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Minecraft 1.14.2
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Java Edition

Release date

May 27, 2019

Development versions

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Other instances
of 1.14.2

1.14.2 is a minor update to Java Edition released on May 27, 2019,[1] which fixes bugs left over in 1.14.1. It is not compatible with 1.14.1 servers.



  • Added a default Vietnamese font.
  • Changed a character in default Armenian font.
  • Added missing glyphs in the default Hebrew and Armenian fonts.
  • Added Runic alphabet to the default font.



  • Flaming arrows can no longer light waterlogged campfires.
Shulker boxes
  • Empty shulker boxes will no longer drop themselves when destroyed in Creative mode.




  • Raiders now only spawn in fully loaded chunks.


Debug screen
  • Now contains a server-side chunk count.
Error messages
  • Errors encountered while loading regions now print more diagnostics to the log file.
  • All light will now be re-calculated the first time a world saved in a previous version is opened in this version.
  • Removed "Woo, minecraftforum!" as the forum announced it would soon be archiving.


35 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.14
  • MC-16883 – Villagers play the trade sound multiple times overlapping on shift-click.
  • MC-88301 – Ender Dragon Breath freezes server when under or above the world.
  • MC-90423 – Ender Dragon makes breath attack at highest block placed in the center column of the portal.
  • MC-140174 – No item pickup sound when a villager picks up an item.
From 1.14
  • MC-142134 – Light sources spontaneously not working in some chunks.
  • MC-145730 – Iron golem does not attack players when hitting villagers.
  • MC-147431 – Max item stack amount can be skipped using new villager trades menu.
  • MC-147715 – Entities clip through blocks after traveling through an end gateway.
  • MC-148064 – "Ghost" end crystals stay behind after destruction on ender dragon respawns.
  • MC-148073 – Beacon beam doesn't have the correct color if the colored glass is not directly on top of the beacon.
  • MC-148626 – Shulker boxes lose their names.
  • MC-148627 – Swimming up to a ceiling makes the player crouch.
  • MC-148677 – Mobs do not spawn on soul sand.
  • MC-148805 – Breaking an empty shulker box in creative mode causes it to drop itself.
  • MC-148847 – Guardian zapping noise is looped when played.
  • MC-148898 – Hebrew letters aren't assigned to their correct textures.
  • MC-148933 – The player cannot swim while sneaking.
  • MC-149111 – When hovering over a world that needs to be updated, the game calls the current version a snapshot even if it is a release.
  • MC-149225 – The game crashes immediately after selecting and starting a world on Mac OS Mojave, caused by libobjc.A.dylib.
  • MC-149511 – No sounds for villagers planting crops.
  • MC-149865 – Raiders get stuck in unloaded chunks if the render distance is too low.
  • MC-149916 – Teleporting long distances on servers causes you to clip into the ground.
  • MC-149993 – Cut sandstone slabs are not part of the slabs block tag.
  • MC-150170 – Animals, villagers, item frames, armor stands, etc are disappearing.
  • MC-150414 – Constructing and placing a beacon does not give the advancement.
  • MC-150501 – Some Hebrew letters are not included in the Minecraft font.
  • MC-150969 – The wither is attacking undead mobs.
  • MC-151227 – Missing Armenian characters.
From 1.14.1
  • MC-151047 – Trader llamas immediately disappear when spawned with a spawn egg.
  • MC-151062 – Grindstoning an enchanted book without a custom name names the new (unenchanted) book "Enchanted Book".
  • MC-151213 – Observers don't trigger twice when chained and moved.
  • MC-151329 – Major FPS drop after running a mob farm for 30 minutes.
  • MC-151365 – Flaming arrows can light waterlogged campfires.
  • MC-151418 – Observers do not update redstone properly.
  • MC-151674 – RegionFiles are not closed when they are evicted from cache.


Video made by Slicedlime:


  • 1.14.2 was originally set to release in the week of May 20–26, 2019,[2] but was pushed back to address further issues.


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