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Minecraft 1.13-pre8
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Java Edition



Release date

July 13, 2018

Pre-release for



Client (.json)

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1.13-pre8[1] is the eighth pre-release for Java Edition 1.13.



Command format[edit]

  • Added /team modify <team> displayName
  • Added /scoreboard objectives modify <objective> rendertype hearts
    • Makes health bars display as hearts, like this: ♥♥♥♥♥♥.
  • Added /scoreboard objectives modify <objective> rendertype integer
    • Makes health bars display as yellow numbers, like this: 12.


  • Added the block tag wall_corals.
  • Added the block tag impermeable. Blocks in the tag are prevented from showing dripping liquid particles. By default, the tag contains glass and all stained glass blocks.
  • Re-added the "Force Unicode Font" option to the language section.
  • Added the "Truly gone fishing!" splash.



Coral fans
  • Can now be placed on top of blocks.
  • Can now be placed in air.
    • Unless adjacent to water, they will turn into dead coral fans after a short moment.
  • Renamed <variant>_coral_fan into <variant>_coral_wall_fan.
  • Added <variant>_coral_fan blocks, which are coral fans placed on top of blocks.


  • Mobs can now stand in the most shallow form of flowing water.

Command format[edit]

  • Team names and objective names are now text components, not raw strings.
  • /team is now /team modify <team>.


28 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.13
  • MC-60995 – Maps inconsistent over restarts.
  • MC-68565 – Monsters spawn at daytime at y=256 and don't burn.
  • MC-88632 – Unable to open command blocks & no particles when opening to LAN.
  • MC-109958 – Shulkers teleport (and stay) below Y:0.
From the 1.13 development versions
  • MC-123265 – Spectator mode tooltips not showing.
  • MC-123447 – Skin not visible in spectator mode GUI.
  • MC-124955 – Bottoms of large ferns and tall grass are generating in place of regular ferns and grass in taiga biomes.
  • MC-128858 – Distance given by /locate is inaccurate.
  • MC-129169 – Coral fan lacks death variants.
  • MC-129853 – Team and objective names cannot be in JSON.
  • MC-130018 – Re-creating a Customized world on 1.13 allows it to show up as a world customization option
  • MC-132123 – Lighting for broken block not updated.
  • MC-132174 – Tier 4 beacons will not give regeneration effect.
  • MC-132466 – No enum constant bfz - loading and saving 1.12.2 chunks.
  • MC-132603 – Bark recipes are not upgraded.
  • MC-132635Placing blocks with off-hand while main hand empty not possible.
  • MC-132639 – New version of unicode font has some weird characters.
  • MC-132649 – "Force unicode fonts" option doesn't appear in the language menu.
  • MC-132695 – Some bold characters have either extra or lack of pixels.
  • MC-132835 – The right "tail" of the capital ß (ẞ) seems to be a few pixels too long.
  • MC-133030 – Subtitle subtitles.entity.parrot.imitate.phantom missing translation string.
  • MC-133157Sprinting in shallow water using ctrl will change FOV back and forth.
  • MC-133198 – Redstone doesn't change direction when connected downward.
  • MC-133214 – Sticky pistons pull glazed teracotta.
From the previous development version
  • MC-133216 – Water dripping from transparent blocks.
  • MC-133233 – Sticky pistons do not update blocks they cannot pull.
  • MC-133277 – Texts sometimes error if the language is Chinese.
  • MC-133325 – Double chests becoming invisible or separating with redstone.


Video made by slicedlime:


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