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Minecraft 1.13-pre5

Java Edition



Release date

June 28, 2018

Pre-release for



Client (.json)

Protocol version


Data version


1.13-pre5[1] is the fifth pre-release for Java Edition 1.13.



  • Upgrade path optics code is now in a separate library, datafixerupper.[2]
The "Flattening"
  • Changed some of the names of entities:
Previous entity name New entity name
Eye of Ender Signal Eye of Ender
Evocation Fangs Evoker Fangs
  • Changed some of the names of blocks:
Previous block name New block name
Bark Wood
Stripped Bark Stripped Wood
Portal Nether Portal
  • Changed some of the names of items:
Previous item name New item name
Pufferfish Bucket Bucket of Pufferfish
Salmon Bucket Bucket of Salmon
Cod Bucket Bucket of Cod
Tropical Fish Bucket Bucket of Tropical Fish
  • Renamed a lot of IDs to be more consistent with the game:
Entity Previous ID New ID
Experience orb xp_orb experience_orb
Bottle o' Enchanting xp_bottle experience_bottle
Eye of Ender eye_of_ender_signal eye_of_ender
End Crystal ender_crystal end_crystal.
Firework Rocket fireworks_rocket firework_rocket
Command Block Minecart commandblock_minecart command_block_minecart
Snow Golem snowman snow_golem
Iron Golem villager_golem iron_golem
Evoker Fangs evocation_fangs evoker_fangs
Evoker evocation_illager evoker
Vindicator vindication_illager vindicator
Illusioner illusion_illager illusioner
Block / Item Previous ID New ID
Evoker Spawn Egg evocation_illager_spawn_egg evoker_spawn_egg
Vindicator Spawn Egg vindication_illager_spawn_egg vindicator_spawn_egg
Spawner mob_spawner spawner
Nether Portal portal nether_portal
Tropical Fish clownfish tropical_fish
Tropical Fish Bucket clownfish_bucket tropical_fish_bucket
Popped Chorus Fruit chorus_fruit_popped popped_chorus_fruit
Wood <type>_bark <type>_wood
Stripped Wood stripped_<type>_bark stripped_<type>_wood
Biome Previous ID New ID
Mountains extreme_hills mountains
Swamp swampland swamp
Nether hell nether
The End sky the_end
Snowy Tundra ice_flats snowy_tundra
Snowy Mountains ice_mountains snowy_mountains
Mushroom Fields mushroom_island mushroom_fields
Mushroom Field Shore mushroom_island_shore mushroom_field_shore
Beach beaches beach
Wooded Hills forest_hills wooded_hills
Mountain Edge smaller_extreme_hills mountain_edge
Stone Shore stone_beach stone_shore
Snowy Beach cold_beach snowy_beach
Dark Forest roofed_forest dark_forest
Snowy Taiga taiga_cold snowy_taiga
Snowy Taiga Hills taiga_cold_hills snowy_taiga_hills
Giant Tree Taiga redwood_taiga giant_tree_taiga
Giant Tree Taiga Hills redwood_taiga_hills giant_tree_taiga_hills
Wooded Mountains extreme_hills_with_trees wooded_mountains
Savanna Plateau savanna_rock savanna_plateau
Badlands mesa badlands
Wooded Badlands Plateau mesa_rock wooded_badlands_plateau
Badlands Plateau mesa_clear_rock badlands_plateau
Small End Islands sky_island_low small_end_islands
End Midlands sky_island_medium end_midlands
End Highlands sky_island_high end_highlands
End Barrens sky_island_barren end_barrens
The Void void the_void
Sunflower Plains mutated_plains sunflower_plains
Desert Lakes mutated_desert desert_lakes
Gravelly Mountains mutated_extreme_hills gravelly_mountains
Flower Forest mutated_forest flower_forest
Taiga Mountains mutated_taiga taiga_mountains
Swamp Hills mutated_swampland swamp_hills
Ice Spikes mutated_ice_flats ice_spikes
Modified Jungle mutated_jungle modified_jungle
Modified Jungle Edge mutated_jungle_edge modified_jungle_edge
Tall Birch Forest mutated_birch_forest tall_birch_forest
Tall Birch Hills mutated_birch_forest_hills tall_birch_hills
Dark Forest Hills mutated_roofed_forest dark_forest_hills
Snowy Taiga Mountains mutated_taiga_cold snowy_taiga_mountains
Giant Spruce Taiga mutated_redwood_taiga giant_spruce_taiga
Giant Spruce Taiga Hills mutated_redwood_taiga_hills giant_spruce_taiga_hills
Gravelly Mountains+ mutated_extreme_hills_with_trees modified_gravelly_mountains
Shattered Savanna mutated_savanna shattered_savanna
Shattered Savanna Plateau mutated_savanna_rock shattered_savanna_plateau
Eroded Badlands mutated_mesa eroded_badlands
Modified Wooded Badlands Plateau mutated_mesa_rock modified_wooded_badlands_plateau
Modified Badlands Plateau mutated_mesa_clear_rock modified_badlands_plateau
Deep Warm Ocean warm_deep_ocean deep_warm_ocean
Deep Lukewarm Ocean lukewarm_deep_ocean deep_lukewarm_ocean
Deep Cold Ocean cold_deep_ocean deep_cold_ocean
Deep Frozen Ocean frozen_deep_ocean deep_frozen_ocean

