This article contains content about features that are unused, but are still in the current code.
These features may only be obtainable through commands, or even only mods.

The illusioner is an unused hostile illager mob equipped with bows. They were added in Java Edition 1.12 (first seen in Snapshot 17w16a), but currently do not have a spawn egg in the Creative inventory. It can only be spawned using the /summon illusioner command.


Illusioners can only be spawned with the command /summon minecraft:illusioner. There is currently no illusioner spawn egg. They do not naturally spawn in any circumstances - not even in woodland mansions like other illager mobs do. In the future, illusioners will be able to spawn and take part in raids.[citation needed]


An illusioner will attack players (except in Creative mode), villagers, and iron golems, firing its bow at any who are about 12-24 blocks away. It blinds players by raising its arms and produces particles, then continues firing arrows. This comprises its first attack phase. The Illusioner will continue to shoot at its target while creating identical illusions of itself, which cannot be killed. While creating duplicates, the real illusioner will cast an invisibility effect on itself which lasts 60 seconds. It will refresh the effect whenever it expires. It signals this spell by raising its arms and producing blue smoke particles. This comprises its second attack phase.


When killed by a player, any naturally-spawned equipment (including their bow) has an 8.5% (9.5% with Looting I, 10.5% with Looting II and 11.5% with Looting III) chance of dropping. The remaining durability of the bow will be random. Illusioners will also drop one ominous banner, if it is a raid captain.

5 exp is dropped on player kills

Illusioner's Illusion

The illusioner spawns illusions/clones of itself when any player is too close for its bow to be effective. These illusions are indestructible and will only despawn once the real illusioner has been killed. The illusions wield bows and will shoot at the player or nearby villagers and/or iron golems. The real illusioner will turn itself invisible, forcing its attacker to dodge its illusions' arrows and try to find and kill the real illusioner. Illusioner illusions have no hitboxes and are only designed to aggravate and damage their enemy.


  • Illusioners may be added to woodland mansions in the near future.[1]
  • Although they both wield bows, an illusioner holds its bow in a different position than a skeleton.
  • Illusioners do not naturally spawn as part of the raid mechanic. However, if a player spawns one nearby, it may join in an existing raid, and its HP will added to the "raid progress bar".
  • If it is naturally spawned, the illusioner will be considered as the first mob to bring blindness to players.
  • The sound for the illusioner shooting is named "Skeleton Shoots", but in reality only the illusioner is shooting.
  • A similar mob appears in the Minecraft Dungeons Creeping Winter DLC, also called the illusioner.



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