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June 10, 2020

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1.16 Pre-release 3 (known as 1.16-pre3 in the launcher) is the third pre-release for Java Edition 1.16, released on June 10, 2020,[1] which makes a few minor changes and fixes many bugs.



Loot tables


  • Added infiniburn_overworld block tag.
    • Contains netherrack and magma blocks.
    • Fire will burn infinitely on blocks in this tag in the overworld.
  • Added infiniburn_nether block tag.
    • Contains the #infiniburn_overworld block tag.
    • Fire will burn infinitely on blocks in this tag in the nether.
  • Added infiniburn_end block tag.
    • Contains the #infiniburn_overworld block tag as well as bedrock.
    • Fire will burn infinitely on blocks in this tag in the end.



  • Visibility under lava is now slightly better when under the effect of Fire Resistance.
  • The back texture while powered on has been changed.
Potted cactus
  • Top face now uses the top texture of cactus, rather than the side texture.
  • Now no longer contains dirt.
  • Changed the capitalization of "Edit sign message" to "Edit Sign Message" in the sign GUI.


  • Can now be composted.


  • Will now be angered if they hear a player breaking a chest or block of gold (or similar), even when out of their line of sight.
  • No longer have unique helmet textures.
  • Are now more common.
Zombified piglins
  • Will now drop experience orbs and rare drops if killed by entity while in angered state.[2]

World generation[]

Bastion remnants
  • A few sub-structures that would not generate previously now generate.
    • This includes bastion/hoglin_stable/large_stables/inner_4, and bastion/hoglin_stable/large_stables/outer_4.
  • A few unused sub-structures have been removed.
    • This includes bastion/hoglin_stable/stairs/stairs_0_mirrored, bastion/hoglin_stable/stairs/stairs_2, and bastion/hoglin_stable/stairs/stairs_3.
  • Removed the emerald block from bastion/treasure/big_air_full.
Nether fortresses
  • Are now slightly more common.


  • The advancement "Oh Shiny" no longer unlocks if the distracted piglin is a baby. The advancement also does not unlock if the player uses gold nuggets, since they were removed from the piglin_loved item tag.
Debug messages
  • Changed the description of the F3+N shortcut in the F3+Q output from "F3 + N = Cycle creative <-> spectator" to "F3 + N = Cycle previous gamemode <-> spectator".
Dual wield
  • Item can be swapped into the off-hand from any open inventory, instead from only the hotbar.


  • Changed the capitalization of "Click to copy to Clipboard" to "Click to Copy to Clipboard".
  • Updated the credits.
  • The neutral mob NBT tag AngryAt is now used when the mob is angry at any entity, not just players.
  • The localization key for the offhand keybinding was changed from key.swapHands to key.swapOffhand.
  • Changed the description of fancy graphics to "'Fancy' graphics balances performance and quality for the majority of machines. [New line] Weather, clouds and particles may not appear behind translucent blocks or water."
    • Was previously "'Fancy' graphics balances performance and quality for the majority of machines."
  • Changed the description of fabulous graphics to "'Fabulous' graphics uses screen shaders for drawing weather, clouds and particles behind translucent blocks and water. [New line] This may severely impact performance for portable devices and 4K displays."
    • Was previously "'Fabulous' graphics enables screen shaders to draw translucent objects per-pixel. [New line] This may severely impact performance for portable devices and 4k displays."
  • Changed the description of the offhand swap key in the controls section from "Swap Item In Hands" to "Swap Item With Offhand".
Region files
  • Region files are now only opened in synchronous mode on Windows, not on other operating systems. Status of this feature can be manually controlled by following options:
    • For dedicated servers: sync-chunk-writes within server.properties.
    • For clients: syncChunkWrites within options.txt.
  • The splash "Sexy!" was changed to "Moderately attractive!"
    • At the time of this snapshot's release, this change had no effect as the splashes relating to the COVID-19 pandemic were still in place.
  • Removed gold nuggets from the piglin_loved item tag.
  • The sand block tag is now used to determine whether turtle eggs can hatch on a block.
World creation
  • The game will now attempt to recover worlds broken in 1.16-pre1.
  • A loading screen is now displayed while the game is reading world data for loading, creating or re-creating a world.
  • Gamerule descriptions now span multiple lines if needed on the game rules screen.
  • Changed the capitalization of some strings.
    • "Create backup and load" was changed to "Create Backup and Load".
    • "Safe mode" was changed to "Safe Mode".
    • "Edit game rules" was changed to "Edit Game Rules".
    • "Import settings" was changed to "Import Settings".
    • "Floating islands" was changed to "Floating Islands".
    • "Go back" was changed to "Go Back".
    • "Reset to default" was changed to "Reset to Default".


