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Not to be confused with Villager or Pillager.
For the mob type in Minecraft Dungeons, see MCD:Illager.
This article is about the antagonistic variant of the villager. For zombie variant, see Zombie Villager. For non-illager humanoid mob, see Witch.

Every illager in Minecraft, along with ominous banner and ravager (an illager in Bedrock Edition).

An illager[1] is a type of hostile mob that regularly spawns in woodland mansions, patrols, raids, and pillager outposts. All illagers are hostile toward players, villagers (include baby villagers‌[until JE 1.18]), wandering traders and iron golems.


There are four specific criteria for a mob to be considered an illager:

  • "Johnny" vindicators do not attack the mob.
  • The mob cannot be damaged by evoker fangs or a ravager's roar.
  • The mob does not fight back when hit by a missed arrow shot by a pillager or illusioner.‌[JE only]
  • The mob does attack villagers but ignores baby villagers, unlike zombie variants.‌[upcoming: JE 1.18]

List of mobs[]


Name Face Behavior Notes Image
Pillager PillagerFace.png Hostile Pillagers are illagers armed with crossbows, and are the most common type of illager. Pillager JE2.png
Vindicator VindicatorFace.png Hostile

Passive (Peaceful difficulty)‌[BE only]

Vindicators are illagers armed with an iron axe. If named "Johnny", they become hostile to all mobs but illagers and ghasts. Vindicator JE3.png
Evoker EvokerFace.png Hostile

Passive (Peaceful difficulty)‌[BE only]

Evokers are powerful spell-casting illagers that use their spells to spawn fangs and vexes. Evoker.png
Illusioner[JE only] IllusionerFace.png Hostile Illusioners are an unused illager exclusive to Java Edition that cast blindness spells, then fire with a bow and arrow. Illusioner.png
Ravager RavagerFace.png Hostile Ravagers are large bovine-like monsters that spawn only in raids. Ravagers are considered illagers in Bedrock Edition. Ravager JE1.png

Non-illager allies[]

Name Face Behavior Notes Image
Vex VexFace.png Hostile Vexes are tiny flying mobs summoned by Evokers. Vex.gif
Witch WitchFace.png Hostile Witches can spawn in raids and use splash potions as weapons or to heal the illagers. Witch.png

Ravager jockeys[]

A ravager jockey is an illager that spawns riding a ravager. The riders can be pillagers, vindicators, or evokers.

Java Edition

A ravager ridden by a pillager spawns at raids in Wave 5. Ravagers ridden by vindicators and evokers spawn at Wave 7.

Bedrock Edition

A ravager ridden by pillager spawns at raids in Wave 5 and 7. Ravagers ridden by evokers also spawn at Wave 7. The ravagers ridden by vindicators do not spawn in raids, but can be spawned only with commands.


Illagers spawn naturally in patrols and raids. They always spawn naturally in groups while in patrols and raids, or inside their structures.

Only the pillager, vindicator, and evoker spawn naturally.

Vindicators and evokers that spawn naturally in woodland mansions do not despawn and respawn.

Ravagers spawn exclusively in raids.

Raid Captain[]

Main article: Raid captain

Illagers sometimes have their own captain. Any illager has a small chance to be a raid captain with an ominous banner (even when using a spawn egg‌[Java Edition only], or when summoned by commands). Raid captains can spawn in patrols and raids.‌[Java Edition only][more information needed]


Main articles: Patrol and Raid

Illagers have their own in-game events, led by raid captains:

  • Patrol — a naturally spawned group of five pillagers roaming the landscape. The group can include a vindicator on hard difficulty ‌[until BE 1.18].
  • Raid — a wave after wave of illagers and witches spawn and attack a village with ominous horn blares. An illager captain spawns in each wave with other illagers, usually with a vindicator as the captain. It is triggered when a player with the Bad Omen status effect enters a village. Raiders and villagers usually have different behavior in a raid. In Bedrock Edition, any killed raiders drops special loot. Raiders celebrate after defeating a village.


Main articles: Bad Omen and Hero of the village

Killing a raid captain in patrols, in a mansion,‌[JE only] or in an outpost inflicts the player with the Bad Omen effect, which triggers a raid when that player enters a village with the effect still active.


Crafting Table JE4 BE3.png
This section describes content that may be included in Java Edition. 
This content has appeared in Java Edition 1.18 development versions, but the full update containing it has not been released yet.

The illageralt alphabet.

Illagers have an alphabet called illageralt, a rune font from Minecraft Dungeons.

Java Edition[]

All illagers ignore baby villagers, but may still hit them by accident.‌[upcoming: JE 1.18]

Illagers, ravagers, and witches do not retaliate when hit by a missed arrow shot by a pillager or illusioner.

A vindicator can disable the player's shield with its iron axe attack, even when riding a mob. If a player fails to land a melee attack on a vindicator that rides a ravager during a raid in Hard difficulty, the vindicator rider can deal great damage to a player without protection from a shield.

All illagers, ravagers, and witches gain three seconds of Glowing themselves when the bell rings.


On all difficulty levels, damaged illager mobs call all other same type illagers within an area centered on the attacked illager to target the attacker. For example, pillagers attack a skeleton that injures another pillager, but pillagers do not aid a vindicator hit by a skeleton.[more information needed]


During raids, vindicators open doors like villagers. They can break wooden doors in normal or hard difficulty, if they cannot open the door successfully.

Illagers pick up ominous banners dropped by raid captains who die in this wave. They do not pick up the banner from last wave remains or if thrown by the player.


All illagers, ravagers, and witches joins nearby patrol actively. If a "Johnny" vindicator joins a patrol, all patrol members assume the Johnny vindicator's aggressive behavior.

Bedrock Edition[]

Vindicators and evokers do not despawn and are passive on Peaceful difficulty.

All illagers and vexes ignore baby villagers, but may still hit them by accident.

A dispenser can equip an illager with armor. However, only helmets and chestplates are visible on pillagers and vindicators, while evokers never have any armor visible.

Pillagers and ravagers do not purposefully attack other illagers. However, non-pillagers and non-ravagers do attack pillagers who hit them with missed arrows.[2] Vindicators and evokers retaliate against a pillager if the pillager accidentally hits the vindicator or evoker with an arrow, although the evoker fang deals no damage to pillagers. Vexes summoned by an injured evoker can still attack the pillager.

A "ravager with vindicator rider" is unused in Bedrock Edition. It can be summoned by a spawn event command without raid configuration.

After Texture Update, illagers still use the java 1.14 snapshot texture, including some of the marketplace textures (for example, vindicator's eyes and pillager's arms).[3][4] Also, a ravager's leg texture in Bedrock Edition is different from that in Java edition.


Java Edition
1.1116w39aAdded vindicators, evokers and vexes.
1.1217w16aAdded illusioners.
1.1418w43aAdded pillagers.
1.1821w37aAdded illageralt.
Illagers no longer attack baby villagers.
Pocket Edition
1.1.0alpha vindicators, evokers, and vexes.
Bedrock Edition
1.9.0beta pillagers.
1.10.0beta ravagers.
1.11.0beta no longer attack baby villagers.


  • Illager structures are always themed around dark oak wood.
  • All illagers' eyes are green‌[BE & EE only] with the exception of vindicators,‌[JE only] which have blue eyes. In the Texture Update, vindicators and illusioners were changed have to green eyes, but in the Java snapshot 18w47b the color of the vindicator's eyes was turned to blue again. However in Minecraft Dungeons, Both vindicator and pillager's eyes are blue.
    • The ominous banner have blue eyes too.
  • For the Minecon mob vote of 2020, there was a candidate to add in the Iceologer, an Illager from Minecraft Dungeons. However, it was eliminated in the 2nd round, surpassing the Moobloom but beaten by the Glow Squid.
  • Witches allied with the illagers during raids. Cory Scheviak jokingly explained that witches spawn in raids are just along for the ride.[5]
  • According to Minecraft Mobestiary, illagers were "expelled" from villages due to their "unspeakable activities".



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