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Jason Major is a former member of the Minecraft Redmond studio and a developer for Bedrock Edition.[3][4] He has also written a novel. He has helped program over a dozen AAA video games including NBA Live 98, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit and Halo 2 along with numerous others. He was born and raised in Canada but currently lives in the Seattle area with his wife and two sons.


  • Jason contributed major changes to rabbits, which were introduced with the first Bedrock Edition rabbits for Alpha 0.13, and later ported to Java Edition 1.9.[3]
  • During a game jam, Jason first came up with the stray, among a bunch of other mobs – Jeb "thought these particular ones fitted really well with what we were already planning [for Java Edition 1.10]" [5]
  • Root beer is one of his favorite drinks and he usually has some in glass bottles by his desk.
  • He occasionally joins the official Minecraft livestreams and he was present on the livestream where the dyeable beds were previewed