texture has been changed from Compass JE2 BE1 to Compass JE3
Firework Rockets
  • Simple firework rockets with one gunpowder can now be crafted using the recipe book.
Jungle Doors
  • Changed the texture of the jungle door item to reflect the block texture in the Texture Update.[13]
  • The strength of the poison effect has been decreased from IV to II.[14]
Shulker boxes
  • They now drop their items when destroyed as entities.
Spawn Eggs
  • The spawn egg dispenser behavior now catches any exceptions that could be thrown when spawning the entity.
Spectral Arrows
  • Fired spectral arrows are now entirely golden to reflect the item texture in the Texture Update.[15]
Sugar Cane
  • Changed the texture of the sugar cane item to better reflect biome tinting added in 1.7.2.[16]
Suspicious Stew
  • Can now be eaten even if the player is at full hunger.


  • Changed the texture of the siamese cat type, mostly brightening it.
  • Can now pick up rooted dirt.
  • Eat glow berries.
Guardian and Elder Guardian
  • Removed some stray pixels from the texture file.
  • Now drop cooked cod or salmon instead of raw cod or salmon if on fire when killed or killed by a fire source.
Husk, zombie and zombie villager
  • Llamas no longer spit at players in Peaceful mode.
Polar bears
  • Now drop cooked cod or salmon instead of raw cod or salmon if on fire when killed or killed by a fire source.
  • If a shulker is hit by another shulker's projectile, it now has a chance of spawning a new shulker. Shulkers are more likely to spawn new shulkers when there are fewer shulkers nearby.
  • The maximum size that slimes can be summoned with is now 128.
  • Now Leads work with them.
Villagers and Zombie Villagers
  • Moved the librarian top overlay texture to correct side of torso.[17]
  • Mason villagers can now sell 4 dripstone blocks for an emerald.
  • Can now accept a filled cauldron as a valid workstation.
Wandering Traders

Non-mob entities[]

Experience Orbs
  • Now sometimes merge when in large quantities, to improve performance.
    • Merging does not affect the amount of experience gathered from collecting the merged orbs.
  • No longer follow dead players.
  • Can now move in water, but move considerably slower than they do on land.
  • Changed the back texture to reflect the texture of the planks in the Texture Update.

World generation[]

  • Biome-specific sky colors now blend more smoothly.
A 1

A 1.17 Mineshaft

  • Mineshaft pieces no longer generate if they were fully floating in the air.
  • Corridors now generate with wooden logs as pillars for support, or chains and oak fences as hanging support if needed.
  • Cobwebs no longer generate floating without an adjacent block.
  • Glow berries can be found in mineshaft chest minecarts.
  • Strongholds no longer generate exposed in oceans; they are covered by the seabed.

Command format[]

  • Removes debug report command.
  • Replaced by F3+L and /perf.
  • The give command can give only up to 100 stacks of items at a time (e.g. 6400 stone or 100 iron swords)
  • New syntax:
    • /item replace <target> with <item stack> [<count>]
      • Same as old version of /item.
    • /item replace <target> from <source> [<modifier>]
      • Copies item for source to target(s), optionally applying modifier.
    • /item modify <target> <modifier>
      • Modifies item (without copying).
  • Can no longer set a player's spawn point to areas that are out of the world.


Absorption effect
  • The yellow absorption hearts now stay yellow if the player has the Poison or Wither effects, instead of appearing empty.
  • Added source condition to effects_changed trigger.
  • Glow berries are now required for "A Balanced Diet".
  • Goats and axolotls are now required for "Two by Two" and available for "The Parrots and the Bats".
  • The advancement for obtaining diamond armor is now capitalized as "Cover Me with Diamonds", as opposed to "Cover Me With Diamonds".
Build limit
  • The message for letting the player know they are attempting to build beyond the build limit no longer says "blocks" at the end.
  • Glowing is now based on the outline of all layers on an entity, not just the base layer.
Loot tables
  • Loot tables can now access scoreboard values by UUID.
  • Loot table values inside random number generators can now be nested.
  • Changed condition: score
    • entity parameter has now been replaced with target. It can either contain value from old entity field (like this) or be an score holder name in form {"name": "..."}.
  • Changed function: set_damage
    • This function now has add parameter. If true, change is relative to current damage. If false, damage is replaced with current value (default behavior)
  • Changed function: set_count
    • This function now has add parameter. If true, change is relative to current item count. If false, item count is replaced with current value (default behavior)
  • Changed function: copy_nbt
    • source parameter can now be set to {"storage": <namespaced id>}, to access command storage.
NBT data
  • All projectile entity data now has a field called HasBeenShot.
    • If this field is false, during the next tick the projectile fires a projectile shot game event, causing any nearby sculk sensors to react.
Recipe Book
  • Some recipe-unlocking advancements had criteria names changed.
  • The chiseled nether bricks recipe is now unlocked by having a nether brick slab instead of a nether brick block.
  • The chiseled polished blackstone crafting recipe is now unlocked by having a polished blackstone slab, instead of polished blackstone.
  • The recipes for stonecutting diorite into polished diorite slabs and stairs now unlocks when the player has diorite as opposed to polished diorite.
  • The recipe for crafting mossy stone bricks from moss blocks or vines is now unlocked with moss blocks or vines, respectively, rather than mossy cobblestone.
  • Simple firework rockets with one gunpowder can now be crafted using the recipe book.
  • The recipes for mossy stone bricks are now grouped, as are the recipes for mossy cobblestone.
  • Added a new mob cap category, underground water creature.
    • Used by axolotls and glow squids.
    • Have a cap of 5, are friendly, are not persistent and despawn at 128 blocks or more from the player.
Spectator mode
  • It is now possible to see while inside lava.
  • Changed Shulker bullet explodes to Shulker Bullet explodes.
  • Changed Shulker bullet breaks to Shulker Bullet breaks.
  • Changed the subtitles for stripping logs and wood from "Axe scrapes" to "Axe strips".
    • "Axe scrapes" is now used for copper blocks.


