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For a guide about all content in this release and the other releases of the Exploration Update, see Java Edition guides/Exploration Update.

1.11, the first release of the Exploration Update,[1] is a major update to Minecraft (Java Edition) released on November 14, 2016. This update made large changes to entity IDs, and added illagers (vindicators and evokers), vexes, totems of undying, exploration maps, observers, shulker boxes, woodland mansions and llamas. It also added a warning for players using soon-to-be unsupported Java versions (Java 6 and Java 7).



  • Ported from the Pocket and Windows 10 Editions.
    • May have slight behavior differences due to how redstone works in the Java edition compared to Pocket and Windows 10 Edition.
  • Outputs a redstone signal when it detects a block update.
    • Normal BUDs still remain.

A shulker box closing.

Shulker Boxes
  • Crafted in a crafting table as a single column, with a chest in the middle of the row and a shulker shell both above and below the chest.
  • Work similar to a chest, but keeps its content when broken.
    • If it has any content inside, it will drop itself in Creative mode as well.
    • Cannot be placed inside another shulker box.
    • When hovered over in the inventory, it will show up to 5 slots of its content.
    • Breaks when being pushed by a piston.
  • Use the same opening and closing animations as the Shulker.
  • Can be placed on different sides of a block to open in different directions.
    • When opening, its hitbox changes from 1 block to 1.5 blocks in its opening direction.
      • Because of this, it will not open if there is a block of any kind within the closest half-block area in its opening direction.
  • Can be dyed in any of the available dye colors.
    • Dyed Shulker Boxes have a slightly darker bottom part than the normal one.
  • Dispensers will place the block on the ground.
  • Can be mined with anything, but is mined faster with a pickaxe.


Spawn eggs
Shulker shells
Totems of undying
  • Evokers will always drop one of these upon death.
  • Holding it in either hand will resurrect the player upon taking lethal damage.
    • Gives the player the Absorption and Regeneration effects when activated.
    • Does not prevent death by /kill or the Void.
    • Has an animation when activated, which uses the item's texture and model.

Explorer map leading to an ocean monument

Explorer maps
  • Can only be obtained from cartographer villagers.
  • Used to locate ocean monuments and the new woodland mansions.
    • Ocean explorer maps are slightly blue, while woodland explorer maps are slightly brown.
  • Works like a map, but shows the outlines of land and a single structure icon.
    • Fills in the map with blocks once the player starts exploring the area shown.
  • When resized, it will still show the structure icon, but will lose the outlines.
  • When outside the area on the map, the player icon will be smaller the further away the player is.
    • When 1024 blocks away from the structure, the dot will go from a small icon to a bigger one.


  • Being relatives to the villagers, they look similar but have pale gray skin and wear dark clothes.
  • Two kinds of Illagers are introduced: evokers and vindicators.
  • Separate their arms when aggravated, and holds an iron axe in their main hand.
    • Their axe is one of their HandItems, this means their attack disables shields.
  • Hostile towards players and villagers.
  • Have a byte tag Johnny which is false by default; if set to true, they will attack any nearby mobs, with the exception of other Illagers.
  • Spawn in the woodland mansions upon generation. They will not respawn.
  • May drop emeralds and an iron axe upon death.
  • Added as an end-game challenge, or mini-boss.
  • Will always drop a totem of undying upon death. May drop emeralds too.
  • In battle, they will summon vexes and fangs to attack.
    • Raise their arms when casting a spell.
    • Fangs always deal 6♥♥♥ damage, ignoring armor.
  • Aggressive towards the player and villagers.
  • Spawn in the two upper floors of woodland mansions upon generation. They will not respawn.
  • Will change any blue colored sheep in a radius of 16 blocks into red.

Two vexes in a woodland mansion

  • Spawn only when summoned by an evoker.
  • Appear similar to ghosts, in that they are small, pale, flying mobs that can phase through blocks.
  • Show red marks when about to attack.
  • Attack players and villagers.
  • Hold an iron sword in their main hand.

Three llamas

  • Spawn in extreme hills.
  • Drop leather.
  • Has multiple skins, like cats and horses.
  • Attack by spitting.
    • If the player hits them, they will spit at the player once, dealing 1♥ damage.
    • If not in a caravan group, they are always aggressive toward wolves.
  • Can be equipped with a carpet for decoration and a chest for storage.
    • Differently colored carpets have different textures when placed on llamas.
    • The amount of storage slots available depends on the strength of the llama.
  • If the player puts a leash on one, up to 10 llamas will be attracted and try to form a caravan.
    • Caravan groups are passive to all mobs.
  • Tamed llamas can be bred with hay bales.

Non-mob entities[]

Evocation fangs
  • Summoned by evokers during their Fang Attack.
  • Fangs in warmup still have a visible debug hitbox.
  • Damages 6♥♥♥ deals to mobs that were in place.
  • Naturally spawned fangs do not harm illagers.
    • Player-spawned ones do.

World generation[]

Return portals
Woodland mansions
  • Generate in roofed forest biomes.
  • Home to the illagers.
  • Have three floors, where the bottom two are larger and the third is smaller.
  • Use procedural generation and structure blocks for random layouts.
    • Because of this, some rooms may be completely surrounded by walls and have no entrance.
  • Consist mostly of cobblestone and wood blocks.
  • Can be located with a woodland explorer maps.


