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Minecraft 1.12-pre3
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May 17, 2017

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1.12-pre3[1] is the third pre-release for Java Edition 1.12.



  • Added resistance to the list of required effects in the "How Did We Get Here?" hidden challenge
    • Now gives 1000 experience as a reward, instead of 100
  • Added more required food items to the "A Balanced Diet" challenge
    • Now requires 35 food items instead of 30
  • Advancements will now remember the tab you last selected
  • Changed requirements of advancements to an AND of ORs
  • Added new keybinding for opening advancements (default "L")
  • Now use a new file extension ".mcfunction" instead of ".txt"
  • Added new sounds for sound events entity.player.hurt_drown and entity.player.hurt_on_fire



  • Changed parrots to be tamed with seeds, not cookies
    • Attempting to feed a parrot a cookie will instantly kill the parrot
      • The parrot will give off Poison particles as it dies
      • Displays the message "Parrot was slain by <player>"
  • Allowed parrots to spawn in old jungles
  • Can no longer break end gateway blocks and piston extensions


  • Commands on each line no longer begin with "/" (forwards slash)
  • Now only use "#" to comment (not "//")
  • Functions should recurse as expected, even while mixing /function and /execute
Tutorial hints
  • Now smarter about deciding whether or not to display


63 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.12
  • MC-92324 – Players become invisible
  • MC-96555 – Wolves, ocelots and parrots can teleport in all non-full cube blocks near owner including path, lava, fire
  • MC-101234 – Stack trace is not printed in log when exception occurs while running command
  • MC-103067 – The unit for "Minutes Played" statistic is not always minutes
  • MC-108304 – "Level Requirement" message is not translatable
  • MC-108343Minecraft crashes with "java.lang.NullPointerException: Ticking screen" while pinging server on multiplayer server list (previously due to network issues, now more frequent)
  • MC-110243 – Sneaking + hit -> moved wrongly / no knockback
  • MC-111054 – Invalid lang in options.txt leads to connection error
  • MC-112017 – The anvil rename field accepts 31 characters but the server rejects it if it is over 30
  • MC-112425 – Hitting rabbits with fire aspect sword: "Couldn't smelt 0xtile.air@0 because there is no smelting recipe"
  • MC-112765hoverEvent JSON with specified color does not share among new lines
  • MC-113255 – Server does not test if some files exist before trying to interact with them
  • MC-113429 – Wither can break piston extension and end gateway
  • MC-114110 – Constructor for playerlist header and footer packet SPacketPlayerListHeaderFooter is missing footer parameter
  • MC-114281MutableBlockPos leak
  • MC-115407 – Loot entries serialize incorrectly
  • MC-116422 – Fires put out by splash water bottles do not cause block update
  • MC-117197 – Message for non-existent team specified in entity NBT data is logged as info instead of warning or error
From the 1.12 development versions
  • MC-115033 – Recipes for certain item subtype are unlocked for any subtype of item
  • MC-115404 – Items can duplicate if the item entity gets modified
  • MC-116373 – Glazed terracotta blocks can be pulled with slime blocks
  • MC-116409 – Popup instructions for new players invasive for experienced users
  • MC-116422 – Fires put out by splash water bottles do not cause block update
  • MC-116505 – Other sneaking players appear lower than you in multiplayer
  • MC-116533 – Glazed terracotta can't be pushed by branched slime block
  • MC-116663 – Empty advancement file crashes server when loading world
  • MC-116667 – Advancement GUI loading random textures if no background is defined
  • MC-116735 – "Previous Output" in command blocks shows under textbox
  • MC-116808@s is described as "target yourself" in a command block
  • MC-116905 – Dispenser recipe uses enchanted bow
  • MC-116924 – Invalid advancement frame type crashes server
  • MC-116925 – Messages for narrator library are not logged properly
  • MC-116926 – Advancement file containing only null crashes server
  • MC-116927 – Server crashes with null as advancement title or description value
  • MC-116934 – Advancement trigger changed_dimension ignores End to Overworld
  • MC-116973/fill only supports block entity tags for one of the filled blocks
  • MC-116982 – Block particles displayed in corner of area when using destroy option in /fill command
  • MC-117009 – Some blocks can't trigger placed_block of advancements
  • MC-117012placed_block trigger doesn't detect corresponding block from buckets (but does detect the bucket item itself)
  • MC-117022/fill does not always send block updates
  • MC-117035 – Selected advancement tab is forgotten when menu is closed
  • MC-117117 – Parrots disappear when entering the back of a boat
  • MC-117138 – "Loaded 'X' advancements" console spam
  • MC-117197 – Message for non-existent team specified in entity NBT data is logged as info instead of warning or error
  • MC-117223/reload feedback does not mention functions
  • MC-117268/function feedback says "commands" despite functions being able to contain only one command
  • MC-117313 – Advancements inherit "hidden": "true" field from their parent and cannot be overwritten
  • MC-117318 – Advancement title is not highlighted in hover text of advancement announcement in chat
  • MC-117331 – Tripwire hooks and ladders can be placed on blocks that they should not be able to
  • MC-117518 – Recipe book "Click and hold for more" option does not default to items you have in your inventory
From the previous development version
  • MC-117319/executeselectors are broken
  • MC-117321 – [Functions] Anything commands executed relative to anything doesn't doesn't run the command
  • MC-117332 – Gamerule sendCommandFeedback and commandBlockOutput doesn't stop functions from writing errors
  • MC-117341 – "How Did We Get Here?" does not require the Resistance effect
  • MC-117352 – Advancements misaligned off-screen
  • MC-117382 – "How did we get here" advancement does not give the reward
  • MC-117402 – Recipe book does not correctly add items to already placed but offset items in crafting grid invalidating recipe
  • MC-117419 – Advancement conditions with NBT data do not work correctly for inventory_changed
  • MC-117471 – Obtaining charcoal unlocks block of coal recipe
  • MC-117481 – Cannot place levers on hoppers anymore
  • MC-117545 – Recipe book tabs are cut off/misaligned
Private issues


Video made by slicedlime:


  • 1.12-pre3 was previously removed from the launcher for some time, but was added back in September 2018.
  • This version was released 8 years after Classic 0.0.11a, the first publicly released version of Minecraft.


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