Block Models
  • Made the vine's block model much simpler.
  • Unused parts of code (unused static fields and methods) are no longer removed.
    • Although this does not affect the game itself, it adds more information for modders.
  • Updated required Java version to Java 16[18]
Creative inventory
  • The Redstone Tab has been reordered to prioritize highly-used blocks.
  • Slime blocks and honey blocks are moved to the Redstone tab.
  • Redstone items/blocks have been grouped and ordered in the following way (from top to bottom): Essentials, Unique activators, Miscellaneous, Common activators, and Openables.
    • The category for the recipe book advancements for these recipes has moved as well.
  • Updated the credits, which were brought over from Bedrock Edition; as a result, the credits are significantly longer, as they include people and corporations that did not work on Java Edition.[19]
  • Changed the format from .txt to .json.
  • Now scroll faster when holding Space.
    • They scroll even faster when holding Space and one or both of the Ctrl keys together.
Custom dimensions
  • Added height and min_y variables to dimension types, allowing for the height limit to be increased in custom worlds settings.
Data and Resource Packs
  • Updated resource pack pack_formatto 7 as the following has changed:
    • Drowned texture mirroring has changed, Grass path has been renamed to dirt path.
    • Slots for the game mode selector are now 26 pixels instead of 25.
  • Data pack version is also changed to 7.
Dedicated servers
  • A dedicated server can enforce custom resource packs by setting require-resource-pack in server.properties. When this option is used, players are prompted for a response and get disconnected if they decline the required pack.
Entity storage
  • Entities have been extracted from main (terrain) chunks and are now stored in separate entities directory (similar to POI storage). Those new files are still region files with NBT.
Game library updates
  • Rendering is now using OpenGL 3.2 core profile.
    • All fixed-function rendering has been replaced with shader-based rendering.
  • The game now uses javabridge 1.1.23 instead of 1.0.22.
  • Authlib was updated from 2.2.30 to 2.3.31.
  • Removed the Gothic, Kabyle, Maori, Mohawk, Nuk, Ojibwe, and Talossan languages as their translations were incomplete.
  • Removed the coral material.
  • Added the moss material.
Menu screen
  • Buttons tied to a set of values can now be scrolled through.
  • Clicking ⇧ Shift on a menu button changes it to the previous value.
  • The debug mode can now be accessed only by holding Alt instead of ⇧ Shift while clicking on the world type button.
  • GUI narration now includes position and usage of hovered or focused element.
Obfuscation map
  • Changed the license included in the obfuscation map.
  • Added passenger, stepping_on and lightning_bolt properties to entity_properties predicate
  • Added looking_at (entity currently viewed by player) condition to player sub-predicate.
  • Expanded item field on item predicate to items.
    • Now accepts an array of item types.
  • Expanded block field on block predicate to blocks.
    • Now accepts an array of block types.
  • While connecting to a server, the client will send a handshake packet with "hostname" and "port" field directly padded with address given in address text field directly, instead of converting them to the real hostname and port.
Resource packs
  • Improved performance when using many overrides on an item model.
  • toasts.png GUI texture has a new icon for the bundle tutorial.
  • Users who previously permanently declined server resource packs will now still be shown the pack prompt if the pack is mandatory, instead of being immediately disconnected.
  • Removed the max-build-height server setting.
  • Changed the error message for failing to connect to the authentication servers. Now says they are "not reachable" instead of "down for maintenance".
  • Legacy skin handling now has improved skin validation.
  • Changed the splash "Now Java 8!" to "Now Java 16!"
  • Changed the splash "OpenGL 2.1 (if supported)!" to "Now on OpenGL 3.2 core profile!"
  • Removed "Woo, /v/!"
  • Renamed the statistic for play time to play_time.
  • Included time when game paused for "Time with World Open" (total_world_time).
  • Added azalea leaves and azalea leaves flowers to the leaves block and item tags.
  • Added azaleas and flowering azaleas to the saplings block and item tags.
  • Added flowering azalea leaves and flowering azaleas to the flowers block and item tags.
  • Added potted azalea bushes and potted flowering azaleas bushes to the flower_pots block tag.
  • Added deepslate and tuff to the base_stone_overworld block tag and deepslate to the stone_crafting_materials, and stone_tool_materials item tags.
  • Added deepslate gold ore to the gold_ores block and item tags.
  • Added all copper slab and stair variants, as well as various deepslate variants to the slabs, stairs, and walls block and item tags.
  • Added cave vines and cave vines plant to the climbable block tag.
  • Added tinted glass to the impermeable block tag.
  • Added raw gold and raw gold blocks to the piglin_loved item tag.
  • Added raw gold blocks to the guarded_by_piglins block tag.
  • Added cave vines and cave vines plant to the bee_growables block tag.
  • Changed the bamboo_plantable_on, and enderman_holdable block tags to use the dirt block tag, removing other mentions of dirt blocks from the tags.
  • Java requirement changed from version 8 to version 16.
  • Changed the strings "Chat disabled by launcher option, cannot send message" and "Chat not allowed by account settings, cannot send message" to "Chat disabled by launcher option. Cannot send message" and "Chat not allowed by account settings. Cannot send message", respectively.
  • Removed stray pixels from the recipe book GUI button.
Title screen
Translation strings
  • The "World Type" string no longer contains a colon (":"). The colon is still visible in-game, however.
  • Changed "Use VSync" to "VSync".
  • Removed the unused string for enabling VBOs, "Use VBOs".
  • Added strings, "Mode", "Type", "Triggering", and "Track output". These are read out by the narrator for buttons in the command block UI.
World Selection
  • Added unique warnings for downgrading a world.


