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JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is a lightweight data-interchange format.[1]

In Minecraft, JSON format is used to store the following data:


Data types[]

A JSON file must contain a single JSON value, which can use any of the following five data types: string, number, object, array, and boolean. JSON files can be contained in a single line, however it is often useful to use indentation and line breaks to make a long JSON file more readable.


A string is delimited by quotes and can contain any combination of characters. Some special characters need to be escaped; this is done with a back slash (\).

  • "foo"
  • "Hello, world"
  • "An escaped \" quote within a string"


A number is defined by entering in any number. Numbers can be non-whole, as indicated with a period, and can use exponents with e.

  • 2
  • -0.5
  • 3e6 (=3×106)


An object, also referred to as a compound, is delimited by opening and closing curly brackets and contains key/value pairs. Pairs are separated with commas, keys and associated values are separated with colons. Each contained key needs to have a name that is unique within the object. A value can be of any data type as well (including another object).

    "Bob": {
        "ID": 1234,
        "lastName": "Ramsay"
    "Alice": {
        "ID": 2345,
        "lastName": "Berg"


Arrays are delimited by opening and closing square brackets and can contain values of any data type, separated by commas. Unlike lists in NBT, values in a JSON array can use different data types.

["Bob", "Alice", "Carlos", "Eve"]


A Boolean can be either true or false.

    "Steve": {
        "isAlive": true
    "Alex": {
        "isAlive": false

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