  • doWeatherCycle
    • Determines whether the weather will change.
    • Defaults to true.
  • maxEntityCramming
    • Defaults to 24
    • If one entity tries to push more than specified number of entities, it starts to suffocate.
    • Gets damaged 3 hearts by tick, passes though armor.
    • The death message is "<Player> squished too much".
    • Setting to 0 disables the rule.
    • Affects all entities.
Curse enchantments
  • Enchantments with negative effects.
  • Two curses added: the Curse of Binding (enchantment ID 10) and the Curse of Vanishing (enchantment ID 71).
    • Curse of Binding will bind the item to the player, making the player unable to drop it or take it off if it is an armor item, although it will drop when the player dies.
    • Players in Creative mode are unaffected by this curse.
    • Curse of Vanishing will make the item disappear if the player dies. /gamerule keepInventory true will prevent this.
  • Cursed tools, armor and books can be found as loot in some generated structures.

Command format[]

  • Syntax: /locate <StructureType>
    • Accepts: EndCity, Fortress, Mansion, Mineshaft, Monument, Stronghold, Temple and Village.
    • Desert temples, Jungle temples, Witch huts and Igloos all go under the Temple category.
  • Pushes coordinates for the closest structure of given type in the chat for the player who executed the command.
    • Returns the message "Located [Structure] at [x] [y] [z]".
    • Will display the Y coordinates as "(y?)" for some structures
    • If a structure is not located nearby (i.e. in a different dimension), it will respond with "Unable to locate any [StructureType] feature"


  • "Javalicious edition"
  • "Should not be played while driving"
  • "You're going too fast!"
  • New strings within the game were made available for internationalization:
    • World selection error messages.
    • Customized superflat preset names.
    • Spectator-mode-specific options and messages.
    • In the Options menu: the words "chunks" and "fps"
    • In item tooltips: the words "Color: ", "NBT: " and "Durability: "
    • Pressing F3 + Q displays text associated with other F3 actions.
    • Text associated with downloading resource packs from servers.
    • /save-all flush command output
NBT tags
  • New display tag entry for items: LocName for translation strings
  • CustomPotionColor integer tag for potions and potion arrows to overwrite/set the color
  • ColorMap integer tag for filled maps to overwrite/set the color of the marks in the item texture



  • Added sound when dropped anvils break.
  • Now require a dye when applying a pattern that uses a non-dye item, such as a creeper head or enchanted golden apple.
    • Previously the lack of a dye would have applied the black variant of the pattern.
  • If the player clicks on the bed, but is not right beside it, it now shows the message: "You may not rest now, the bed is too far away".
    • Previously the player would get no message, but would be unable to sleep.
  • Added sound when filling and emptying cauldrons with buckets and bottles.
  • Washing dyed leather armor and dyed banners now remove 1 water level from the cauldron.
  • Using a water bottle now refills 1 water level to a cauldron.
End gateway portal blocks
  • Now use a magenta-colored beam when teleporting entities, rather than yellow.
    • This color matches the beam that occurs when the block first generates
  • Their hitbox now corresponds to their exact visual location on the block (as opposed to always placed in the middle of the block).
Flower pots
  • Can now remove the potted plant from the pot, by pressing use.
  • Particles emitted from leaves now use the corresponding color according to the biome.
  • All rail types' hitbox heights are decreased from a full block to a half block
  • Trapdoors that are placed right next to redstone sources now automatically update to an open state.


Cobblestone walls and mossy cobblestone walls
  • Are now in the Decoration Blocks tab in the Creative inventory rather than the Building Blocks tab.
Durability Bar
  • The colors of the durability bar, which is displayed on damaged items in the hotbar and inventories, have been changed.
    • The color is now bright during the entire length of the bar, when previously it would fade through a set of not so bright oranges and yellows, it will now fade through clear yellow and orange.
    • Also the background of the durability bar is now completely black, where it used to be transparent.
  • Using pick block will give the player farmland itself instead of dirt.
Fishing rods
  • Fishing rods will now cast out or reel in when right clicking on fences.
  • Now shows the land properly when used in the End.
  • Item texture's "markers" can now be colored by ColorMap tag.
  • Potions that have missing or invalid potion-effect tags now default to the uncraftable potion, which now has no glint, and is now magenta in color.
    • This also applies to lingering potions, splash potions and tipped arrows.
    • Due to the water bottle without tags being changed to uncraftable potion, the brewing icon is also changed to uncraftable potion in the creative inventory.
Potions and tipped arrows
  • Item texture's color can now be custom colored by <CustomPotionColor> tag.
  • Will now keep enchantment level and durability when crafted with banners.
Spawn eggs
  • Are now sorted alphabetically in the creative inventory.
  • There is no longer an item stack of 0 when using the drag function to craft items.


  • Now have a neck texture.
  • If a creeper is inflicted with a potion effect, its explosion will cause a lingering effect of the potion.
Ender dragons
  • Custom named ender dragons now show their name in their boss health bar.
  • Now shows their hitboxes when hitboxes are shown using F3 + B.
Guardians and elder guardians
  • Their common drop of fish will now be cooked fish if they die while on fire.
    • Their rare drops from player kills, which match fishing loot and are sometimes fish, are unaffected.
  • Elder guardians now drop a wet sponge rather than a dry sponge.
  • Skeleton and zombie horses:
    • Their bone and rotten flesh drops (respectively) now yield 0–2, and are now affected by Looting.
  • Skeleton trap horses:
    • The chance of spawning with a thunderstorm lightning strike is reduced to 15 of what it was.
  • The Savegame ID for Humans were removed.
  • Now try to avoid water.
Saddled pigs
  • Now drops 0-1 shulker shells.
  • Can be spawned in with different colors using the Color data tag.
    • Colored shulkers have a darker bottom part, making them slightly different from normal Shulkers.
  • Can now be spawned on sides and bottoms of blocks by spawn eggs
Snow golems
  • Now, when their pumpkin is sheared from their head, that is saved with the game (previously it was just an in-memory visual effect).
  • All villagers:
    • Can now be named by name tags.
  • Farmer villagers:
    • Now sell 5–7 apples, where before they sold 5
    • Now sell 6–10 cookies, where before they sold 6
  • Cartographer was added as a new Librarian career.
    • Trading with a Cartographer is the only way to obtain the new explorer maps.
  • Green-robed villagers (aka Nitwit):
    • Re-added this entity as Profession:5.
    • Spawns naturally in villages.
    • No trades.
  • Custom named withers now show their name in their boss health bar.
Wither Skeletons
  • Now have their own sounds.
Zombie villagers
  • Now have their own sounds.
  • Green-robed zombie villagers
    • Re-added this entity as Profession:5.
    • Spawn naturally anywhere zombie villager spawn.

Non-mob entities[]

Armor stands
  • Added sound when broken in creative mode.
  • Now have a crit tag which determines whether the arrow will deal critical hit damage.

World generation[]

Desert village wells


  • Messages can now be 256 characters long instead of 100.
  • Some warnings now appear above the hotbar instead of in the chat, like "Press [key] to dismount" had.
    • "You can only sleep at night"
    • "You may not rest now, there are monsters nearby"
    • "This bed is occupied"
    • "Height limit for building is 256 blocks"
    • "Unable to open. Loot not generated yet."
    • "You may not rest now, the bed is too far away"
Exhaustion levels
Action Old rate New rate Units
Sneaking 0.005 —    per meter
Walking 0.01  —    per meter
Swimming 0.015 0.01  per meter
Breaking a block 0.025 0.005 per block broken
Jumping 0.2   0.05  per jump
Attacking an enemy 0.3   0.1   per attack landed
Taking damage that is normally protected by armor 0.3   0.1   per distinct instance of damage being received
Hunger status effect 0.5   0.1   per second, per Hunger status effect level
Jumping while sprinting 0.8   0.2   per jump
Regenerating health by having 🍗 × 9 or higher,
and with naturalRegeneration=true
4.0   6.0   per 1♥ healed
  • Fishing has received a major overhaul.
  • Ink sacs are now caught in stacks of 10 with a weight of 1, rather than in stacks of 1 with a weight of 10.
  • Now block 100%, as opposed to 66.6%, of the damage dealt in melee combat.
    • Zombies without any weapons will not deal any damage to the player, nor damage the shields durability.
    • Creeper explosions deal 0 damage to the player.
    • Wither skeletons will not inflict the wither effect when hit by them.
    • Burning zombies will not set the player on fire.
    • Mobs with axes will now disable the shield if they attack a blocking player.
  • Now prevents drops from heights of 58 of a block or greater; previously, it was 1 full block or greater.
  • Some of elder guardians' and zombie villagers' subtitles are now distinct from the subtitles for guardians and zombies.

Command format[]

  • Now ignores item-specific stacking restrictions.[2]
  • Now can display text in the action bar position.
Block states
  • Block states can now be used in the /execute, /fill, /setblock and /testforblock commands.
    • Examples:
      • /setblock ~ ~ ~ minecraft:stone variant=granite instead of /setblock ~ ~ ~ minecraft:stone 1
      • /setblock ~ ~ ~ wool color=blue instead of /setblock ~ ~ ~ minecraft:wool 11
      • /setblock ~ ~ ~ minecraft:planks variant=acacia instead of /setblock ~ ~ ~ minecraft:planks 4
      • /setblock ~ ~ ~ minecraft:birch_fence_gate facing=west,open=true
Target selectors
  • Target selectors specifying coordinates and radius must now be given explicitly (i.e., [1,2,3,4] no longer substitutes for [x=1,y=2,z=3,r=4]).


