Java Edition 1.11-pre1

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Minecraft 1.11-pre1
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Java Edition



Release date

November 8, 2016

Pre-release for



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1.11-pre1 is the first and only pre-release for Java Edition 1.11.[1]



  • Changed the front (detecting side) texture to be an "observing face".
    • Same texture is used for facing up and down, although facing down: points with the top of the face towards north, and when facing up: points with the top of the face towards south.
    • The texture is a hybrid of the rejected observer texture (Observer (front texture) pBE20160502.png) for Pocket Edition, and the previous texture.
  • Redstone output side now blinks when it outputs power.


Enchanted books
  • Curse of Vanishing, Unbreaking III and Mending now appear in the tools as well as the combat tab of the Creative inventory.


  • Added a warning message for players using Java 7 or prior.
  • Cleaned up translation files to no longer use %d.


18 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.11
  • MC-96505value key in score object for text components does not function
  • MC-97354 – Large amount of translations use invalid formatting conversion
  • MC-101457 – JSON signs with the score tag don't work.
  • MC-103399/debug command create empty files
  • MC-107848 – Shulker and shulker boxes have dark corners
From the 1.11 development versions
  • MC-107581 – Animation of totem is affected by "fixed" display setting rotation (and is inverted)
  • MC-108270 – Wither skeleton spawing quelled by normal skeletons
  • MC-109303 – Hoppers do not pass items back and forth at a regular speed and comparators can not read them correctly
  • MC-109507 – Placing Shulker Box at 0 0 0 Causes Client Crash
  • MC-109563 – Trapped chests no longer *update* components it powers through the block it's on
From the previous development version
  • MC-109566 – Inventory: Single Stack Items don't drop off into a slot when cursor is moving
  • MC-109567potion, splash_potion, lingering_potion and tipped_arrow show as uncraftable in statistics
  • MC-109568 – Cannot drag all held items
  • MC-109576 – Curse of Binding in no creative inventory tab anymore
  • MC-109577 – Unbreaking and Mending are only listed in Tools creative inventory tab
  • MC-109587 – Elytra are sometimes transparent on an armor stand
  • MC-109603 – Observers can cause powerable blocks to be stuck on
  • MC-109605 – Inverting redstone torches prints "lskdjfldskjf" to log


Video made by slicedlime:


  • 1.11-pre1 was previously removed from the launcher for some time, but was added back in September 2018.