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Minecraft 1.16 Pre-release 8
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June 17, 2020

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1.16 Pre-release 8 (known as 1.16-pre8 in the launcher) is the eighth and final pre-release for Java Edition 1.16, released on June 17, 2020,[1] which fixes some bugs.


26 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.16
  • MC-77176 – When retracted by sticky piston, activated detector rails do not update their orientation.
  • MC-77820 – Ender dragon death light glitch/bug.
  • MC-82995 – Blocking with two shields in 3rd person mode.
  • MC-114030 – Structure blocks take and apply NBT data of entities and tile entities directly instead of a copy when loading and saving structures.
  • MC-127971 – Trying to throw a trident while having a shield or bow equipped will make the trident appear backwards in your hand.
  • MC-147625 – Ender dragon tries to regenerate from destroyed ender crystals.
  • MC-149799 – When a crossbow is loaded and in the offhand, you do not see it anymore if you carry an item in the main hand.
  • MC-153483 – When swapping tridents between hands the trident being held does not swap visually, it just flips backwards.
  • MC-159820 – 3rd person reverse trident bug.
  • MC-177873 – Trident and shield holding model is activated as you use an item with a right click function in another hand.
  • MC-178572 – Using a shield triggers model for other poses if respective item is held in the other hand.
  • MC-179309 – Trident animates backwards while eating.
From the 1.16 development versions
  • MC-185282 – Debug worlds start generating normal Overworld terrain after reentering world.
  • MC-187953 – Adding items to #minecraft:small_flowers item tag and feeding them to brown mooshrooms crashes the game.
  • MC-188746 – Not selecting a biome for the Floating Islands world type generates an empty world.
  • MC-188859 – Incorrect throwing animation for tridents.
  • MC-189007 – When entering or leaving swimming mode both arms now move in parallel instead of symmetrically.
  • MC-189782 – Large ferns only drop one small fern when harvested.
  • MC-189858 – Leads can disappear when transporting a mob through a Nether portal.
  • MC-189937 – Saddled pigs accumulate speed when ridden in water.
  • MC-189970 – Selected worlds using keyboard nav does not enable world-specific options such as Play, Edit, Delete, and Re-Create.
  • MC-189973ClassCastException when bee with passenger flies through village at night.
  • MC-190005 – Piglins can spawn with gear with too many enchantments, including multiple enchantments of the same type.
  • MC-190036 – Passive mobs do not spawn in the Floating Islands world type.
From the previous development version
  • MC-190124 – Grass decays too quickly when covered in water.
  • MC-190166 – Game crashes when burning a tree in a custom dimension: java.lang.NullPointerException: Exception while ticking.


Video made by slicedlime:


In the launcher the introduction of this version’s patch note is “Squish, squash is the sound bugs make when you squish them. Or was it squash them? Anyway, here’s pre-release 8 with more bug fixes.”


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