  • Tab-completion results are now sorted alphabetically
  • Switched the Done and Reset Keys buttons on the controls screen for consistency
Resource packs
  • The required pack version number was changed to "3" in pack.mcmeta.
    • Version 3 resource packs have to use lowercase filenames for everything.
  • Changed the title and description of "Snooper Settings"
    • Brings it into line with the new privacy policy[3]
    • Title is now "Feed us data!" instead of "Machine Specs Collection"
    • Description is now "We always want to improve Minecraft and, to help us do that, we'd like to collect some information. This lets us know what hardware to support and where the big problems are. It also gives us a sense of the size of our active player base, so we know if we're doing a good job. You can view all the information we collect below. If you want to opt out then you can simply toggle it off!"
Entity IDs, block entity IDs, block IDs and item IDs
  • Now are no longer case sensitive.
    • Autocomplete will put in lowercase letters.
Entity and block entity IDs
  • Use underscores to separate words, rather than using single words in mixed case.
  • Optionally, a minecraft: namespace prefix can be used, just like block and item IDs. However, it is not optional for EntityTags and spawners.[4]
  • There are still old entity IDs in the language files (example: LavaSlime instead of magma_cube for the magma cube) and the new mobs in 1.11 have their ID with the old type (no underscores, capital letters for the beginning of the words. example: VindicationIllager instead of vindication_illager for the vindicator.)
  • The following names have changed:
Old name New name Change Type
AreaEffectCloud area_effect_cloud Underscores Entity
ArmorStand armor_stand Underscores Entity
Cauldron brewing_stand Rename Block entity
CaveSpider cave_spider Underscores Entity
MinecartChest chest_minecart Rename Entity
Control command_block Rename Block entity
MinecartCommandBlock commandblock_minecart Rename Entity
DLDetector daylight_detector Rename Block entity
Trap dispenser Rename Block entity
DragonFireball dragon_fireball Underscores Entity
ThrownEgg egg Rename Entity
EnchantTable enchanting_table Rename Block entity
EndGateway end_gateway Underscore Block entity
AirPortal end_portal Rename Block entity
EnderChest ender_chest Underscore Block entity
EnderCrystal ender_crystal Underscores Entity
EnderDragon ender_dragon Underscores Entity
ThrownEnderpearl ender_pearl Rename Entity
EyeOfEnderSignal eye_of_ender_signal Underscores Entity
FallingSand falling_block Rename Entity
FireworksRocketEntity fireworks_rocket Rename Entity
FlowerPot flower_pot Underscore Block entity
MinecartFurnace furnace_minecart Rename Entity
MinecartHopper hopper_minecart Rename Entity
EntityHorse horse Rename Entity
ItemFrame item_frame Underscores Entity
RecordPlayer jukebox Rename Block entity
LeashKnot leash_knot Underscores Entity
LightningBolt lightning_bolt Underscores Entity
LavaSlime magma_cube Rename Entity
MinecartRideable minecart Rename Entity
MobSpawner mob_spawner Underscore Block entity
MushroomCow mooshroom Rename Entity
Music noteblock Rename Block entity
Ozelot ocelot Rename Entity
PolarBear polar_bear Underscores Entity
ShulkerBullet shulker_bullet Underscores Entity
SmallFireball small_fireball Underscores Entity
SpectralArrow spectral_arrow Underscores Entity
ThrownPotion potion Rename Entity
MinecartSpawner spawner_minecart Rename Entity
Structure structure_block Rename Block entity
PrimedTnt tnt Rename Entity
MinecartTNT tnt_minecart Rename Entity
VillagerGolem villager_golem Underscores Entity
WitherBoss wither Rename Entity
WitherSkull wither_skull Underscores Entity
ThrownExpBottle xp_bottle Rename Entity
XPOrb xp_orb Underscores Entity
PigZombie zombie_pigman Rename Entity
  • Horse was split into entity IDs horse, donkey, mule, skeleton_horse and zombie_horse for their respective types.
  • Skeleton was split into entity IDs skeleton, stray and wither_skeleton.
  • Zombie was split into entity IDs zombie, zombie_villager and husk.
  • Guardian was split into entity IDs guardian and elder_guardian.
  • Unused savegame IDs Mob and Monster were removed.
NBT tags
  • For all horses, HasReproduced, Type and Saddle tags are removed.
  • ChestedHorse and Items tags now apply only to mule and donkey.
  • SkeletonTrap and SkeletonTrapTime tags now apply only to skeleton_horse.
  • Elder tag is removed from guardian and elder_guardian.
  • ZombieType tag is removed from all zombie types.
  • ConversionTime and Profession tags now apply only to zombie_villager.
  • SkeletonType tag is removed from all skeleton types.
  • Pumpkin byte tag is added to snowman.
  • For ghast fireballs, blaze fireballs, fire charges, dragon fireballs and wither skulls:
    • xTile, yTile, zTile, inTile and inGround tags were removed,
    • and the life tag is no longer used for anything, but still saved/read.
Loot tables
  • Donkey, mule, husk and zombie villager now each draw from their own loot tables, rather than drawing from the horse and zombie loot tables, respectively.
  • Villagers and ender dragons are now able to draw from their own loot tables.


