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Minecraft 1.16 Pre-release 1
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June 4, 2020

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1.16 Pre-release 1 (known as 1.16-pre1 in the launcher) is the first pre-release for Java Edition 1.16, released on June 4, 2020,[1] which makes changes to floating-point precision and fixes several hand animations, among other things.


Command format[]

/gamerule forgiveDeadPlayers
  • Makes angered neutral mobs stop being angry when the targeted player dies nearby.
  • Enabled by default.
/gamerule universalAnger
  • Makes angered neutral mobs attack any nearby player, not just the player that angered them. Works best if forgiveDeadPlayers is disabled.
  • Disabled by default.


Recipe book
  • Added recipe book unlocks for smithing tables, though they are non-functional.


The new datapack selection menu.

Data packs
  • Added a new "Data Packs" button on the "Create World" screen.
    • Allows the player to select datapacks to be enabled in the world.
    • Supports drag-and-drop.
  • Dimensions and dimension types can now be added and changed by data packs.
  • Smithing recipes can now be added and changed by data packs.
  • Added new "Fabulous!" graphics option
    • Uses per-pixel blending layers for some transparent elements.
    • Many of the fixes to transparent and translucent elements from 20w22a had their performance improved and are now locked behind this graphics setting.



Nether gold ore
  • Now uses the "nether" color on maps.[2]


Water buckets
  • Can now be obtained in Creative mode when an empty bucket is used on water.
    • If a bucket of water is in the player’s inventory already, no additional water buckets are added when an empty bucket is used on water.
    • Whether this also applies to lava buckets is unknown.


Snow golems
  • When any villager is struck by lightning, the witch it is converted to will no longer despawn, regardless of whether the villager had been traded with or not.
Zombified piglins
  • No longer attack players who have not attacked a zombified piglin.
  • Now will stop being angry if the targeted player dies nearby.


  • The advancement file "Serious Dedication" has been renamed to obtain_netherite_hoe.json. This means progress in this advancement is not kept when upgrading to this version.
  • The advancement "Two By Two" now requires donkeys and mules.
    • This advancement now checks the child resulting from breeding.
  • The advancement "Oh Shiny" now uses gold nuggets.
  • The advancement "Hot Tourist Destinations" now rewards 500 experience.
  • The advancement "Cover Me in Debris" now rewards 100 experience.
  • Changed the capitalization of "Who Is Cutting Onions?" to "Who is Cutting Onions?".
Gamemode switcher
  • Changed the text indicating to press F4 to select the next gamemode from "F4 Next" to "[ F4 ] Next".[verify]
  • Changed the subtitle for stripping logs and wood from "Debarking log" to "Axe scrapes".

Command format[]

  • The biome ID in the error messages for an invalid biome or a valid biome that could not be found is now in quotes.
  • Changed the error message for an invalid biome from "There is no biome named <biome ID>" to "There is no biome with type '<biome ID>'".


  • Hand animations have been added for the following:
    • Entering a boat.[3]
    • Speeding up a baby strider's aging.[4]
    • Shearing sheep (a regression from 1.15.2).[5]
    • Feeding a brown mooshroom.[6]
    • Using a spawn egg on a mob to spawn a baby variant, if there wouldn't also be a block within reach through said mob.[7]
  • Hand animations for the following have been removed:
Data packs
  • Game now detects critical data pack issues, like missing required tags that prevent the world from being loaded.
Distance effects

An example of the rain and lava smoke particles at 20 million blocks prior to 1.16-pre1. Note the clustering.

  • Certain game mechanics, mainly a handful of different particles, have been modified to use 64-bit (double-precision) precision where they previously used 32-bit (single-precision).
  • As a result, the effects appear in the correct places even if the player is far away from the spawn point (with effects being the most extreme when over 16,777,216 blocks away).
  • The following precision loss errors are fixed:
    • Lava embers and popping sounds should now originate from the correct positions.[11]
    • Campfire embers should now be generated at the correct position.[12]
    • Particles from rain hitting the top of blocks should now appear at the correct position.[13]
    • Smoke emitted by lava during rain should appear at the correct position.[14]
    • Smoke emitted by campfires during rain should appear at the correct position.[15]
    • Particles from redstone dust should now appear at the correct position.[16]
    • Particles from redstone repeaters should now appear at the correct position.[17]
    • Particles from nether biomes should now appear at the correct position.[18]
    • Particles from adding eye of enders to end portal frames should now appear at the correct position.[19]
    • Particles dripping from leaves during rain will no longer snap to block corners and are correctly randomized across the underside of the block.[20]
    • The book of the enchanting table now opens properly at high distances; previously there were cases where the player could be pressed right up to the block, yet the book would not acknowledge them.[21]
    • TNT ignited by other explosions now appears at the right locations at high distances.[22]
    • Detector rails at high distances were not always being correctly powered and depowered, which has been fixed.[23]
    • Mob pathfinding caused mobs to randomly swivel at high distances.[24]
    • Mob spawning would also break down, spawning mobs at block corners and sometimes inside of other blocks.[25]
    • Generation of minecart with chests in mineshafts will now spawn them at the intended positions.[26]
  • Removed sweet berry bushes from the prevent_mob_spawning_inside block tag.
  • The piglin_loved item tag now uses the gold_ores item tag instead of listening gold ore and nether gold ore individually.
  • Added gold nuggets to the piglin_loved item tag.