130 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.16
  • MC-13823 – Leads are incorrectly positioned on certain entities.
  • MC-14680 – Lead is shifted upwards or downwards based on leashed entity height.
  • MC-27535 – Mobs can sometimes still despawn, even if named with a name tag.
  • MC-84610 – Off-hand hotkey does not work in inventories.
  • MC-103462 – Some translucent parts of entities are rendered behind translucent blocks, block entities and some entities (depending on loading order).
  • MC-131286 – Attack will use right hand instead of left hand when swimming (main hand: left).
  • MC-134608 – Certain spawner tag conditions induce game crash.
  • MC-139313 – Ascending and descending simultaneously in lava while flying in Creative mode causes the player to float upwards.
  • MC-139361 – Skull model positioned out of bounding.
  • MC-143473 – Teleporting a mob while it is pathfinding will make it navigate back to where it was originally going.
  • MC-152157 – "Marie Stålkrantz" is not the right color in game credits.
  • MC-159371 – Leads are incorrectly positioned on bees.
  • MC-159502 – Bees do not avoid water; killing themselves.
  • MC-160520 – Bees' wandering AI tries to go through three-way corners.
  • MC-163254 – Block entities, transparent blocks, water, and clouds always render in front of lightning.
  • MC-163921 – Placing a block while looking at redstone ore plays no sound.
  • MC-166346 – Transparent blocks do not render properly with tripwire above.
  • MC-167043 – Enchantment glint only applies to the handle of shields with banners.
  • MC-169008 – Using end portal in the nether teleports the player to the end, but at the same coordinates the player was in the nether.
  • MC-171618 – Players wearing armor take less damage from burning when standing in fire under certain conditions.
  • MC-171969 – Fall damage is negated when stepping up after falling.
  • MC-177712 – Nether portal blocks do not have loot tables.
  • MC-182076 – Horse jumping sound is unused.
  • MC-182249 – Problems with potted_cactus.json block model file.
  • MC-185616 – Turtle eggs cannot hatch on red sand.
  • MC-185949 – Copy "C" in "Click to Copy to Clipboard" is not capitalized.
  • MC-186353 – The "s" and "m" in "Edit sign message" are uncapitalized.
From the 1.16 development versions
  • MC-171810 – Some Mojang employees are not mentioned in the credits.
  • MC-172053 – Nether particles get stuck on the bottom of blocks.
  • MC-172105 – When a piglin is dancing, targeting or looking at an item, the chestplate the piglin is wearing does not adjust to the piglin's pose.
  • MC-172110 – Texture of turtle shells is missing when worn by a piglin or zombified piglin.
  • MC-172871 – Unable to spawn wither in horizontal arrangement below y level 2.
  • MC-173310 – Observer powered texture does not match unpowered.
  • MC-173404 – Desync when mounting an entity while sneaking.
  • MC-173825 – Bats break turtle eggs.
  • MC-176094 – Baby zombified piglin chicken jockeys can spawn riding striders.
  • MC-177336 – "Failed to access level" when opening a world from a CIFS mount on Ubuntu.
  • MC-177530 – The new minecraft:attributes registry is plural, while all the others are singular.
  • MC-177542 – Chunk loading and saving is extremely slow when sync-chunk-writes=true.
  • MC-177626 – Spruce generation is broken.
  • MC-177694 – Zombified piglin spawn egg is placed before zombie villager spawn egg in the Creative inventory.
  • MC-177795 – Overworld music can start playing in the Nether in Survival.
  • MC-177863 – Shroomlights cannot be composted.
  • MC-177876 – Striders are now much rarer.
  • MC-178010 – Lena Raine does not appear in credits.
  • MC-178338 – Striders only get warm when lava touches their legs.
