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July 4, 2018

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1.13-pre6[1] is the sixth pre-release for Java Edition 1.13.



Debug screen
  • Added F3 + I to copy targeted block or entity data to clipboard.
  • Added information about the time it takes for a tick on the integrated server (singleplayer only), server brand (multiplayer only), number of packets sent by the client (tx), and number of packets received by the client (rx).
Debug Screen 1.13-pre6.png
  • Added new sound events:
    • block.coral_block.break, block.coral_block.fall, block.coral_block.hit, block.coral_block.place, and block.coral_block.step
    • block.wet_grass.break, block.wet_grass.fall, block.wet_grass.hit, block.wet_grass.place, and block.wet_grass.step



  • Will be deleted by kelp and conduits placed within it. Prior to this update, these were the only blocks which could not replace it.


  • Changed treasure finding behavior to bring the player more accurately to buried treasure.


  • Many non-Latin alphabet characters and some emoji have been given their own "textured" font. However, some characters (such as kanji and script) still use the unicode font.[check the code]
  • Some non-alphanumeric ascii characters are slightly tweaked to be less wide.
Font Fix Update Aquatic.gif
  • Fonts are now saved as TrueType font files.


  • Removed "Force Unicode Font" option.
  • Removed skip_existing_chunks from exploration map loot table function.