105 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.16
  • MC-4520 – Aggressive neutral mobs become neutral when the world is reloaded.
  • MC-9856 – You cannot pick up buckets of water/lava in creative mode.
  • MC-36322 – Unable to milk cows in Creative.
  • MC-63714 – Zombified piglins get angry when hit in Creative mode.
  • MC-64623 – Lightning bolts cannot be targeted by selectors.
  • MC-69032 – When a mob hits a zombified piglin, and that mob dies, the zombified piglins attack the player.
  • MC-90969 – Cannot get mushroom stew from mooshrooms/milk from cows in creative mode.
  • MC-100258 – Holding Right-Click on an untamed horse causes an obnoxiously loud sound.
  • MC-106968 – Snow golems aren’t damaged by splash or lingering water bottles.
  • MC-127004 – Waterlogged blocks cause z-fighting when looking at them from a distance.
  • MC-133692 – When the player is in lava, the orange appears darker/completely black at Y=0 and below.
  • MC-138675 – Wither skulls inflict the wither effect on players in creative mode.
  • MC-138713 – “Two by Two” advancement does not require donkeys or mules.
  • MC-158906 – After sleeping in a bed, players aren’t positioned in the center of a block.
  • MC-159500 – Hostile mobs attacking bees also cause the bees to attack players.
  • MC-161969 – Casting issue: Adding ender eyes to end portal frames at high distances causes particles to lose precision
  • MC-163950 – Ice bordering water causes z-fighting issues from a distance.
  • MC-164692 – Entering a boat does not play the hand animation
  • MC-165669 – Hand animation is playing when the player is aiming at a block through the mob and use the spawn egg.
  • MC-165734 – Minecarts with furnace still display a hand animation with incompatible items when not on a rail
  • MC-166188 – Bees still hitting player after death.
  • MC-166524 – Trying to dye a sheep with the same color as sheep displays hand animation.
  • MC-167042 – Casting issue: Campfire embers are generated at a point that loses precision at high coordinates
  • MC-167044 – Casting issue: Enchanting table book does not open for the player at high distances in some cases
  • MC-167046 – Casting issue: Lava ember particles and lava popping sounds lose precision on creation at high coordinates
  • MC-167047 – Casting issue: TNT blocks ignited by other explosions lose precision at high coordinates
  • MC-167091 – Casting issue: Water particles dripping from leaves lose precision at high coordinates
  • MC-167103 – Casting issue: Mob spawning loses precision at high coordinates
  • MC-167195 – Bees anger towards players in survival when killed in one hit.
  • MC-167421 – Casting issue: Minecarts with chests are generated in the wrong positions in abandoned mineshafts at high coordinates
  • MC-167971 – Casting issue: Particles emitted by redstone repeaters lose precision at high coordinates
  • MC-168675 – Settings that update after closing the video settings menu don’t if you change the fullscreen setting.
  • MC-172531 – Small mobs get stuck in fence corners.
  • MC-176640 – Players can set their spawn point inside dangerous blocks.
  • MC-178570 – When blocking a wither skull with a shield, the player still receives the wither effect.
From the 1.16 development versions
  • MC-170867 – Incorrect subtitles when using axe to strip stem blocks
  • MC-170872 – Casting issue: Nether biome particles suffer from precision loss
  • MC-170944 – /locatebiome messages do not fit for all biome names.
  • MC-171035 – Casting issue: Particles from falling rain lose precision at high coordinates
  • MC-171037 – Casting issue: Smoke produced by lava during rain loses precision at high coordinates
  • MC-171663 – Right-clicking on unemployed villagers sometimes cause hand animation to stop after a villager has a profession.
  • MC-171683 – Crimson and warped doors can’t have transparent textures.
  • MC-172259 – Baby hoglin/zoglin have their head slightly above their neck, it seems that their head is partly floating.
  • MC-172610 – When not aiming at a block through a ridable mob while using a spawn egg on it, the player starts riding the mob and a baby mob is spawned.
  • MC-174195 – Piglins don't become persistent if given gold nuggets.
  • MC-174815 – Piglins don’t automatically attack withers.
  • MC-175028 – Sometimes hoglins don’t avoid warped fungus.
  • MC-175215 – Respawn anchors destroy blocks when detonated underwater.
  • MC-175409 – Soul speed “effect” stays when a player levitates/flies off of soul sand or soul soil.
  • MC-175476 – Respawn anchor doesn’t cull block faces.
  • MC-175911 – Soul speed lasts after leaving soul blocks.
  • MC-176041 – Using a spawn egg on a strider while aiming at lava spawns both a baby and an adult strider.
