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December 21, 2016


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of 1.11.2

1.11.2 was an update for Minecraft (Java Edition) released on December 21, 2016.[1] It is compatible with 1.11.1 servers. It is also the final version of 2016.


24 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.11.2
  • MC-13727 – Arrows shot from bow bounce on horse when moving or not and damage if fire arrows
  • MC-16311 – Zombie Spawning
  • MC-17948 – Incorrect dispenser sound with Flint & Steel
  • MC-38385 – Hopper: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: bad Base64 input character at 4036: 5 (Caused by corrupt servers.dat)
  • MC-44589 – Ridden boats not teleporting by @e
  • MC-45104 – Infinite Rotation Beyond Bounds While in Menu
  • MC-51266 – Severely decreased Blaze attack range
  • MC-55835 – Interaction with granite, diorite and andesite is not immediately tracked under block stats
  • MC-56364/clone replace move works improperly when power source is moved
  • MC-78684 – Spawning a mob with a spawn egg in a block on fire doesn't light that mob on fire
  • MC-83249 – Shulker projectiles sometimes don't despawn
  • MC-90457 – Elevator with slime block
  • MC-93172 – Food Metre Updating Only Visually
  • MC-94568 – Clicking a tipped arrow in mid-air will turn it into an item
  • MC-94738 – Entity movement happens independently from executing commands
  • MC-95467 – Zombie breaking door ignores block change
  • MC-99688 – Shield disabling by axes: It doesn't actually disable
  • MC-100801 – Client connecting to server without notifying session service causes NullPointerException for server
  • MC-100877 – Incorrect sound effect during dispense
  • MC-101759/stopsound command doesn't mute specific sounds in master source
  • MC-101834 – Error When Using Eye of Ender and generate-structures=false
  • MC-103130naturalRegeneration can disable to Regen status effect
From 1.11.1
  • MC-111645 – Cobblestone walls can be jumped over
  • MC-111650java.lang.NullPointerException: Ticking Entity (Chicken Jockey)


Video made by slicedlime:


  • 1.11.2 was the last minor version with no development updates until 1.16.1.
  • 1.11.2 was the last version that requires Java 6.
  • 1.11.2 was released on the latest calendar date out of all release versions in the full Java Edition release, on December 21.
  • At the time, 1.11.2 held the record of serving as the latest release of Java Edition for the longest time, with 168 days between its release on December 21, 2016 and the release of 1.12 on June 7, 2017.
    • This was later broken by the timespan between the releases of 1.12.2 and 1.13 (303 days).


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