289 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.11
  • MC-9 – Dropped anvil makes no sound when it breaks.
  • MC-87 – When scaling a map with paper, shift-clicking on it won't apply the correct scale level.
  • MC-341 – Duplication and deletion of hotbar items in Creative using number keys.
  • MC-679 – Compass points wrong direction after returning from nether.
  • MC-1040 – Tools with unbreaking enchantment break, disappear from slot then reappear.
  • MC-1555 – Items get deleted when the crafting recipe overflows the inventory.
  • MC-2153 – Chickens' necks have no texture.
  • MC-2188 – Item gets used when right clicking on a saddled pig.
  • MC-2298 – Placing fence gates right beside a redstone source will not update them to the open state.
  • MC-2334 – Sneaking on shorter than full blocks (chests, enchantment table...) will make the player fall nonetheless.
  • MC-2573 – Potions and food are consumed on death.
  • MC-2912 – Creative mode hotbar glitch when using number key to exchange items slots.
  • MC-2920 – Wrong fishing line calculation.
  • MC-3352 – Arrows fired into a repeater / comparator / jukebox / command block / hopper / daylight sensor that is updating will play the arrow hitting a block noise.
  • MC-3367 – Reflecting ghast fireballs is nearly impossible.
  • MC-3841 – Attacking an unsaddled pig while holding a saddle saddles the pig.
  • MC-4132 – Piston placement issue past 16777217.
  • MC-4582 – Can't eat, throw, or shoot while looking at an Iron Door/Iron Trapdoor.
  • MC-4603 – The Ender dragon is hostile to players in Creative.
  • MC-4789 – Gravel and sand falling through piston.
  • MC-5120 – Fireworks pushed by water / fired horizontally out of loaded chunks cause client to hang.
  • MC-5330 – Range for using bed is lower than normal range.
  • MC-6321 – Maps created in the end act as if they are in the nether.
  • MC-7809 – Aiming at the very bottom of a side of an upper slab/stair places slabs/stairs right-side up in multiplayer.
  • MC-8293 – Dispensers spawn mobs without offset along the y-axis.
  • MC-8673 – Players killed by wither skeletons are shown to have been killed by a skeleton.
  • MC-9691 – Inconsistency: Some wooden items don't burn in furnaces.
  • MC-11416 – Dispenser / dropper / piston / command block placing is not consistent.
  • MC-11449 – Repeaters update very differently.
  • MC-11834 – "[SEVERE] Item entity # has no item?" is spammed in the console and items appear as stone for invalid IDs or on initial drop.
  • MC-11877 – Fishing bobber floats a block above water.
  • MC-12788 – Custom superflat world GUI graphical glitch with chests / ender chests / trapped chests / beacon blocks.
  • MC-14525 – Name tag item doesn't work on entities with right click ability.
  • MC-14640 – No hunger bar when riding a boat or minecart.
  • MC-14861 – Teleporting using commands resets the velocity.
  • MC-19033 – Pig with a saddle loses name and the player gets the name tag back when chunk the pig is in gets unloaded.
  • MC-21433 – Fences Are Interactive Blocks.
  • MC-26690 – Wither skeletons flicker when in the sun.
  • MC-29544 – Particles from falling/landing/sprinting on leaves do not use foliage color.
  • MC-30630 – Double grass and fern use 2 different biome colors for top and bottom.
  • MC-30790 – Particle blast on landing based on fall distance rather than fall speed.
  • MC-32473 – When the player uses /summon to make a boat riding a mob & then rides the boat the mob walks in one direction only.
  • MC-34943/summon-ing a villager without a "Count" tag allows the trade, but does not take the item.
  • MC-36360 – No player sound when "Friendly Creatures" sounds are turned off.
  • MC-36927 – Durability of golden swords occasionally dropped by zombie pigmen is not random (always 25).
  • MC-41270 – Resourcepack's glyph_sizes.bin and some unicode_pages are only loaded on startup.
  • MC-46309 – Command feedback doesn't work with @e and no mobs which match the selector.
  • MC-46341 – Some text isn't translated and isn't available on Crowdin.
  • MC-46345 – Maps stop updating after going through nether portal / Map update packets ignored by client.
  • MC-46456 – Written books given by command crashes when copied in crafting table if Author is missing.
  • MC-47508 – Ridden entities disappear on relogin.
  • MC-49666 – Trades are not randomized for the farmer villager.
  • MC-50156WitherSkull / fireball disappears at y >~ 256.
  • MC-51662 – Sand/Gravel broken into entity by upward extending piston.
  • MC-55851 – Leads not rendering when spawned (attached to mob/fencepost) via command block/structure block.
  • MC-58614 – XP bar is not transparent (no alpha) when normal crosshair is not visible.
  • MC-58677 – GUI has inconsistent capitalization.
  • MC-58795 – Spectator mode teleportation to team member causes crash.
  • MC-58812 – Pick-Block and drag will only create a limited number of stacks for an item.
  • MC-59144 – A held item replaced by the same kind of item by /replaceitem does not visually update.
  • MC-59303 – When placed next to a cactus, the head of bed remains same.
  • MC-59888 – Tall grass (top) particles are sunflower texture with broken palette.
  • MC-61423 – Wither skulls quickly switch between positions when riding boats.
  • MC-61997 – Squids spawn in lava.
  • MC-63010 – Placing a banner and breaking it in Survival causes them to not stack (as they have NBT data).
  • MC-63640 – Lightning bolts do not appear if they are more than 95 blocks away from the player.
  • MC-64119stat.drop wont increase when player throws items out of his inventory screen.
  • MC-66946 – 2-block tall hitbox on small armor stands.
  • MC-67092/setblock or /fill does not instantly update Beacon Beam colors.
  • MC-67406 – Small armor stands display items differently than normal ones.
  • MC-67665 – Mouse click position always lags a few frames behind the crosshair.
  • MC-70143 – Eyes of ender point to stairs after reloading a world.
  • MC-70424 – Baby zombie pigmen's sword is slightly tiled forward.
  • MC-70806 – Blocks with a data value > 0 have missing texture in superflat customization.
  • MC-71347 – Shift-clicking crafted items increase achievement objective by 2.
  • MC-71367 – Shift-clicking two slots of same item into anvil results in client-side stack of zero in inventory.
  • MC-72962 – The Empty Map texture is one pixel to the right compared to the Map/Paper texture.
  • MC-73205 – FallingSand glitches upwards.
  • MC-73494 – Translation for white wool and white carpet is incorrect (US).
  • MC-73529 – Incorrect error message for @e[type=!Player,c=1,r=1].
  • MC-75290 – Transferring lapis lazuli into the enchanting GUI can leave the player a stack of zero.
  • MC-75726 – Broken error message when loading (broken?) resource packs.
  • MC-76173 – "Note Blocks" appear as "Noteblocks" in statistics.
  • MC-76899 – Dragging items with the middle mouse button causes block count to go negative.
  • MC-78779 – Commands with optional player argument have missing error translation in command blocks.
  • MC-79318 – Double piston extender: sand on top falling in between pistons.
  • MC-79817 – Fishing rod bobber unusually suffocating.
  • MC-79996 – Blocks like crops and rails are solid to Fishing Rods.
  • MC-80251FallingSand other than the default ones cause error when traveling trough end portal.
  • MC-80500 – Snow layer placed against the side of another snow layer are placed one block too far out, only when there's a block where snow would go normally.
  • MC-80549 – Slime /entitydata motion causing unkillable slime.
  • MC-80551 – The player can place redstone, doors, rails etc. onto 78 layers of snow.
  • MC-80692WitherBoss attacks ArmorStands.
  • MC-80782 – Memory leak caused by Maps; even post reconnect.
  • MC-80903 – Pistons and Fence Gates.
  • MC-81731 – Dropped items are doubled in Creative, Survival inventory.
  • MC-81818 – When resizing the window, the player may end up spinning around.
  • MC-82811 – Attempting to use currently unusable items bobs item up and down.
  • MC-82841 – Arrows are bright despite being in darkness.
  • MC-82965 – Main hand item use animation plays when using offhand (3rd person mode).
  • MC-83185 – Fishing rod in offhand, bobber immediately disappears/goes to 0,0.
  • MC-83337 – Eye of ender in the mainhand doesn't block offhand item usage.
  • MC-83571 – Custom named bosses show "Wither" / "Enderdragon" at boss health bar.
  • MC-83905 – Compass animates incorrectly.
  • MC-83998 – Unable to place blocks on fences from offhand.
  • MC-84095 – Ender dragon destroys fireballs/Fireballs invisible.
  • MC-84519 – Golden apple offhand glitch.
  • MC-84566 – Arrows fall off dispensers/droppers when they are powered.
  • MC-85320 – End Bricks, purpur blocks, chorus plants, bone blocks and structure blocks don't show the right colors on a maps.
  • MC-85805 – Two pistons smashing a shulker glitch.
  • MC-86130 – Shields change their base color when damaged & repaired / Crafting different in colors results in damage.
  • MC-86163 – When hostile mobs hit the player while blocking with shield, sound of taking damage is not played.
  • MC-86818 – Lingering and splash potions show invalid name in statistics.
  • MC-87034 – Dragon's breath and lingering potion area is invisible on minimal particles.
  • MC-87048 – Putting a design on a shield will cause the shield to lose its enchantments.
  • MC-87159 – Dragon breaks blocks in far-off locations.
  • MC-87364 – Missing error message for failed scoreboard players tag.
  • MC-87801 – Unknown pack image is the default pack image instead of unknown_pack.png.
  • MC-87988 – Fishing rod sometimes cannot reel in entities.
  • MC-87989 – Wrong line when casting fishing rod in third person view.
  • MC-88089 – Two players going down a ladder at the same time makes them stuck or go up.
  • MC-88096 – When using spawn eggs on fences the mobs fall through.
  • MC-88103 – Clock animates incorrectly / spins at noon.
  • MC-88459 – Height limit message sent twice when trying to place from off hand.
  • MC-88533 – Marker armorstands cannot properly be tested for with target argument "r=0".
  • MC-89030 – Pistons warp entities too much (Pistons pull entities in/through blocks).
  • MC-89064 – Lightning spawns Skeleton Horse when doMobSpawning/spawn-monsters is false.
  • MC-89174/enchant with any invalid ID displays message "There is no such enchantment with ID 0".
  • MC-89921 – Elytra not rendered on entities/mobs.
  • MC-90074 – Boat from dispenser is facing wrong direction (towards dispenser instead of the same way as dispenser).
  • MC-90175 – Game crashes with exit code -805306369 (out of memory?) when boats are summoned as passenger of a boat that is a passenger of a living entity.
  • MC-90191 – Armorstands, silverfish and endermites in boats spin rapidly.
  • MC-90538 – Elytra are not placeable on armor stand.
  • MC-91209 – Inconsistent word separation in chat help for F3+[key] combinations (resourcepacks, renderdistance).
  • MC-91383 – Horses (now only skeleton horses and zombie horses) drop different amount of loot than before.
  • MC-91728 – Instant Health/damage potion tipped arrows got no effect.
  • MC-92105 – Splash and lingering potion ignore Ambient and ShowParticles tag.
  • MC-92106ThrownPotion not using particles from CustomPotionEffects tag.
  • MC-92139 – Too many tipped arrows in the "Combat" section of the Creative inventory.