  • MC-176188 – Striders are not damaged by splash or lingering water bottles.
  • MC-176225 – Accelerating a baby strider’s growth does not display hand animation.
  • MC-176470 – Respawning in the nether does not de-aggro zombified piglins.
  • MC-176637 – Closing game during Mojang load screen causes NullPointerException.
  • MC-177723 – Casting Issue: Mobs occasionally just spin around when coordinate numbers are very high
  • MC-178567 – Shearing sheep does not display hand animation again.
  • MC-178618 – Feeding a flower to a brown mooshroom does not perform hand animation.
  • MC-178961 – /loot … fish … command no longer has any functionality.
  • MC-179561 – Retreating baby hoglins sometimes won’t pathfind to the opposite direction of the player.
  • MC-180111 – Hoglins angered for reasons other than being attacked by the player ignore placed repellents.
  • MC-180922 – Right clicking a mob with a spawn egg to spawn the baby variant doesn’t play the hand swing animation when not aiming at a block through the mob.
  • MC-182308 – Chicken jockeys cannot despawn.
  • MC-182748 – Casting issue: Redstone dust particles are generated at the wrong positions at high coordinates
  • MC-182883 – Parity issue: Baby hoglins don’t follow adult hoglins.
  • MC-183174 – Casting Issue: Certain detector rails unable to be powered when coordinate numbers are very high
  • MC-183766 – “Who Is Cutting Onions?” Improperly capitalized.
  • MC-183767 – Incorrect filename for “Serious Dedication” advancement in vanilla data pack.
  • MC-183792 – piglin_loved item tag has unnecessary items.
  • MC-183821 – “Game Mode Switcher” bottom hint text isn’t centered.
  • MC-183825 – New nether challenges don’t grant experience points.
  • MC-184679 – Using custom world generation, temperature is written wrong.
  • MC-184947 – Carriage return symbol can be seen when importing or exporting world generation settings to or from certain worlds.
  • MC-185095 – “thrown_item_picked_up_by_entity” advancement trigger does not work for players.
  • MC-185377 – Bone mealing kelp creates a large field of particles, rather than only within the kelp’s block space
  • MC-185480 – Casting issue: Smoke particles emitted by campfires during rain form at the wrong positions at high coordinates
From the previous development version
  • MC-186062 – Warning “Could not find uniform named InSize in the specified shader program.” when loading resources.
  • MC-186064 – Clouds render in front of everything for some users.
  • MC-186067 – Some structures’ loot chests do not contain any items.
  • MC-186071 – Clouds are visible and don’t render correctly when they are turned off.
  • MC-186074 – Particles render in the wrong order with transparent blocks when using certain graphics cards.
  • MC-186075 – GPU usage in latest snapshot significantly higher than before, causing lag or crash for some users.
  • MC-186079 – Superflat world has dark sky.
  • MC-186080 – Entities, block entities, and items are rendered black on some graphics cards.
  • MC-186088 – Block hitboxes once again cause semi-transparent blocks not to render behind them
  • MC-186089 – Functions load before entity tags do, causing loading errors.
  • MC-186101 – Some commands in functions cause a NullPointerException.
  • MC-186108 – Enchantment glint does not render on dropped/thrown items.
  • MC-186109 – Players can use multiplayer commands on a singleplayer world.
  • MC-186111 – Debug mode is accessible in any gamemode.
  • MC-186124 – Lightning bolt doesn’t render.
  • MC-186149 – "Debug Mode" world causes error on world list.
  • MC-186204 – Items render in front of other entities, transparent blocks, and blocks with special renderers.
  • MC-186253 – Held translucent blocks make the water, clouds, particles, and placed translucent blocks behind them invisible in third person mode.
  • MC-186274 – Purple light from ender dragon’s death doesn’t appear.
  • MC-186284 – Player’s point of view is upside down in 20w22a.
  • MC-186314 – Villagers become fixated on potential job site.
  • MC-186335 – Bees age calculation inside hive/nest is broken.
  • MC-186455 – Persistent villagers without experience can despawn after converting to a witch.
  • MC-186464 – Enabled data packs still show up in the “/datapack enable” list.
  • MC-186478 – Tag minecraft:tick doesn’t work when joining a world.
  • MC-186480 – Inner parts of slime blocks and honey blocks disappear again while the block is moved by a piston.
  • MC-186600 – Nether gold ore is gray on a map.
  • MC-186696 – Totem of Undying causes red or blue tint in the screen when in F5 mode.


  • This pre-release released exactly 2 years after the release of 1.13-pre1.


Video made by slicedlime: