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1.14.1 is a minor update to Java Edition released on May 13, 2019,[1] which improves performance and fixes bugs in 1.14. It is not compatible with 1.14 servers.



  • Pressing Esc while holding F3 will pause the game without bringing up the pause menu.
  • Added the following splash texts:[note 1]
    • "Awesome game design right there!"
    • "Ph1lza had a good run!"[note 2]
    • "10 years of Mining and Crafting!"[note 3]



  • Can now be lit by flaming arrows.
Crafting table
  • Updated texture to fix incorrect planks texture.
Iron ore
  • Changed texture to fix miscolored pixels.


Iron horse armor
  • Tweaked colors slightly.
Leather horse armor
  • Changed texture to be more consistent with the other types of horse armor.

World generation[]

  • Many structures are tweaked to have better lighting.
  • Village generation will have slight differences from 1.14




60 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.14
  • MC-44793 – Tamed wolf cannot sit on slime blocks.
  • MC-58175 – Player listing displays through GUI buttons on the 'multiplayer' screen.
  • MC-93276 – Mobs steered by passenger Slimes walk to 0,0.
  • MC-110390 – Villager AI has problems with non cubic/not straight houses.
  • MC-126946 – Execution order is reversed when calling a function in some cases.
  • MC-128441/tp <target> <destination> uses context dimension rather than destination entity's dimension.
  • MC-128565 – Function tag ordering is inconsistent across reloads and does not respect datapack ordering.
  • MC-131014 – Observers and block states not updated by tree growth.
  • MC-134762 – Game crashed very often in a converted world from 1.12.2.
  • MC-134847 – Mobs cannot pathfind on bottom half slabs.
  • MC-136442 – Blocks of giant mushrooms do not send block updates after growing.
  • MC-138077 – Crash - Ticking block entity - When upgrading old 1.12 world to 1.13.2.
  • MC-144496 – Selectors have inconsistent return order.
From 1.14
  • MC-140317 – Ladder in village house does not reach the floor.
  • MC-142817 – Mobs try to pathfind through corners.
  • MC-143699 – Trader llamas will not despawn.
  • MC-144316 – Setblocking/filling a sign without explicitly setting all Text tags, shows 'an unexpected error occurred'.
  • MC-144562 – Leather horse armor has inconsistent texture.
  • MC-144904 – Enderman can teleport to the void.
  • MC-145097 – Leather horse armor is higher in inventory slot.
  • MC-145265 – Night is not skipped when all but one players on a server are sleeping, and the remaining player leaves the server.
  • MC-145862 – Villagers try to sleep in occupied beds.
  • MC-146007 – Village meeting point sometimes gets generated underwater.
  • MC-146674 – Missing jigsaw blocks for beds in some village structures.
  • MC-146811 – Enderman AI causing HIGH ms tick lag.
  • MC-146935 – Crafting table uses outdated plank texture.
  • MC-147013 – Villagers can get hit by their own firework.
  • MC-147022 – Many village houses are inadequately lit.
  • MC-147212 – Iron golems can spawn in spaces less than three blocks high and get stuck.
  • MC-147479 – Villagers continue to shake their head after they found a workstation.
  • MC-147578 – Beacon NBT Levels is missing.
  • MC-147590 – Missing floor block in desert_medium_house_1.
  • MC-147643 – Villagers do not sleep in beds.
  • MC-147676 – The event.raid.horn sound effect cannot always be heard whilst in a village.
  • MC-147819 – Custom villager with large trades has scroll bar that goes outside GUI screen.
  • MC-147880 – Pillager outposts do not generate in snowy biomes.
  • MC-147890 – Hostile mobs are not spawning.
  • MC-147905 – Mobs and villagers try to pathfind through fences and closed corners.
  • MC-148165 – Bow with Flame enchantment does not activate TNT when hit on the top.
  • MC-148179 – The ender dragon flies in circles after shooting projectile at it and never comes down to the portal.
  • MC-148454 – Villager trade GUI shows incorrect price when a discount is applied on servers.
  • MC-148476 – Books still have an NBT tag (RepairCost of 0) after removing enchantments using a grindstone.
  • MC-148529 – Name of enchanted book is lost after removing its enchantments in a grindstone.
  • MC-148567taiga_animal_pen_1 water trough has water recessed 1 block beneath trapdoors.
  • MC-148580 – Server lighting still broken.
  • MC-148624 – The banner on the pillager outpost structure is incorrectly named.
  • MC-148657 – Characters using the nonlatin_european file do not display properly if using the "Programmer Art" resource pack.
  • MC-148830 – Game crashed while loading chunks.
  • MC-149040 – Iron ore texture has four miscolored pixels.
  • MC-149178 – Chunk rendering is extremely slow and random.
  • MC-149209 – Cats jitter when sitting on slime blocks.
  • MC-149278 – Wolf AI can cause extremely severe lag spikes when in combat with a distant mob.
  • MC-149420 – Hostile mobs not despawning at 128+ blocks.
  • MC-149576 – Villagers will job, but cannot lose their job.
  • MC-149835 – Villagers can find a job, but can't lose the job.
  • MC-150218 – Spawning algorithm stops at chunk borders.
  • MC-150367 – Villagers can claim workstations and beds without a valid path to them.
  • MC-150785 – Villagers and iron golems count towards the passive mob cap.
  • MC-150847 – Can load crossbow with air.
  • MC-151014 – Illagers can join raids outside of village range and unending raids.


Video made by slicedlime:


  • This version was released 10 years after the first public showcase of Minecraft in the video "Cave game tech test ".


  1. This change occurred between the last development version for 1.14.1, 1.14.1 Pre-Release 2, and the full release of 1.14.1.
  2. Ph1lza was a player whose 5-year-long Hardcore game was ended by a baby zombie, shortly before the release of this version.
  3. The first version of Minecraft was showcased 10 years before the release date of this version.


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