  • MC-179140 – Sea guardians have an odd swimming behavior.
  • MC-180603 – Wrong structures are generated in Superflat worlds.
  • MC-181630 – Advancement trigger minecraft:tick does not support standard player predicate.
  • MC-181813 – Edit "g"ame "r"ules are not capitalized in the "Game Rules" menu title.
  • MC-181884 – Falling quickly/flying with elytra/swimming with Riptide trident and throwing a projectile will cause it to hit the player.
  • MC-182766 – Recipe book search function does not work if recipe book was not open before.
  • MC-182825 – Mob name colors still don't work with translation/keybind components.
  • MC-182909Esc from Customized World's biome selection screen kicks the player back to the main menu.
  • MC-183018 – When sneaking while flying underwater in creative, the player exits flying mode after a few seconds.
  • MC-183402 – Tutorial does not advance when breaking nether tree.
  • MC-183554 – Ruined portals generated in lava lakes unnaturally displace lava, resulting in weird borders.
  • MC-183588 – Stray emerald block in structure bastion/treasure/big_air_full.
  • MC-183594 – The 5th large inner and outer hoglin stables do not generate in bastions.
  • MC-183599 – Some hoglin stable stair structures do not generate.
  • MC-183762 – Description of F3+N in help menu still describes the old functionality.
  • MC-183809 – Large oak trees replace blocks.
  • MC-183880 – Distracting baby piglins with gold grants the "Oh Shiny" advancement.
  • MC-183915 – Wall heads and skulls are slightly offset from block selection outline.
  • MC-183931 – Nether fortress mobs no longer spawn in extended bounding box.
  • MC-183933show_text in /tellraw's hoverEvents do not work for components that need resolving (nbt, score, selector).
  • MC-184093 – Using an End gateway teleports the player half a block too high.
  • MC-184250 – Font of the enchantments displayed in the enchanting table is italic.
  • MC-184608 – "Unknown biome, defaulting to plains" error upon launching the game.
  • MC-184612 – "Import Settings" "s" is not capitalized.
  • MC-184653 – [Crash] java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: value already present: – Game crashes when worldgen dimension type presets are not unique.
  • MC-184675 – Superflat void preset does not have a starting platform again.
  • MC-184699/spreadplayers under does not prevent invalid values.
  • MC-184723 – The "i" in "World Type: Floating islands" is not capitalized.
  • MC-184757 – [Crash] java.lang.NullPointerException: Ticking memory connection on loading a dimension with debug chunk generator.
  • MC-184887 – The player can spawn in the bedrock ceiling of a Caves world.
  • MC-184900 – Newline in /tellraw adds a space at the beginning of the new line.
  • MC-184948 – Swapping json data for dimensions via custom world breaks portals.
  • MC-184984 – Game crashes after generating multiple worlds in succession.
  • MC-185004 – [Crash] java.lang.NullPointerException – Crash on entering End/Nether portal when dimension is removed in worldgen settings.
  • MC-185164 – Bottom half of icebergs always generate at y=62 regardless of sea_level.
  • MC-185285 – Entering the end or the nether after creating and reentering a debug world crashes the game.
  • MC-185299 – Villagers cannot be summoned with a specific type unless the player also specifies a profession.
  • MC-185363sync-chunk-writes often takes over a minute to close a world.
  • MC-185417 – Maps reset on upgrade.
  • MC-186084 – Piglin head and torso floats and detaches during celebration dance.
  • MC-186085 – Player is unable to interact with the world after dismounting a boat while it is moving.
  • MC-186091 – When a player stops swimming, "diving underwater" sound occurs and vision flashes.