  • Changed the file paths for some textures:
Previous path New path
entity/boat/boat_<type> entity/boat/<type>
entity/endercrystal/endercrystal entity/end_crystal/end_crystal
entity/endercrystal/endercrystal_beam entity/end_crystal/end_crystal_beam
entity/illager/fangs entity/illager/evoker_fangs
entity/llama/llama removed
entity/llama/llama_<variant> entity/llama/<variant>
entity/llama/decor/decor_<color> entity/llama/decor/<color>
entity/wither/wither_invul entity/wither/wither_invulnerable
  • Changed the names of some sound events:
Old New
ambient.underwater.loop.additions.ultrarare ambient.underwater.loop.additions.ultra_rare
block.bubble_column.bubble_column_upwards_ambient block.bubble_column.upwards_ambient
block.cloth.break block.wool.break
block.cloth.fall block.wool.fall
block.cloth.hit block.wool.hit
block.cloth.step block.wool.step
block.enderchest.close block.ender_chest.close
block.metal_pressureplate.click_off block.metal_pressure_plate.click_off
block.metal_pressureplate.click_on block.metal_pressure_plate.click_on
block.note.basedrum block.note_block.basedrum
block.note.bass block.note_block.bass
block.note.bell block.note_block.bell
block.note.chime block.note_block.chime
block.note.flute block.note_block.flute
block.note.guitar block.note_block.guitar
block.note.harp block.note_block.harp
block.note.hat block.note_block.hat
block.note.pling block.note_block.pling
block.note.snare block.note_block.snare
block.note.xylophone block.note_block.xylophone
block.slime.break block.slime_block.break
block.slime.fall block.slime_block.fall
block.slime.hit block.slime_block.hit
block.slime.step block.slime_block.step
block.stone_pressureplate.click_off block.stone_pressure_plate.click_off
block.stone_pressureplate.click_on block.stone_pressure_plate.click_on
block.wood_pressureplate.click_off block.wooden_pressure_plate.click_off
block.wood_button.click_on block.wooden_button.click_on
block.wood_button.click_off block.wooden_button.click_off
block.wood_pressureplate.click_on block.wooden_pressure_plate.click_on
entity.armorstand.break entity.armor_stand.break
entity.armorstand.fall entity.armor_stand.fall
entity.armorstand.hit entity.armor_stand.hit
entity.bobber.retrieve entity.fishing_bobber.retrieve
entity.bobber.splash entity.fishing_bobber.splash
entity.bobber.throw entity.fishing_bobber.throw
entity.enderdragon.ambient entity.ender_dragon.ambient
entity.enderdragon.death entity.ender_dragon.death
entity.enderdragon.flap entity.ender_dragon.flap
entity.enderdragon.growl entity.ender_dragon.growl
entity.enderdragon.hurt entity.ender_dragon.hurt
entity.enderdragon.shoot entity.ender_dragon.shoot
entity.enderdragon_fireball.explode entity.dragon_fireball.explode
entity.endereye.death entity.ender_eye.death
entity.endereye.launch entity.ender_eye.launch
entity.endermen.ambient entity.enderman.ambient
entity.endermen.death entity.enderman.death
entity.endermen.hurt entity.enderman.hurt
entity.endermen.scream entity.enderman.scream
entity.endermen.stare entity.enderman.stare
entity.endermen.teleport entity.enderman.teleport
entity.enderpearl.throw entity.ender_pearl.throw
entity.evocation_illager.ambient entity.evoker.ambient
entity.evocation_illager.cast_spell entity.evoker.cast_spell
entity.evocation_illager.death entity.evoker.death
entity.evocation_illager.hurt entity.evoker.hurt
entity.evocation_illager.prepare_attack entity.evoker.prepare_attack
entity.evocation_illager.prepare_summon entity.evoker.prepare_summon
entity.evocation_illager.prepare_wololo entity.evoker.prepare_wololo