  • MC-92191 – Using /entitydata on a player-thrown potion will edit player's inventory.
  • MC-92282 – Mob spawner BlockEntityTag does not copy SpawnData data to missing SpawnPotentials.
  • MC-92294 – Elder Guardians drop normal sponge instead of wet sponge.
  • MC-92772 – Saddled pigs don't drop saddle with doMobLoot=false.
  • MC-92776 – Ink sacs are fished in stacks of 1 instead of 10.
  • MC-93090 – Cursor position not updated correctly when opening inventory
  • MC-93286 – fishing rod can't pull mob.
  • MC-93371 – No armor stand breaking sound in creative mode.
  • MC-93435 – Cobblestone walls are listed in the "Building Blocks" tab.
  • MC-93493 – Spectators can control horses.
  • MC-93609 – Player is floating above the saddle of a mule.
  • MC-93619 – Shooting potion tipped arrow in creative mode reduces arrow count.
  • MC-93648 – Snow golems with pumpkins sheared off regain pumpkins.
  • MC-93651 – No placement sound when placing blocks on fence.
  • MC-93814 – Equipping Pumpkins/Mob Heads through dispenser often play "dispenser failed" sound.
  • MC-93822 – Feeding baby horse does not create green growing particles.
  • MC-93824 – Feeding golden carrot to breed horse works if InLove is greater than 0.
  • MC-94169 – Fishing Rod Bobber collision error and into the block.
  • MC-94274 – Hitbox of cocoa beans too small.
  • MC-94303 – Filling/emptying bucket/bottle sound doesn't play for cauldrons.
  • MC-94352 – frame drops with active VBOs-setting when breaking blocks.
  • MC-94476 – Killing rabbits with Looting does not give more raw rabbit.
  • MC-94485 – Hand animation continue swing when cocoa block placed already.
  • MC-94502 – Pasting numbers in customized world generation text fields does not enable "Defaults" button.
  • MC-94597 – Shooting an arrow prints "added speed" in the Game Output.
  • MC-94947 – Chicken "stepping" sound still works when the chicken is swimming.
  • MC-94978 – Throwable items fired from dispenser do not hit mobs for the first two ticks.
  • MC-95450 – Some mobs have missing Loot Tables.
  • MC-95460 – Compass needle spins only in lower half randomly in the End and Nether.
  • MC-95469 – Middle click / pick block on farmland gives dirt.
  • MC-95735 – (Splash) harming and healing potion still applys effect even if it's specified not to.
  • MC-95738 – Slimes health resets to max when setting any nbt-tag.
  • MC-95922 – Destroyed dropped Minecart items use entity name.
  • MC-95944 – Fished items doesn't reach player.
  • MC-96110 – Bobber hitbox is not synchronized.
  • MC-96205 – Boat still does rowing animation while pressing a and d.
  • MC-96463 – UV mapping in cross.json and tinted_cross.json models is incorrect / south face of crossed textures of saplings, plants, etc. is mirrored.
  • MC-96499 – Boats collide with any entity (arrows, paintings, etc.) even if Marker:1b is on (armor stand).
  • MC-96505value key in score object for text components does not function.
  • MC-96544 – Temperature Freezing Point Inconsistency.
  • MC-96954 – Passenger Entities get dismounted client-side when rerendered.
  • MC-97245 – Boat placement sound uses equipment sound subtitle.
  • MC-97354 – Large amount of translations use invalid formatting conversion.
  • MC-97360 – Hitting a bed, sign, or banner displays the "Block broken" caption instead of "Block breaking".
  • MC-97692 – Boat riding on an entity riding on an entity.
  • MC-97808 – Not canceled that draw a bow.
  • MC-97916 – Items receive too much momentum when they're squeezed.
  • MC-97982 – Offhand slot frame rotated 180 degrees compared to hotbar.
  • MC-98009 – Elytra equipment sound using Leather armor equipment sound.
  • MC-98093 – Distorted pistons.
  • MC-98146 – Marker armor stand does not render in some cases.
  • MC-98260 – Water bottles have inconsistent NBT tag depending on how the player obtains them.
  • MC-98727 – Standing on a boat starves the player extremely quickly.
  • MC-98779 – Skeletons spawned with /summon or natural spawning algorithm are not in the correct height.
  • MC-98922 – Fishing hook / bobber cannot kill itself after 1200 ticks and bounces on land.
  • MC-98995 – Birch Forest M Biome Generation off.
  • MC-99103 – The player can't see remaining time when the player has a potion effect in Demo Mode.
  • MC-99353 – Elytra becomes transparent when wearing enchanted armor.
  • MC-99427 – Fishing bobber sticks to entity sometimes only visually.
  • MC-99598 – Sticky pistons with slime blocks acting crazy.
  • MC-99602 – Impossible to detect water bottles filled from the ocean in player's inventory.
  • MC-99603 – Wolves, Dogs, and Ocelots fall out of the world.
  • MC-99661 – Summoning a LeashKnot with a passenger entity crashes.
  • MC-99763/help command not suggesting tab completion when executed from other entity.
  • MC-99814 – help -1 throws unknown command exception.
  • MC-99831 – Shield blocking not viewing correctly.
  • MC-99900 – Enchantments boostrap class has the wrong error message when called before bootstrap.
  • MC-99980 – Skeleton trap horses can spawn on mushroom islands.
  • MC-100260 – Explosion impulse on non-living entities is not attenuated by power, distance, or obstructions.
  • MC-100398 – "Marker" true ArmorStands can be pushed by Pistons (incl. + excl. NoGravity:1).
  • MC-100711 – Arrows not able to be picked up when on a changing repeater.
  • MC-100950 – Boats can travel / remain on the fog of lingering potion / dragon's breath.
  • MC-100964 – Resseting demo mode dialog cannot be canceled by button.
  • MC-101063 – Invalid item id in villager trading causes client, who tries to trade, to crash.
  • MC-101120 – Sign items with invalid JSON in Text1 tag are used in creative.
  • MC-101234 – Unknown errors do not print exception into log.
  • MC-101249 – Target selectors ignore invalid arguments.
  • MC-101372 – Item pickup sound plays twice when picking up an item.
  • MC-101441 – When durability on bow it is 0 / 384 and the bow is on the left hand.
  • MC-101457 – JSON signs with the score tag don't work.
  • MC-101555 – Resource pack fails to load when the itemframe blockstate is multipart.
  • MC-101608 – Teleporting a Vehicle will Kick off its Passengers.
  • MC-101615 – Silverfish do more damage to players on easy difficulty than on normal difficulty.
  • MC-101642 – Iron golem / VillagerGolem is holding red flower client side 400 ticks too long.
  • MC-102041 – "Skipping Entity with id " message is missing invalid entity id.
  • MC-102047 – Middles click on mob variants gives base mob Spawn Egg.
  • MC-102076 – Mob hitboxes cause a forced auto-jump.
  • MC-102248 – Player being killed by Stray shows "@ was shot by Skeleton" death message.
  • MC-102439 – Shield Desynchronizes.
  • MC-102454 – Generic/green robed (zombie) villagers aren't spawnable.
  • MC-102506 – Ugly Bryce terrain generation (generation of stone above ground).
  • MC-102638 – All sloped rail hitbox equivalent to the a complete block.
  • MC-102683 – Elder Guardians use the same subtitles as normal Guardians.
  • MC-102888 – Stray overlay turns dark blue when wearing enchanted armor.
  • MC-102986 – Can place Grass Path at "invalid" locations.
  • MC-103043 – Entity name incorrect for Wither Skeleton / Stray / Elder Guardian / Zombie Pigman.
  • MC-103100 – Fishing Rods not always pulling in items.
  • MC-103261 – Desert villages generate with cobblestone around the well.
  • MC-103313 – Hitbox of baby mobs / slime / magma cube / llama are offset for some seconds.
  • MC-103339 – Mushroom cows do not path to mycelium, but grass. Causes unintended spawning requirements.
  • MC-103399/debug command create empty files.
  • MC-103420 – Character glides around as if using an elytra at random times even if one is not equipped.
  • MC-103726 – Marker armor stands are not saved with structures.
  • MC-104259 – Player/Mob stuck/through when on farmland while it changes to dirt.
  • MC-104663 – Fishing particle glitch.
  • MC-104901 – Suboptimal visibility and horrific look of the tool's durability bar colors.
  • MC-105071 – Random green/gray dot in anvil GUI.
  • MC-105096 – shield animation glitch (wiggle).
  • MC-105406 – OpenGL Leak in View Frustum.
  • MC-105513 – Loading Structures that contain no blocks ignores entities.
  • MC-105560 – Hoppers become stuck on world reload at chunk borders.
  • MC-105787 – Structure void has unused model files.
  • MC-105845 – Memory usage graph of server GUI not drawing.
  • MC-105846 – Various netty exceptions kick me from server in 1.10.2.
  • MC-105862 – Arrows of slowness disapear from inventory.
  • MC-105886 – World file names containing brackets will not load packaged resource packs.
  • MC-105898 – Mushrooms and crops cause bed to drop; leaves "head" of bed behind, same with double plant.
  • MC-106168 – Using spawn egg on side of block spawns mobs inside transparent blocks.
  • MC-106179 – Zombie burns the player when they block with a shield.
  • MC-106252 – Slowness arrows from strays don't stack with crafted/shot arrows.
  • MC-106300 – Cake hitbox appears at 0,0,0.
  • MC-106364 – Lightning impact subtitle is misspelled as lighting.
  • MC-106524 – Stray chunks being generated far away.
  • MC-106536 – The block model of bone blocks lacks some cullface definitions.
  • MC-106552 – "/save-all flush" puts untranslated messages into chat.
  • MC-106557 – Shulker cannot correctly spawn to the block (The side/below) by use spawn egg.
  • MC-106571 – Cannot tab-complete "flush" with the save-all command.
  • MC-106573 – "flush" argument in save-all not included in /help save-all.
  • MC-106675 – Command feedback inconsistency.
  • MC-106708 – Block model random offset compatibility.
  • MC-106713 – Snooper information may be de-anonymized by a third party
  • MC-106747 – Wither bosses break structure blocks / structure voids.
  • MC-106842 – Target selector stops parsing its arguments if an entry is not <argument>=<value>.
  • MC-107054lit_furnace item model but no item.
  • MC-107055 – 2 models for old wooden slab's item.
  • MC-107138 – Shot arrow loses its critical state after reloading.
  • MC-107170 – writeString method of PacketBuffer is not creating correct exception text.
  • MC-107320 – Sort order of command autocomplete confusing.
  • MC-107848 – Shulker and shulker boxes have dark corners.
  • MC-107998 – Animals not running away when on fire.
  • MC-108238 – Teleporting away from leashed entity causes leash knot to be near 0 0 0 client side.
  • MC-108253 – Zombie villagers despawn.
  • MC-108315 – Closing options with esc doesn't send player setting packet.
  • MC-108409 – Villager makes disagree sounds when the player clicks arrows and trade boxes.
  • MC-108588 – Structure blocks save invalid data when saving a structure at 0, 0.
  • MC-108664 – Witches that spawn in witch huts don't have PersistenceRequired set to 1.
  • MC-108700 – Wood breaking- incorrect subtitle.
  • MC-108748 – Can't trade with villagers while holding a spawn egg.
  • MC-109277 – Fishing rod bobber has incorrect NBT values.
  • MC-109399 – Entities inside the base of an extended piston get moved in front of it on retraction.
Other fixes
  • More stable handling of invalid items[5]
    • Causes there to be less duplication bugs.


Video made by slicedlime:


1.11 has the same amount of snapshots as 1.7.2.


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