  • MC-186092 – The head of a piglin becomes offset after performing their celebration dance.
  • MC-186097 – Pigs are moving very slowly.
  • MC-186248 – "m" in "Safe Mode" button is not capitalized.
  • MC-186263 – "b" & "l" in "Create Backup & Load" is not capitalized.
  • MC-186403 – Swimming up on the side of flowing water no longer prevents the player from drowning.
  • MC-186492 – Lily pad placement in creative mode causes item on hotbar to flicker/vanish.
  • MC-186905 – "Superflat Customization" screen resets every time a user opens it and does not show previously saved settings.
  • MC-187363 – Charged respawn anchors no longer light up blocks around them.
  • MC-187367 – Netherite recipes show up in crafting table despite requiring a smithing table to use.
  • MC-187371 – Game crashes when attempting to change cloud settings on some graphics cards.
  • MC-187392 – Items in waterlogged stairs do not float up high enough to be caught by a water stream above the stair.
  • MC-187394 – Dying ender dragons are rendered completely white when using Fabulous graphics.
  • MC-187402 – Lighting in the end dimension is much darker when on a server.
  • MC-187405/seed is no longer available without cheats enabled.
  • MC-187411 – Particles and clouds not rendering properly behind stained glass and solid blocks.
  • MC-187437 – Held item is invisible in inventory menu.
  • MC-187449 – Zombified piglins do not drop XP and rare drops anymore if killed by anything other than the player while in angered state.
  • MC-187466 – Mobs killed in creative mode do not drop experience.
  • MC-187468 – Enchantment glint does not render for certain things on Fabulous setting.
  • MC-187478 – Mobs that flee when hit no longer flee after being hit by a player in creative.
  • MC-187483 – The advancement "Two by Two" can be achieved by just breeding turtles.
  • MC-187504 – Mobs do not drop rare drop items when killed by a player in Creative mode.
  • MC-187552 – Piglins and hoglins shake in the nether on servers.
  • MC-187585 – Dolphins with NoAI:1b can drown.
  • MC-187592 – Piglins constantly pick up gold nuggets and drop them.
From the previous development version
  • MC-187611 – White squares when in first person with Fabulous video settings and F1.
  • MC-187618 – Demo world not saving after saving and quitting then quitting out of Minecraft.
  • MC-187673 – [Crash] java.lang.IllegalStateException: Unregistered dimension type.
  • MC-187676 – "d" in "Reset to default" is not capitalized.
  • MC-187677 – "b" in "Go back" is not capitalized.
  • MC-187679 – Bees stay angry far longer.
  • MC-187729 – Villagers don't show angry particles when hit.
  • MC-187730 – Newly spawned zombified piglins do not pick up the aggro of older spawned aggravated zombified piglins.
  • MC-187739NeutralMob.playerDied (Player) does not return if forgiveDeadPlayers=false.
  • MC-187796 – Wolves only use their hostile appearance after being attacked.
  • MC-187811 – Ender dragon death animation suddenly flashes right after it has ended.
  • MC-187978/seed available to all players on multiplayer server.
  • MC-188070 – Glitched skin while swimming (left hand).
  • MC-188088 – Overworld superflat preset no longer generates with terrain decorations.
  • MC-188216 – Superflat biome selection overrides block selection on "Create New World" screen.
  • MC-188370 – Zombified piglins no longer make angry sounds when hostile toward a non-player entity.
  • MC-188393 – "K" in "4k" is not capitalized.


Video made by slicedlime:


  • 1.16-pre3 currently holds the record for the largest number of bug fixes in a single pre-release, as well as in any development version, at 130.


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