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Minecraft 1.15.2
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Java Edition

Release date

January 21, 2020

Development versions

Client (.json)

Obfuscation maps


Protocol version


Data version


1.15.2 is a minor update to Java Edition released on January 21, 2020,[1] which adds new game rules and fixes bugs.


Command format[]

  • Added doPatrolSpawning.
    • Controls the spawning of patrols.
    • Defaults to true.
  • Added doTraderSpawning.


The disclaimer that appears when clicking on to multiplayer.

  • Added a legal disclaimer when clicking the multiplayer button from the main menu: a new information screen informs the player that "Online play is not rated".



  • Oak and birch saplings grown with a flower 2 blocks away within a 5×3×5 volume centered on the sapling have a 5% chance to generate a bee nest on the side of the tree.


  • The texture of the horse armor slot in the horse GUI has been changed to reflect the current horse armor textures.

World generation[]

Bee nests


Status effects
  • Effects are now stored when overwritten by an effect of a higher amplifier.
    • A beacon effect will only temporarily overwrite a lower amplifier potion until the beacon effect runs out.


  • Added gui_light option in models to allow controlling light when rendering model as an item in a GUI.
    • If set to side, the model will be rendered like a block.
    • If set to front, the model will be shaded like a flat item.
Game window
  • Now displays the session type in the window title, such as singleplayer or multiplayer.
    • If applicable, the window title also specifies the type of multiplayer server the player is on, such as on a LAN or third-party server.
    • If there is a * after Minecraft then it's modded. Example: "Minecraft* 1.15.2 - Singleplayer"
    • Example: "Minecraft 1.15.2 - Multiplayer (LAN)".
    • Available types: "Singleplayer", "Multiplayer (LAN)", "Multiplayer (Realms)", and "Multiplayer (3rd-party)". (Any of these can be with the * mentioned above)
Main menu
  • If the game is modded, "(Modded)" will appear with the game version found on the bottom-left of the main menu.
    • Example: "Minecraft 1.15.2 (Modded)".
Profiler report
  • Now captures more information about performance problems.[2]
  • Removed a stray pixel from the bottom-right of the critical hit particle texture.[3]


35 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.15
  • MC-862 – Spawn protection does not work for item frames, paintings and armor stands.
  • MC-1541 – Beacon effect removes potion effect of the same type.
  • MC-51053 – Furnace minecarts lose power after navigating corners.
  • MC-71426 – Arrows visually despawn when kept from despawning with command blocks
  • MC-88038 – Furnace minecarts go backwards when turning corners.
  • MC-106468 – End crystal beam has incorrect texture on one side.
  • MC-116962 – F3 + T still reloads loot tables and advancements despite the addition of the /reload command
  • MC-147657 – Private Use Characters past E6FF are replaced with box characters even with a modified glyph_sizes.bin.
  • MC-150575 – Concrete powder does not turn into concrete when letting it fall beside water.
  • MC-153987 – Falling down ladders while wearing elytra.
  • MC-166319 – B on "Open in browser" is lowercase in link confirmation GUI.
  • MC-167018 – Misplaced pixel in critical hit particle texture.
  • MC-167079 – Horse armor texture is off.
  • MC-167416 – Distance from where a monster will stop you from sleeping is off center.
From 1.15
  • MC-165695 – Hoppers harvesting honeycomb from bee hives and bee nests only pick up one honeycomb.
  • MC-166312 – Loom UI pattern icons are too dark.
  • MC-166324 – "Raw input" button has lowercase "i".
  • MC-166397 – Entities become white from certain angles when affected by glowing and invisibility effects.
  • MC-166722 – Some custom item models appear dark in the inventory.
  • MC-167201 – Invisible glowing entities do not respect their team color.
  • MC-167219 – Reloading a resource pack enough times will cause intense lag.
  • MC-167220 – Items on marker armor stands no longer glow.
  • MC-167235 – Distance from where you can enter a bed is off center.
  • MC-167344com.mojang.blaze3d.platform.ClipboardManager leaks direct buffers.
  • MC-167444iron_golem_crackiness_* textures show up on invisible iron golems that are damaged.
  • MC-167709 – Bees that ride a boat, minecart or other entities when entering their hive or nest cannot leave the hive or nest ever again.
  • MC-168091 – Concrete powder does not convert into concrete when dropped into deep water.
From 1.15.1
  • MC-168230 – End crystal beam is dark/desaturated.
  • MC-168467 – Bees do not remember how many crops they have pollinated.
  • MC-168657TrueTypeGlyphProviderBuilder.create(ResourceManager) leaks buffer.
  • MC-169157 – Breaking a hive with an obstructed front makes bees vanish.
Private issues


Video made by slicedlime:


  • 1.15.2 is the first release of 2020 and of the Cardinal 2020s decade.


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