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Jack o' Lanterns are solid blocks implemented in the Halloween Update on October 30, 2010, and in 0.8.0 for Pocket Edition. They are created by combining a pumpkin and a torch in the crafting grid. They were intended to be a purely decorative addition; however, they can also be used as a light source. As an added bonus, their light radius is larger than a torch, and they work underwater. During the Halloween period, skeletons/zombies/zombie pigmen will wear pumpkins or jack o' lanterns on their heads and also have a chance of dropping them. Players can make an iron golems with jack o' lanterns by placing 4 iron blocks in a T-shaped cross formation and a jack o’ lantern on top. A similar way can also be done to make a snow golem by stacking 2 snow blocks and placing a jack o’ lantern on top. They can only be placed on the top of blocks, and cannot be placed on non-opaque blocks, although they are able to stay there if the block below is replaced by a block they cannot be placed on. They are also unable to be placed on the side or base of another block unless a block is underneath.


Jack o' Lantern
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  • Unlike carved pumpkins, jack o' lanterns cannot be worn.
  • Unlike torches, it can be used as a source of light underwater, like glowstone or sea lanterns.
  • Like all other sources of light in the game, jack o' lanterns will melt all snow and ice surrounding it, unless a player is creating a snow golem, as the snow blocks and jack o' lantern will disappear and a snow golem will be spawned.



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