335 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.17
  • MC-610 – Grass / Flowers / Snow are placed incorrectly in newly created chunks.
  • MC-1483 – Snow covered grass/podzol/mycelium block side texture does not match original block.
  • MC-2490 – TNT animation ends at 80 ticks, ignores fuse length changes.
  • MC-3366 – End portal appears transparent from below.
  • MC-3587 – Last use of an anvil causes player to drop their item.
  • MC-3615 – Lava and water are completely transparent at certain height levels.
  • MC-8017 – Arrows and tridents are not being slowed down by webs but eggs and snowballs are.
  • MC-9591 – Players are able to create ghost lily pads.
  • MC-12363 – Lava / water / powder snow bucket desync when using it while rapidly turning.
  • MC-18880 – The Absorption effect has no texture for poison/wither hearts (appears empty instead).
  • MC-19690 – Reducing maxHealth / max_health can cause fake death.
  • MC-29318 – Client misses inventory updates while player is manipulating items - causes invisible items.
  • MC-29522stat.playOneMinute adds a value of 1 every tick.
  • MC-32452 – Fog generates only in the centre of the screen.
  • MC-46650 – When flying through blocks in spectator mode in F5, the camera zooms in and out a lot.
  • MC-53518 – Endermen don't attack endermites spawned using spawn eggs or /summon.
  • MC-55775 – Statistics screen sometimes doesn't show up to date information.
  • MC-65587 – Lag spike while loading player head textures/player skins.
  • MC-68129 – Smooth lighting doesn't work properly underwater.
  • MC-70738 – Killing guardian with lava does not give cooked fish.
  • MC-70850 – False negatives during occlusion culling.
  • MC-71530 – Spectators can't see through lava.
  • MC-73104 – Server address field editing bug.
  • MC-79888 – Beacon beam can be seen when you have blindness effect.
  • MC-80468 – Inconsistency between block names.
  • MC-84121 – Shape of glow effect is based on mob's base layer.
  • MC-85967 – Vines placed without a support block using /setblock cannot be interacted with.
  • MC-86313 – Off-hand slot sometimes doesn't play item pickup animation.
  • MC-86645 – Scroll bar goes higher than chat overlay.
  • MC-87019 – Only visible slots are updated clientside when you are inside an inventory.
  • MC-89880 – Spawner with weight 0 crashes the game.
  • MC-91522 – Shulker rendering position desync and generates ghost shulker when destroying shulker-ridden boat or minecart.
  • MC-92349 – Players cannot tempt animals with food while other players are closer to the animal.
  • MC-92867 – Setting JSON text value to null throws exceptions and crashes.
  • MC-93243 – Fog Rendering On AMD Graphics Cards & Integrated Graphics.
  • MC-96114 – Shulker can lift up mobs.
  • MC-96322 – Shulkers are unable to attack from boat.
  • MC-98219 – Experience orbs follow dead players.
  • MC-99098 – Shulker open and close hitbox is not updated, when they ride boat, minecart or mobs.
  • MC-99189 – Client overrides map data of map with id 0 when a new map is created.
  • MC-99259 – The wither health bar doesn't go up during spawn.
  • MC-99680 – Heart jittering effect doesn't take absorption into account.
  • MC-101244 – Can't scan for LAN worlds on macOS.
  • MC-102220 – Barrier Blocks are not shown when "Show Invisible Blocks" is selected in Save Structure Blocks.
  • MC-102269 – Polar bears drop raw fish instead of cooked fish when killed with fire or lava.
  • MC-103430 – Vines breaking too slow (enchanted shears).
  • MC-104897 – End crystals placed on exit portals generated before 1.9 do not respawn the ender dragon.
  • MC-105035 – Floating mineshafts generating incorrectly in shade.
  • MC-105080 – Ender Dragon is respawned if all Exit End Portal blocks are removed / legacy scanning is done for worlds with new dragon fight.
  • MC-105344 – Shulkers in boats and minecarts do not sit up if previousely attached to blocks sideways.
  • MC-106417 – Shulkers can be pushed outside of the world border by a piston.
  • MC-106613 – Shulker no longer continue close or open when it hurt in the peaceful mode.
  • MC-106690 – Servers sends SPacketMaps packets even if the map data did not change.
  • MC-108469 – Chunk-wise entity lists often don't get updated correctly (entities disappear).
  • MC-108636 – There are a number of unused texture files.
  • MC-108717 – Shulkers cannot be pushed back.
  • MC-110903 – Cannot remove horse saddle using /replaceitem.
  • MC-111196 – Using a monster spawner to spawn shulkers spawns white shulkers.
  • MC-111534 – The firework rocket use statistic doesn't count rockets used for elytra boosting.
  • MC-112147 – Lava burning items or XP orbs sound muted when "Friendly Creatures" slider is turned off.
  • MC-113177 – Shulkers cannot be pushed inside non-solid blocks.