entity.firework.blast entity.firework_rocket.blast
entity.firework.blast_far entity.firework_rocket.blast_far
entity.firework.large_blast entity.firework_rocket.large_blast
entity.firework.large_blast_far entity.firework_rocket.large_blast_far
entity.firework.launch entity.firework_rocket.launch
entity.firework.shoot entity.firework_rocket.shoot
entity.firework.twinkle entity.firework_rocket.twinkle
entity.firework.twinkle_far entity.firework_rocket.twinkle_far
entity.illusion_illager.ambient entity.illusioner.ambient
entity.illusion_illager.cast_spell entity.illusioner.cast_spell
entity.illusion_illager.death entity.illusioner.death
entity.illusion_illager.hurt entity.illusioner.hurt
entity.illusion_illager.mirror_move entity.illusioner.mirror_move
entity.illusion_illager.prepare_blindness entity.illusioner.prepare_blindness
entity.illusion_illager.prepare_mirror entity.illusioner.prepare_mirror
entity.irongolem.attack entity.iron_golem.attack
entity.irongolem.death entity.iron_golem.death
entity.irongolem.hurt entity.iron_golem.hurt
entity.irongolem.step entity.iron_golem.step
entity.itemframe.add_item entity.item_frame.add_item
entity.itemframe.break entity.item_frame.break
entity.itemframe.remove_item entity.item_frame.remove_item
entity.itemframe.rotate_item entity.item_frame.rotate_item
entity.leashknot.break entity.leash_knot.break
entity.lightning.impact entity.lightning_bolt.impact
entity.lightning.thunder entity.lightning_bolt.thunder
entity.lingeringpotion.throw entity.lingering_potion.throw
entity.magmacube.death entity.magma_cube.death
entity.magmacube.hurt entity.magma_cube.hurt
entity.magmacube.jump entity.magma_cube.jump
entity.magmacube.squish entity.magma_cube.squish
entity.parrot.imitate.enderdragon entity.parrot.imitate.ender_dragon
entity.parrot.imitate.evocation_illager entity.parrot.imitate.evoker
entity.parrot.imitate.illusion_illager entity.parrot.imitate.illusioner
entity.parrot.imitate.magmacube entity.parrot.imitate.magma_cube
entity.parrot.imitate.vindication_illager entity.parrot.imitate.vindicator
entity.player.splash.highspeed entity.player.splash.high_speed
entity.polar_bear.baby_ambient entity.polar_bear.ambient_baby
entity.small_magmacube.death entity.magma_cube.death_small
entity.small_magmacube.hurt entity.magma_cube.hurt_small
entity.small_magmacube.squish entity.magma_cube.squish_small
entity.small_slime.death entity.slime.death_small
entity.small_slime.hurt entity.slime.hurt_small
entity.small_slime.jump entity.slime.jump_small
entity.small_slime.squish entity.slime.squish_small
entity.snowman.ambient entity.snow_golem.ambient
entity.snowman.death entity.snow_golem.death
entity.snowman.hurt entity.snow_golem.hurt
entity.snowman.shoot entity.snow_golem.shoot
entity.vindication_illager.ambient entity.vindicator.ambient
entity.vindication_illager.death entity.vindicator.death
entity.vindication_illager.hurt entity.vindicator.hurt
entity.zombie.attack_door_wood entity.zombie.attack_wooden_door
entity.zombie.break_door_wood entity.zombie.break_wooden_door
entity.zombie_pig.ambient entity.zombie_pigman.ambient
entity.zombie_pig.angry entity.zombie_pigman.angry
entity.zombie_pig.death entity.zombie_pigman.death
entity.zombie_pig.hurt entity.zombie_pigman.hurt
record.11 music_disc.11
record.13 music_disc.13
record.blocks music_disc.blocks
record.chirp music_disc.chirp
record.far music_disc.far
record.mall music_disc.mall
record.mellohi music_disc.mellohi
record.stal music_disc.stal
record.strad music_disc.strad
record.wait music_disc.wait
record.ward music_disc.ward


