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An illusioner is a hostile, humanoid mob that was added to Minecraft's game files as part of update 1.12, but they cannot Spawn naturally.


An illusioner is one of five types of illagers ("ill-willing villager"), the other four being the Vindicator, Evoker, Pillager, and Ravager. Like other illagers, the illusioner looks similar to a villager, except with a pale gray skin texture.

Illusioners have a more nasal-sounding voice than villagers. Their voice is a bit higher pitched than vindicators and evokers, and they mostly have two-syllable grunts, like "Hehuh" and "Hehehh."


Illusioners can only be Spawned with the command: /summon minecraft:illusioner. Currently there is no illusioner spawn egg.

Unlike other illagers, they do not naturally spawn in any circumstances.


An illusioner will attack Players (except in creative mode), Villagers, and Iron Golems, firing its Bow at any who are about 12–24 blocks away. It blinds players with its first attack, and will continue to shoot at its target while creating identical illusions of itself, which cannot be killed.

While creating duplicates, the real illusioner will cast an invisibility effect on itself which lasts 60 seconds. It will refresh the effect whenever it expires. It signals this spell by raising its arms and producing blue smoke Particles.


When killed by a player, any naturally-spawned equipment (including their Bow) has an 8.5% (9.5% with Looting I, 10.5% with Looting II and 11.5% with Looting III) chance of dropping. The remaining Durability of the bow will be random.


  • Illusioners may be added to woodland mansions in the near future.[1]
  • Although they both wield bows, an illusioner holds its bow in a different position than a Skeleton.
  • Illusioners do not naturally spawn as part of the illager Raid mechanic. However, if a player spawns one nearby, it may join in an existing raid, and it's HP will added to the "raid progress bar".



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