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Minecraft 1.16 Pre-release 7
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Java Edition



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June 16, 2020

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1.16 Pre-release 7 (known as 1.16-pre7 in the launcher) is the seventh pre-release for Java Edition 1.16, released on June 16, 2020,[1] which fixes some bugs.



  • Many new characters have been added.
    • These are the added characters: ´¨ᴀʙᴄᴅᴇꜰɢʜᴊᴋʟᴍɴᴏᴘꞯʀꜱᴛᴜᴠᴡʏᴢ§ɱɳɲʈɖɡʡɕʑɸʝʢɻʁɦʋɰɬɮʘǀǃǂǁɓɗᶑʄɠʛɧɫɨʉʊɘɵɤɜɞɑɒɚɝƁƉƑƩƲႠႡႢႣႤႥႦႧႨႩႪႫႬႭႮႯႰႱႲႳႴႵႶႷႸႹႺႻႼႽႾႿჀჁჂჃჄჅჇჍაბგდევზთიკლმნოპჟრსტუფქღყშჩცძწჭხჯჰჱჲჳჴჵჶჷჸჹჺ჻ჼჽჾჿתּשׂפֿפּכּײַיִוֹוּבֿבּꜧꜦɺⱱʠʗʖɭɷɿʅʆʓʚ₪₾֊ⴀⴁⴂⴃⴄⴅⴆⴡⴇⴈⴉⴊⴋⴌⴢⴍⴎⴏⴐⴑⴒⴣⴓⴔⴕⴖⴗⴘⴙⴚⴛⴜⴝⴞⴤⴟⴠⴥ⅛⅜⅝⅞⅓⅔✉☂☔☄⛄☃⌛⌚⚐✎❣♤♧♡♢⛈☰☱☳☴☶☷↔⇒⇏⇔⇵∀∃∄∉∋∌⊂⊃⊄⊅∧∨⊻⊼⊽∥≢⋆∑⊤⊥⊢⊨≔∁∴∵∛∜∂⋃⊆⊇□△▷▽◁◆◇○◎☆★✘₀₁₂₃₄₅₆₇₈₉₊₋₌₍₎∫∮∝⌀⌂⌘〒ɼƄƅẟȽƚƛȠƞƟƧƨƪƸƹƻƼƽƾȡȴȵȶȺⱥȻȼɆɇȾⱦɁɂɃɄɈɉɊɋɌɍɎɏẜẝỼỽỾỿꞨꞩ𐌰𐌱𐌲𐌳𐌴𐌵𐌶𐌷𐌸𐌹𐌺𐌻𐌼𐌽𐌾𐌿𐍀𐍁𐍂𐍃𐍄𐍅𐍆𐍇𐍈𐍉𐍊🌧🔥🌊
    • Includes several remaining Latin and Armenian-language ligatures[2] and the Georgian alphabet.



  • Each leg can now be textured individually.
  • The textures of the legs on the model are now mirrored.

World generation[]

Soul sand valleys
  • Skeletons now have a weight of 20 instead of 10.
  • The biome has a total spawning energy of 0.7 instead of 1.0.


25 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.16
  • MC-30814 – Chat text is too close together.
  • MC-60933 – Creative: player is sporadically and momentarily lit on fire.
  • MC-144107 – Miscalculation of camera position in windowed mode on Linux.
  • MC-156442 – Some Latin and Armenian ligatures are not included in the Minecraft font.
  • MC-167432Ctrl + middle-click on lectern does not copy written book.
  • MC-169319 – Letters ä, ë, ï, ö, ü, ÿ are included in the default font, but the alone umlaut/diaeresis (¨) is not.
From the 1.16 development versions
  • MC-176447 – Strider left and right legs use the same texture.
  • MC-180283 – Inconsistent font json file structure.
  • MC-180467 – The world border is no longer fully solid.
  • MC-183673 – Skeletons do not spawn frequently in soul sand valley.
  • MC-185126 – Unable to jump one block high from flowing lava that has level 3 or lower.
  • MC-186228 – Zombified piglins' sleeve layers are not held upwards like their arms.
  • MC-188552 – Zombified piglins drop less XP than before.
  • MC-188838 – Heads and skulls on a wall cause z-fighting.
  • MC-189824 – Overworld/general gameplay music can play in the nether in creative mode.
  • MC-189846 – Turtle eggs hatching broken, game checking for sand one block too deep.
From the previous development version
  • MC-189856 – Unable to set nether portal block with /setblock or /fill.
  • MC-189867 – Cannot use /setblock and /fill to place blocks in positions they cannot normally be in.
  • MC-189868 – Player gets set on fire and extinguished continuously when standing in fire in creative mode.
  • MC-189895 – Redstone in jungle temple/pyramid no longer connects to blocks and redstone components properly.
  • MC-189903 – Turtle home beach detection looking one block too deep.
  • MC-189905 – The player can get stuck inside of the world border.
  • MC-189968 – Mobs suffocate when touching the world border.
  • MC-189971 – Clicking the "Take me back" button causes translucent blocks to stop rendering.
  • MC-190010 – The game crashes when using a mouse button to swap item in hands while inside of an inventory but not hovering over a slot.


Video made by slicedlime:


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