82 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.13
  • MC-13308 – Waterflow North/South Bug
  • MC-14502 – Special characters on splash text on title screen rendered wrong.
  • MC-20974 – Default font is missing characters.
  • MC-41410 – Random text does not work in unicode.
  • MC-64537 – Gui zooming out when using some languages (unicode).
  • MC-72943 – Game freeze after closing an "Open to LAN" single player world.
  • MC-81876 – Number of characters before line cutoff in chat is not same when unicode mode is enabled and when it is off.
  • MC-82703 – Block Entities are not properly removed when 64 or more blocks are changed at the same time in a single chunk.
  • MC-91727 – loot table "spreading large stacks" will overwrite existing items.
  • MC-92255 – Singleplayer freezes instead of kicking a player.
  • MC-94325 – Shadow of obfuscated text does not match with displayed character.
  • MC-96321 – Mob cannot pathfinding in the daylight sensor.
  • MC-96524 – Language specific letters don't look like they should.
  • MC-96564 – Mobs can not normal walking(In situ the rotation) on the light sensor.
  • MC-103913 – Auto jump on world border.
  • MC-113127 – Putting an item with invalid enchantments in the first slot of an anvil and an item with valid ones in the second one causes a crash.
  • MC-121196 – Overloaded servers pointlessly wait up to 50 ms every couple ticks.
  • MC-121586 – Watchdog thread kills the server if average tick time is larger than max-tick-time/(15*20) ms for too long.
  • MC-122110 – BufferBuilder not expanding under specific conditions.
  • MC-123133 – Unicode Characters are Improperly Aligned on Different Screen Resolutions.
  • MC-124469 – GUI scale size 3 displays as size 2 when Unicode font is forced.
  • MC-127822 – Unicode on/off bug with another languages and english letters.
  • MC-129863 – "Crawling" underneath glass/grass paths/other transparent blocks causes bugs.
  • MC-132579 – Inconsistent font.
From the 1.13 development versions
  • MC-121798 – Can only scroll list in superflat preset selection when it is focused.
  • MC-121861 – Command argument validation does not work for entity id in /summon.
  • MC-122478 – It is possible to create a server in the server list with a blank name and/or IP address.
  • MC-122495 – Cancelling backup screen using ESC opens main menu.
  • MC-122597 – "Preparing spawn area %s%%" string is hardcoded/not translatable.
  • MC-123078 – Scoreboard ranges don't work correctly at extreme values.
  • MC-123236 – Wrong error message when using invalid item in /replaceitem.
  • MC-123325 – You can no longer use damaged items in advancement icons to display different textures.
  • MC-123352 – Interaction error with block and GUI, when shift-clicking them with non-block items.
  • MC-123363 – Occasional crash when changing blocks with a special renderer that uses states.
  • MC-123432 – Snapshots are leaking tile entity data through to world save.
  • MC-124966 – Torches in mineshafts/strongholds are not always attached.
  • MC-125772 – '/execute rotated' uses sender rotation, not context rotation.
  • MC-126160 – Random sugar cane underwater.
  • MC-126507 – Magma blocks do not initially generate bubble columns in ruins.
  • MC-126685 – Bubble columns don't update when placing magma blocks or soul sand above them.
  • MC-126708 – Advancement trigger "bred_animals" does not trigger for breeding turtles.
  • MC-126769 – Observers detecting updates from redstone on top of them.
  • MC-127112 – Flowing water doesn't update properly when sponges soak up a source block.
  • MC-128152 – Village House Generation.
  • MC-128258 – You can get in the void using an elytra and a riptide trident.
  • MC-128364 – You don't take damage in the void while gliding with an elytra.
  • MC-128387 – Dolphins try to pick up items on land.
  • MC-128687 – Picking up lava with an empty bucket would play the water picking up sound.
  • MC-128736 – Dolphin's pectoral (side) fins are flipped over instead of mirrored.
  • MC-129287 – Items in creative inventory can disappear or duplicate when switching them.
  • MC-129318 – The "How Did We Get Here?" advancement does not require Dolphin's Grace.
  • MC-129768 – Conduit can be placed in flowing water, creating a new water source.
  • MC-129814 – Function ran, title, or tellraw with score or selector component, in translate's with, kicks clients.
  • MC-130021 – Loading a structure with a rotation doesn't update (mossy_)cobblestone_wall's blockstates.
  • MC-130127 – Dolphins generate in large amounts with ocean ruin structures.
  • MC-130157 – Exiting Boat causes boat to vanish.
  • MC-130414 – Cannot replace seagrass with kelp or conduits.
  • MC-130464 – Downwards flowing water creating bubble columns.
  • MC-131019 – Setting and changing data of signs creates unnecessary "extra" tags and causes slow downs.
  • MC-131159 – Dolphins spawning in frozen/deep frozen oceans!
  • MC-131288 – Shulker Box can't be opened and disappears when mined.
  • MC-131542 – Unable to open 1.12 world in 1.13.
  • MC-131783 – Crash on breaking 1.12.2 -> 1.13-pre5 upgraded banner.
  • MC-131903 – Banners not dropping as item when broken after unloading.
  • MC-132050 – Worlds <= 1.8.9 spam errors on conversion.
  • MC-132113 – 1.13-pre4+ crashes caused by invalid gamepad / controller configuration detected by LWJGL 3.1.6 build 14b.
  • MC-132242 – Upgrading enderman spawn egg causes chunk to regenerate.
From the previous development version
  • MC-132252 – Player cannot leave the swimming animation underwater.
  • MC-132254 – Using /effect to give players an effect kicks them from the server.
  • MC-132259 – Poor TPS in latest pre-release.
  • MC-132278 – End Crystal beam is missing texture.
  • MC-132281 – Crash while creating a customized superflat world using capital letters.
  • MC-132282 – Some commands give an "unexpected error" despite succeeding.
  • MC-132292 – Some sound events are no longer playing the expected sound.
  • MC-132311 – Dolphins don't save how long they have been out of water.
  • MC-132312 – Using bone meal on anything underwater places sea grass on it.
  • MC-132316 – Dark squares on top of water next to tall sea grass.
  • MC-132320 – Entities with new IDs disappear when upgrading.
  • MC-132335 – Shulkers no longer shoot missiles in 1.13-pre5.
  • MC-132443 – Some advancements are not upgraded from 1.12.2 (to 1.13-pre5+).
  • MC-132448 – Illager and golem statistics are not upgraded properly.
  • MC-132455 – Evoker spawn egg disappears when upgrading from 1.12.2.


Video made by slicedlime:


  • This pre-release was released exactly one month after 1.13-pre1.


  1. Rocky sounds are mainly used for stones.
  2. Slimy sounds are mainly used for slime blocks and sea pickles


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