48 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.13
  • MC-52166 – Lowering height by one block causes fall damage even with water brake.
  • MC-103516 – Spider and chicken jockeys only spawn the additional mob.
  • MC-118372 – Faulty netty-4.1.9.Final release causes players to be kicked from the server.
  • MC-119901 – Slow scrolling in the controls menu.
  • MC-127334 – Superflat biome id still uses numeral id, rather than named id.
From the 1.13 development versions
  • MC-122311 – Game crashes after "Backup and Load".
  • MC-122473 – Game crashes when resource pack selected (path of location: minecraft:blocks/stone frame).
  • MC-124027 – Default singleplayer player data is not written or read to level.dat anymore.
  • MC-124167 – Disabled data packs still override vanilla structures (e.g. igloo).
  • MC-124545 – Malformed JSON as 'name' value for 'show_entity' hoverEvent causes crash.
  • MC-124546/datapack disable <pack> only works in the overworld.
  • MC-124970 – Selector argument values beginning with "!" show an error despite them being a valid prefix.
  • MC-124990 – Inverted tab-suggestions for argument values in entity selectors do not display gray text in chat input line.
  • MC-125038 – New world generation doesn't populate edges of old world.
  • MC-125729 – Moving frosted ice preempts melting even under correct conditions.
  • MC-125807 – Block ids are inserted wrongly into chunk section block palettes.
  • MC-125900 – Sky light levels underground too high (since 18w05a).
  • MC-126081 – Mousepointer is not captured.
  • MC-126136 – Inverted tab-suggestions for argument values in entity selectors are suggested even if the typed prefix doesn't include an exclamation mark.
  • MC-126144 – Cods suffocate when touching a solid block from below.
  • MC-126373 – Density of nether and overworld ore veins significantly lower in 18w versions.
  • MC-126508 – Crash: Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Failed to dynamically load library.
  • MC-126569 – Underwater Ruins Floating in the water.
  • MC-126599Failed to save chunk java.lang.NullPointerException: null.
  • MC-126723 – Some mobs presenting a swimming state in the wrong place.
  • MC-126906 – Buckets cannot be emptied against blocks with the state waterlogged.
  • MC-126915 – Dispenser with empty bucket removes waterlogged blocks instead of drying them out.
  • MC-126964 – Fish mobs, guardians and dolphins cannot properly swim in the waterlogged blocks.
  • MC-127017 – Coral Plants don't break if the block underneath them is removed.
  • MC-127803 – Falling down with elytra active and looking upwards the player falls through the world.
  • MC-129527 – Drowned overlay turns dark blue when wearing enchanted armor.
  • MC-130182 – Can't open world from 1.12.
  • MC-130270 – Iron golem spawning inside blocks.
  • MC-130480 – Input range entry and limits are reversed in error messages.
  • MC-130547 – Objective minecraft.used only ticks up when placing a block from a stack of 2 or more items.
  • MC-130887 – Crash with cartographers: Loading entity NBT.
  • MC-131088 – Corrupted chunk in the middle of an already generated ocean monument after updating from 18w16a to 1.13-pre1.
  • MC-131094 – Projectiles ignore collisions for ~1 block after spawned.
  • MC-131239 – Stained glass, iron bars, and brewing stands show up on maps even when there is no block beneath it.
  • MC-131409 – Reins appear while riding non-saddled horses.
  • MC-131599 – Opening player inventory with visible recipe book after using beacon causes crash.
  • MC-131739 – Data generators sometimes hang forever (and always wait to exit after finishing) due to data fixers.
  • MC-131857 – Dragon death effects keep going.
  • MC-132002 – Ender dragon respawns when upgrading from 1.12 to 1.13-pre3.
From the previous development version
  • MC-132064 – Swimming state does not end when teleporting / jumping out of water.
  • MC-132073 – Creating a new world fails "Writing into PalettedContainer from multiple threads" - Bug in JRE 1.8.0_25.
  • MC-132139 – 1.13-pre4 crash: Failed to locate library: lwjgl_opengl32.dll.
  • MC-132144 – Using bone meal on bottom log of tree grown from sapling consumes bone meal.


Video made by slicedlime: