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Minecraft 1.10.2
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Java Edition

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June 23, 2016


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of 1.10.2

1.10.2 is a minor update to Minecraft (Java Edition) released on June 23, 2016, which fixes many bugs.[1] It is compatible with 1.10 and 1.10.1 servers.


73 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.10
  • MC-3761 – Boats sink through ice when placed down, are rideable, but head goes in ice and 3rd/ front view zoom very close.
  • MC-3923 – Mob and fence interaction.
  • MC-4494 – Boats sink in the ground.
  • MC-10117 – Speed potions do not affect pigs while riding them.
  • MC-11533 – Exiting a boat teleports to original location.
  • MC-12423 – Opening to LAN twice exiting then going to multiplayer shows your own LAN world.
  • MC-12770 – NBT items do not handle properly when deleting in the Creative inventory.
  • MC-15077 – Clickable links in chat are broken for many valid URL formats.
  • MC-15270 – Pushing a leashed mob into a portal duplicates the lead.
  • MC-16873 – Destroying end crystals leaves ghost fire.
  • MC-17247 – Villagers running all the time.
  • MC-18969 – Breaking minecart or boat while riding in it makes you fall through blocks.
  • MC-19830 – Sleeping in bed delays inflicted fall damage.
  • MC-20010keepInventory bug/glitch.
  • MC-26579 – Swimming mobs sound like they're walking.
  • MC-26716 – Number keys not directly switching items in containers.
  • MC-31433 – Minecraft does not resolve SRV records when an ipv6 DNS resolver is present.
  • MC-39190 – Weird gravity block glitch.
  • MC-41865 – A witch's splash potion sound is marked as friendly creature.
  • MC-44607 – Increased suffocation rate while in vehicle.
  • MC-47697 – Endermen unable to dodge melee attacks after taking player damage.
  • MC-47824 – New AI mobs issue.
  • MC-49493 – Dispensers placing lit TNT 12 a block too high.
  • MC-52802 – Mob head takes a fraction of a second to change to selected head.
  • MC-53528 – Endermite and silverfish do not deal damage to you when they attack the upper part of your body.
  • MC-55419 – Since some snapshots it is possible to /tp to large (and sometimes wrong) Y-axis distances.
  • MC-64382 – Dying Ender dragon healed by a destroyed ender crystal.
  • MC-65097 – Throwing potions through blocks.
  • MC-65986 – Message in console: "Biome ID is out of bounds: 151720, defaulting to 0 (Ocean)".
  • MC-71999 – Mining blocks out of reach by jumping causes mining to be paused.
  • MC-73245 – Enderman continuously trying to walk to same place causing it to commit suicide in water.
  • MC-73611 – Ambient occlusion is not working right.
  • MC-73880 – Blocks get generated inside village house.
  • MC-74300 – Rain particles on top of desert/snowy biomes at y=255.
  • MC-76593 – When changing the "Marker" tag on an armor stand from 0 to 1, it can produce footstep sounds.
  • MC-78777 – Player renders behind armor but in front of GUI in inventory.
  • MC-80169 – Large Unicode square has incorrect size.
  • MC-81017 – Game crashes when command in command block is too long.
  • MC-81651 – Piston pushing animation ends too late / piston data gets changed to early (sticky pistons only).
  • MC-81879 – RCON is not listening on port.
  • MC-84344 – The end of the arm is visible.
  • MC-84723 – Game crash on multiplayer - spectating fence-tied leads in Spectator mode.
  • MC-87961 – Client hangs when reconnecting to a server.
  • MC-90059 – Elytra teleportation glitch.
  • MC-90060 – Teleporting into unloaded chunks - offset Y-coordinate.
  • MC-90188 – Wolves do not hurt player in Survival.
  • MC-90418 – Player cannot collect items in ender dragon hitbox.
  • MC-90560 – Custom payload packet memory leak.
  • MC-90659 – Mobs that are on fire will not jump into water.
  • MC-90798 – Minecraft crashes when the game is fullscreen using the Steam controller.
  • MC-92445 – In custom lingering potions, effects stated is double.
  • MC-92581 – If boats are half placed in water, but clip to a block, moving back into the water causes capes to shake and glitch.
  • MC-93342 – Zombies moving towards villagers or iron golems from a long distance move very slowly.
  • MC-93514 – Shaking lead while attached on animals in boats.
  • MC-93598 – Server crash: java.util.ConcurrentModificationException when updating neighbors or colliding entity with block.
  • MC-94230 – Incorrect subtitle for falling.
  • MC-94690 – Game becomes buggy when 2 animals with minecarts on top of them collide.
  • MC-94704 – Villagers disappear in easy mode.
  • MC-95320 – Ticking entity is a player server crash.
  • MC-95403 – Massive entity lag on new snapshots.
  • MC-95463 – Unknown publisher for server.exe.
  • MC-95756 – Player does not receive damage, and nobody can damage them.
  • MC-95908 – Command blocks got really laggy again.
  • MC-96284 – Lag spike when entering the Nether.
  • MC-96423 – Putting mobs into boats, their heads are forced to the right.
  • MC-96434 – Boats passes through farmland.
  • MC-96670 – Achievement command messages are not updated.
  • MC-96873 – Server long clickEvent problem.
  • MC-97403 – Mobs with elytra equipped don't glide anymore.
  • MC-101776 – Accelerated day and night cycle.
  • MC-102507 – Breaking particle on nonexistent blocks.
From 1.10
  • MC-103177 – Missing subtitles for polar bears, strays, husks, and wither skeletons.
From 1.10.1
  • MC-103981 – Missing BlockEntity (Piston_Extension, ...).


Video made by slicedlime:


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