  • MC-114796 – Overworld nether portals outside of the world border (up to ~128m from the border) are considered valid.
  • MC-117653 – Recipes and advancements are not granted while most GUIs are open.
  • MC-118757 – Increasing Game State Rain Level values make the game increasingly laggier and distorts UI.
  • MC-119051 – Random transparent line in shulker box GUI texture.
  • MC-121897 – Gaps in an animation's used frames throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException.
  • MC-123587 – Kicked from the game when reaching y levels over 30,000,000.
  • MC-124109 – Horses glitched with glowing effect.
  • MC-124667 – Air can be used in custom recipes, causing a crash.
  • MC-125675 – Seagrass placed on the ocean floor can replace ocean monument parts.
  • MC-125858 – Grass / flowers / snow / trees are placed incorrectly in Superflat World.
  • MC-126997 – Undyed shulker box still uses cauldron's water when right clicking.
  • MC-127201/replaceitem makes quite an obnoxious sound, which is not heard by the person whose items are being replaced.
  • MC-127692 – Experience build up in furnace when using a hopper which can cause severe lag.
  • MC-130098 – Debug world spawns player at y=2 instead at y=70 where all the blocks are.
  • MC-130449 – Cartographer villager freezes or crashes the game when unlocking explorer maps.
  • MC-130523 – Void World spawns you at y=0 even if you entered 64 air blocks in customization.
  • MC-130584 – When a structure loads, water sources in the structure spread into waterloggable blocks.
  • MC-131564 – Models that have locked uv in blockstates ignore texture rotation.
  • MC-133691 – Blocks cannot be placed normally on a full cauldron.
  • MC-135552 – Dead entities are saved to chunk.
  • MC-135561 – Failed to create OpenGL context on some Linux systems with Nvidia driver.
  • MC-136497 – XP orbs causing severe lag.
  • MC-136560minecraft.used:minecraft.elytra not functioning.
  • MC-136647 – Leads don't work with Squids.
  • MC-136681 – Debug Stick use statistic increases when not allowed to use it.
  • MC-136776 – Some NBT tags are not kept when fish or axolotl mobs are caught in water buckets.
  • MC-137452 – Bamboo grows in lots of inappropriate places in Bamboo Jungles.
  • MC-139265 – Shulkers do not teleport correctly when going through a portal.
  • MC-141034taiga_fisher_cottage_1 is filled with water.
  • MC-142711 – Baby turtles take damage when pushed against ceiling.
  • MC-143732 – Undead mobs that are halfway in sand blocks dont burn in daylight.
  • MC-143821 – Using an empty map in creative mode can create an additional map with ID 0.
  • MC-145501 – Librarian and zombie librarian torso top texture is incorrect.
  • MC-147589 – Vines no longer randomly generate in jungles.
  • MC-147729 – Crafting via the recipe book can delete items if picking up items while crafting.
  • MC-148071 – If you switch to a crossbow after charging another bow/crossbow, the crossbow you switched to will go weird for a second in the hotbar.
  • MC-148206 – Hand punching animation is played after eating crops while looking at a block.
  • MC-148432 – Sound spam while in water and lava at the same time.
  • MC-148758 – The loading screen is incorrect when reloading the resource packs with F3 + T.
  • MC-148809 – Structure block data length limited to 12.
  • MC-149495 – Pufferfish triggers tripwire without colliding with it upon reloading the game.
  • MC-149777 – Crash when loading world: java.util.ConcurrentModificationException when using Java 11 or above.
  • MC-149799 – When a crossbow is loaded and in the offhand, you do not see it anymore if you carry an item in the main hand.
  • MC-150054 – Spectral arrow texture on item and entity aren't consistent.
  • MC-150784 – Brewing Stand bottle outline incorrect.
  • MC-151270 – Teleporting an entity from another dimension can cause UUID duplication in entity sections.
  • MC-152265 – Starting server outputs "unable to resolve BlockEntity for ItemStack" errors.
  • MC-153254 – Baby zombies/piglins take damage when pushed against ceiling by bubble columns.
  • MC-154006 – Overworld wood signs use the outdated wood texture on all sides.
  • MC-154094 – Lectern running /clear turns items into ghost items.
  • MC-155043 – Game output/log gets spammed with Fetching packet for removed entity ... warnings.
  • MC-156109 – Turtles do not follow players in Creative mode holding seagrass.
  • MC-157116 – Food that are plantable counts towards using when right click on the ground.
  • MC-158466 – Server Crash (Exception ticking world: ConcurrentModificationException).
  • MC-160195 – Jungle door inventory texture is outdated.
  • MC-160388 – Painting back texture has not been updated with the texture update.
  • MC-160994 – Blocks broken by pistons do not display breaking particles.
