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1.16.4 is a minor update to Java Edition released on November 2, 2020,[1] which adds the social interactions screen and fixes various bugs. The content of 1.16.4 is identical to its release candidate.[2] While 1.16.4 was not the last minor version of 1.16, it was the last one before snapshots for 1.17 began.



  • Added an option to hide matched names.
    • Some servers send chat messages in non-standard formats. With this option on, the game will attempt to apply chat hiding anyway by matching the text in messages.
Social Interactions screen
  • Gives players the ability to disable chatting with certain players, thus hiding any messages received from them.
  • Opens with a configurable key binding, by default P.
  • Whether a player is hidden resets when re-joining a server.
  • The status of a player is listed below their name.



Netherite leggings
  • Changed the texture of the worn netherite leggings model.


  • When logging in with a Microsoft account, players blocked in that account are now also blocked in the game, and account restrictions are now respected.
  • A button to open a link to the Accessibility Guide can now be found in the Accessibility Options screen.
  • More information is now added to the crash log in cases where poor performance causes the server to crash.
Protocol versions
  • New network protocol scheme, with a high bit (bit 30) set for snapshots. The protocol version will increase by 1 for each snapshot, but full releases may keep the same protocol version as the previous full release in cases where the network protocols are compatible.
  • When the server and client version are incompatible, a message reading "Incompatible version!" in red will be displayed, instead of "Client out of date!" or "Server out of date!" in dark red.
  • When multiplayer is disabled, the message displayed will now read, "Multiplayer is disabled. Please check your Microsoft account settings." instead of "Multiplayer is disabled. Please check your launcher settings."
  • The splashes relating to the Black Lives Matter movement have been added to splashes.txt. These splashes were added to the game via a launcher update during 1.16.2 but were not in splashes.txt. The splashes are:
    • Black lives matter!
    • Be anti-racist!
    • Learn about allyship!
    • Speak OUT against injustice and UP for equality!
    • Amplify and listen to BIPOC voices!
    • Educate your friends on anti-racism!
    • Support the BIPOC community and creators!
    • Stand up for equality in your community!


4 issues fixed
From 1.16
  • MC-192434 – The top front texture of worn netherite leggings is inconsistent with the rest of the texture.
From 1.16.2
  • MC-199487 – World generation deadlock causes crash.
From 1.16.3
  • MC-201885 – Divide by zero error in the ender dragon entity class can cause a server crash and infinite velocity.
From the 1.16.4 development versions
  • MC-202147 – Cursor in Social Interactions & Recipe Book & Anvil menu doesn’t blink


Video by slicedlime:


  • This was the last full version to be released in 2020.
  • Originally, this version was going to be released on October 29, 2020, but it got postponed by 4 days.


  • Minecraft 1.16.4 and Minecraft 1.16.5 are network compatible, that is, 1.16.4 servers can have players from 1.16.5.