  • MC-161334 – Shulker boxes cannot be opened if next to a shulker mob.
  • MC-161592 – Entities lose their scores when switching dimensions.
  • MC-162910 – Additional map is created when using an empty map in Creative in a newly created world.
  • MC-162953NativeImage bounds checks are incorrect.
  • MC-163673 – Baby husks, piglins, zombies, zombie villagers, and zombified piglins take damage when jumping into a space with a solid block above it.
  • MC-163945 – Intersecting structures can create corrupted block entities (spawner / chest).
  • MC-165208 – Text and other UI elements are completely black when being affected by night vision and the void/blindness simultaneously.
  • MC-165846 – Pufferfish can take suffocation damage when bloating.
  • MC-165924 – Snow particles render darker / almost transparent if the block light level is 7 or more.
  • MC-166187 – Some mobs still try to hit players in Peaceful.
  • MC-167853 – Observer doesn't detect when a grass block changes to dirt if a tree grows on top.
  • MC-167977 – Podzol generated from giant spruce trees is not snowy if it has snow above it.
  • MC-168398 – Guardian beam is darker.
  • MC-168900 – Shulkers teleport with original dimension coordinates after passing through portals.
  • MC-169717 – Blocks in recipe book groups are rendered in front of item tooltips.
  • MC-169900 – Incorrect jigsaw setting in snowy_small_house_8.
  • MC-169945 – Skeletons do not burn in minecarts while being exposed to daylight.
  • MC-170443 – Banner copying recipe ignores existence of other items in crafting grid.
  • MC-170653 – Fireworks fired from a dispenser get stuck in the air when removing the block they crashed into.
  • MC-170659 – Loss of precision in entity_scores conditions.
  • MC-171229 – Loading animation not displaying correctly after optimizing world.
  • MC-171852 – Putting item in a spectator's hand plays sound "Gear equips" for other players.
  • MC-172304 – Piglins, piglin brutes, hoglins, zoglins and axolotls can attack their own teammates.
  • MC-172362 – Lava item burning sound does not play sometimes.
  • MC-172466 – Entities misaligning when growing up.
  • MC-173745 – Lower part of end gateway block beam renders incorrectly.
  • MC-173834 – Glowing damaged iron golem outline shows cracks.
  • MC-174216 – Shulkers riding a vehicle sometimes appear in the ground after reopening world.
  • MC-174685 – Drowned arm texture is reversed by the model.
  • MC-174701 – Leash knot sound effect plays when loading singleplayer world.
  • MC-174876 – Shulker spawn egg spawns shulker inside soul sand, snow layers, farmland, grass path and honey block.
  • MC-175959 – One door is open in taiga_shepherds_house_1.
  • MC-175964 – Setblock command run by book in lectern to clear inventory run in command block causes ghost items.
  • MC-176614 – Swimming and doing certain actions make the player look very odd/does not have animations for swimming + doing certain actions.
  • MC-176615 – It is possible to destroy netherite items with lava by putting them inside a container.
  • MC-177539 – When flattening a grass block into a path immediately after the grass block grows from dirt, the shovel sound doesn't play.
  • MC-177622 – One log in taiga_butcher_shop_1 seems to be misrotated - causing the side roof to look asymmetrical.
  • MC-177624 – Entrance in snowy_medium_house_2 is asymmetrical.
  • MC-177630 – Infested Stone blocks are mined instantly with Silk Touch.
  • MC-179116 – Burning item sound ignores lava hitbox level.
  • MC-180529 – TrueType fonts crash on Intel Graphics.
  • MC-181889 – Equipping sound plays when mobs picking up non-armor items.
  • MC-182455 – Entity shadow texture glitching with resource pack.
  • MC-182954 – "block.minecraft.banner.base.<color>" displays raw translation string (is untranslated).
  • MC-183067 – Shulkers can push marker armour stands.
  • MC-183540 – Ancient debris is not grouped together with other ores in the Creative inventory.
  • MC-183547 – Stone and polished blackstone buttons/pressure plates are located at opposite ends of the spectrum of buttons in the Creative inventory despite being identical in behavior.
  • MC-183771 – Gamemode switcher icons in the F3+F4 menu are not centered.
  • MC-183884 – Shulkers are afraid of being next to another shulker.
  • MC-183917 – Min and max are both required in entity_scores condition.
  • MC-185357 – Removing a plant from a flower pot still plays generic armor equipping sound/shows Gear equips in subtitles.
  • MC-185359 – Using a bucket in Survival mode still plays generic armor equipping sound/shows Gear equips in subtitles.
  • MC-185360 – Milking a mooshroom for stew still plays armor equip sound/shows Gear equips subtitle.
  • MC-185605 – Kelp generates on top of magma blocks.
  • MC-186172 – Shulkers open into blocks when unable to teleport.
  • MC-186864 – Leather armour can appear white.
  • MC-186879 – Standing in fire and water spams the extinguish sound.
  • MC-187544 – 'Cover Me With Diamonds' advancement improperly capitalized.
  • MC-187664 – World border uses float to determine its size, making some border sizes inaccessible, and cannot be set to 30 million or beyond.
  • MC-188044 – Using a banner on a filled cauldron plays hand animation.
  • MC-188448 – Food pops off of campfire when extinguished.
  • MC-189336⇧ Shifting around servers in the server list crashes the game (ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException).
  • MC-189482 – LAN World screen buttons are selected in the wrong order when using Tab ↹.
  • MC-189535 – Catching a fish in a bucket on creative mode doesn't give player new bucket.
  • MC-189565 – Some entities do not render inside of spawners and producing error log spam in console, potentially causing lag.
  • MC-189885 – New byte previousGamemode is read incorrectly.
  • MC-189888 – When the window size is changed on the main menu, a white flash appears.
  • MC-190128 – Using a flint and steel to ingite TNT is not tracked by the in-game stats.
  • MC-190454 – Desync when a player rides a horse riding another mob, and that mob dies.
  • MC-190677 – Shulkers are notaligned to the grid for a split second after being spawned in.
  • MC-190774 – Stonecutter saw spins both ways simultaneously.
  • MC-190896 – Lag when opening a shipwreck chest containing buried treasure map.
  • MC-190952 – Apostrophe in "Developers of Mo' Creatures" heading is inconsistent with other apostrophes in credits.
  • MC-191338 – Name color for Minecart with Command Block is incorrect.
  • MC-191714 – Player is dismounted when standing on farmland while riding a horse/boat while the farmland turns to dirt, causing a desync.
  • MC-192591 – Name color for Structure Void is incorrect.
  • MC-192594plains_stable_1 misplaced blocks.
  • MC-192629plains_stable_2 misplaced blocks.
  • MC-192876 – Misplaced trapdoor on taiga_decoration_6.
  • MC-192879 – Wall incorrectly placed on certain taiga houses.
  • MC-192889 – When placing certain heads or putting them in entities' head slot the game stutters.
  • MC-192930 – Zombies picking up items play the gear equipping sound and subtitle.
  • MC-193071 – Eating food items that return empty containers still play gear equipping sound.
  • MC-193386 – Shulkers spawned attached to the groud attaches themselves to a wall after another shulker is spawned.
  • MC-194089 – Shulkers at some Y positions refuse to get a Peek value.
  • MC-194183 – Some experience points do not go towards Mending repair, even if the Mending gear is not fully repaired.
  • MC-194675 – While spectating a creeper, enderman, spider or cave spider, UI elements are rendered completely white.
  • MC-194685 – Collecting water from cauldrons with glass bottles in Creative mode is still inconsistent.
  • MC-194686 – Collecting water from cauldrons with buckets in Creative mode is still inconsistent.
  • MC-195125plains_animal_pen_1 misplaced block.
  • MC-195126plains_animal_pen_3 misplaced blocks.
  • MC-195351 – Comparator in compare mode can schedule unneeded tileticks.
  • MC-195461 – The upper part of potted cactus/bamboo texture is not visible if there is a half block above it.
  • MC-195640 – Suspicious stew inedible with full hunger.
  • MC-195806 – Smoker's top and bottom textures have inconsistently colored pixels.
  • MC-195827datapackFailure.title line in en_us.json file has double spaces between the translation string and the equivalent text.
  • MC-196298 – Arrows fired into the side of bamboo or pointed dripstone never despawn.
  • MC-196425 – "Off" is not completely capitalized for the Distortion Effects and FOV Effects sliders, which is inconsistent with other sliders.
  • MC-196500 – Banners are rendered too bright in the inventory.
  • MC-196542 – Small cleanup for skylight propagation code.
  • MC-196638 – Placing an armor stand logs warning "Trying to add entity with duplicated UUID".
  • MC-197009 – Referencing empty item tag in recipe can crash client.
  • MC-197073 – Turtles laying eggs on red sand produce normal sand particles.
  • MC-197140 – Jack o'lantern does not come after carved pumpkin in Creative inventory.
  • MC-197179 – Baby piglins that pick up leather do not despawn, cluttering the Nether with unnecessary baby piglins.
  • MC-197276 – Pufferfish gives Poison IV instead of II.
  • MC-197328 – Entities sometimes don't render behind the water surface on Fast or Fancy graphics.
  • MC-197524 – Border chunks do not enforce neighbors to be loaded, causing light updates to get stuck.
  • MC-197561 – Carved pumpkins and jack o'lanterns create swastikas.
  • MC-197616 – Certain custom biome settings cause game to spam "Received invalid biome id: -1" in the console, causing major lag or freeze.
  • MC-197805 – Minecraft crashes every time when attempt to craft something (caused by BungeeCord or Paper).
  • MC-197883 – Jigsaw Structures causing DataFixer spam.
  • MC-197942 – Leaves change to stone near Lava Pool (Recurrence of MC-48340).
  • MC-197947 – Creative mode player constantly gets extinguished while standing in constant fire in rain, making constant sound.
  • MC-198129ReplaceBlobsFeature changed from 1.16.1 to 1.16.2, affecting Basalt Delta generation.
  • MC-198200 – Crash when leaving out processors in a template pool: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: bound must be positive.
  • MC-198414 – If the angle in /spawnpoint is set to ±infinity, and the player dies, it will kick the player, and upon rejoin will crash the game.
  • MC-198432 – Pufferfish phases through blocks after reloading world.
  • MC-198514 – Creating a superflat world with nothing but air crashes the game.
  • MC-198535time_check predicate condition requires both min and max value.
  • MC-198725 – Crash when clicking "Presets" after setting the superflat preset with a non-existent biome.
  • MC-198805 – Floating pixel in the tailfin of a guardian/elder guardian.
  • MC-198807 – Making piglins and piglin brutes angry at certain entities (like dropped items) crashes the game.
  • MC-198864 – World border does not render below y0 / above y255.
  • MC-198957 – End Portal Frames change to Stone near Lava Pool.
  • MC-199065 – Zombies that die while on fire do not drop baked potatoes.
  • MC-199237 – Back of ladder is incorrectly mirrored.
  • MC-199239 – Vines appear incorrectly mirrored when viewed from behind.
  • MC-199242 – Texture planes of crop models appear incorrectly mirrored from behind.
  • MC-199356 – chatDelay in options.txt has a space between the colon and the value.
  • MC-199543 – Parity issue: Vine sounds.
  • MC-199702 – "netherrack_replace_blobs" of large size can cause inconsistent generation.
  • MC-199988 – When accessing a UI of a structure block from /setblock the texture changes from data to save.
  • MC-200001 – Holding a loaded crossbow in offhand and using a mainhand item inconsistently combines animation in third person.
  • MC-200009 – Crash when using a non-mushroom block in a huge mushroom feature's cap.
  • MC-200195 – Boats do not try dismounting the player on land.
  • MC-200696 – Clock's texture does not match the new gold color pallete.
  • MC-200906 – Pufferfish hitbox incorrect when reloading world.
  • MC-201269 – Constantly teleporting player to a phantom crashes the game/kicks the player.
  • MC-201316 – The /give command can create so many items that the game will freeze.
  • MC-201748 – Chain model planes are incorrectly mirrored on the rear.
  • MC-201751 – Chain section on lanterns is incorrectly mirrored from behind.
  • MC-201753 – Sea pickle green top sections do not render correctly from behind.
  • MC-201840 – Optional function tags sometimes don't run even when the tag exists.
  • MC-202186 – Houses in Zombie Villages disappear when spawned using /locate.
  • MC-202202 – Servers are unable to prevent a player from dismounting a vehicle, causing a desync.
  • MC-202246 – Drowned navigation causes memory leak/performance degredation.
  • MC-202249 – Angering passive mobs in new nether chunks very far away from previously generated chunks, then entering a nether portal causes server to completely freeze.
  • MC-202543 – Ancient debris comes after netherite block in creative inventory.
  • MC-202760area_effect_cloud does not enforce a maximum radius.
  • MC-203131 – Setting the weight in Template Pool to high values will lag world and can cause out of memory error.
  • MC-203300 – Nether Gold Ore is not grouped with Nether Quartz Ore in creative inventory.
  • MC-203373 – Shulker bullet subtitles are not capitalized correctly.
  • MC-203374 – Falling blocks broken by shulkers have a strong directional bias.
  • MC-203397 – Ceiling vines rotate when other vines are placed in the same block space.
  • MC-205477 – Occasional desync when trying to enter/exit a boat while the server is lagging.
  • MC-205735 – Baby cows can suffocate on stairs.
  • MC-205797 – Zoglins attack Marker armor stands and Invisible armor stands.
  • MC-206560 – Pufferfish react to Marker armor stands and Invisible armor stands.
  • MC-207125 – Loaded crossbow in offhand does not show breaking block hand animation.
  • MC-207173 – Entering only colons into the multiplayer "Direct Connection" menu and pressing ↵ Enter crashes the game.
  • MC-207324 – Mobs and particles sometimes don't fully render behind stained or tinted glass.
  • MC-207405 – Nether stars can be blown up while being inside of a bundle/shulker box.
  • MC-208082 – Game stalls when any message is displayed in chat while playing with an expired session.
  • MC-208430 – Minecraft crashes when loading resource pack due to "tessellating block model".
  • MC-208639 – Chiseled Blackstone Recipe unlocks when you get polished blackstone, not polished blackstone slab.
  • MC-208745 – Explorer maps & filled maps turn blank after entering the nether or end.
  • MC-209361 – Game crashes upon instantly click-replacing the block underneath a bamboo sapling with another bamboo.
  • MC-209625 – Baby llamas suffocate when below a solid block while standing on top of a carpet.
  • MC-209819 – Server crash when pathfinding to player that is teleporting away.
  • MC-210408/spawnpoint allows players to set their spawnpoint to out-of-bounds coordinates, which crashes the game when trying to respawn.
  • MC-210791 – Dropping an item on a shulker launches the item off.
  • MC-211064 – Loading in a TrueTypeFont with an out-of-bounds size crashes the game.
  • MC-211513 – Trident returning to owner not in the same world can cause permanent player kick.
  • MC-212123 – Player lighting is inconsistent in the inventory and appears darker on the front.
  • MC-212168Ctrl + Pick Block does not copy block state "lit".
  • MC-212291 – Client can dismount vehicles independently from the server, causing a de-sync.
  • MC-212449 – Fish/(glow) squid spawned using /summon dry out instantly.
  • MC-212736 – Some world border faces are rendered mirrored, resulting in incorrect corners.
  • MC-213062 – A ruined portal generated in an end portal.
  • MC-214568 – Setting a lectern on fire causes z-fighting.
  • MC-214589 – End gateway exit portals can be set to high coordinates, kicking the player.
  • MC-214629 – FOV decreases when underwater regardless of FOV Effects accessibility setting.
  • MC-214693 – Tripwire texture is not mirrored correctly from behind.
  • MC-214694 – Tripwire which is part of a tripwire hook is not mirrored correctly from behind.
  • MC-214879 – Selecting nothing and pressing Ctrl + C clears clipboard.
  • MC-215534 – Spectating a mob with a shader whilst having a carved pumpkin equipped turns the screen completely white.
  • MC-216227 – Sugar cane item texture is no longer accurate from 13w36a forward.
  • MC-216510 – The world border red effect, affects the brightness of a mob's shader.
  • MC-218023 – Netherite blocks are not grouped with iron and gold blocks in the Creative inventory.
  • MC-218112SynchedEntityData is using locks incorrectly.
  • MC-218888⇧ Shift Clicking items into inventory prevents the relevant advancement from triggering.
  • MC-218972 – The glowing effect outline omits parts of entities if the entity is invisible.
  • MC-220335 – Beacon beam is not affected by water fog.
  • MC-220694 – Name color for knowledge book is incorrect.
  • MC-220698 – The ExplosionPower of ghast fireballs is uncapped, causing a freeze / crash.
  • MC-222189 – Piston lag escalates massively with the total tile entity count.
  • MC-223227 – Floating water caves in caves under the ocean.
  • MC-223322 – Chorus flowers can be broken with projectiles in spawn protection.
  • MC-223552 – Credits not alphabetically ordered.
  • MC-223558minecraft.used:minecraft.glass_bottle doesn't increase when taking water from a cauldron using a glass bottle.
  • MC-223563minecraft.used:minecraft.glass_bottle doesn't increase when collecting honey from a beehive or bee nest.
  • MC-223602 – Glowing translucent entities often don't merge their outlines with other glowing entities.
  • MC-223638minecraft.used:minecraft.shears doesn't increase when carving a pumpkin.
  • MC-223639minecraft.used:minecraft.shears doesn't increase when collecting honeycombs from a beehive or bee nest.
  • MC-223755minecraft.used:minecraft.water_bucket doesn't increase when filling a cauldron with a water bucket.
  • MC-224778 – Game crashes when there is a block with no facing block state in #wall_corals and a warm ocean tries to generate.
  • MC-225077 – Vines can spread upward to non-full blocks.
  • MC-225815 – A spawner has been replaced from a block of Stone.
Private issues
  • MC-136551 – Servers able to bypass EULA blacklist.[20]
  • MC-213869 – Exploit related to experience.
  • MC-224580 – Duplication exploit with dolphins.
  • MC-225360 – Cannot resolve SRV records: unknown host.
  • Improved desync issues when exiting a boat over a high latency connection.[21]
  • Fixed crashes.[21]
  • 2 private issues were fixed.[22]


Videos made by slicedlime:


  • This update hosts the largest addition of new blocks into the Java Edition of the game, adding a total of 103 (not counting light blocks by its sixteen different block states). This surpasses 1.16, which added 74 different block variants.
  • Out of all first-of-the-week snapshots for 1.17, no snapshot was delayed (or released early).


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