The igloo is a structure that generates in snow biomes, such as the taiga and tundra, and it debuted in 1.9. It has a small room with a crafting table, furnace, and bed inside of it. Occasionally, under the carpet in the igloo, there will be a ladder that leads down to a secret room, sometimes referred to as the "basement." There are 2 cages with a villager and a zombie villager, both of which are priests; a chest with a Golden Apple (and other loot); and a Brewing Stand with a Splash Potion of Weakness in the basement. This is a possible method of introducing new players to curing zombie villagers using a potion of weakness and a golden apple. One can get the achievement Zombie Doctor very easily this way since they won't have to find the resources in order to make the required items in order to cure a zombie villager (as of 1.12, achievements were replaced with advancements in the Java Edition).


  • Some stone bricks can also be a silverfish block. They cannot change locations every time an igloo with a basement generates because it is data-driven, rather than hard-coded like strongholds. Here are their respective locations:
    • Bottom-right side of a ladder (mossy stone brick).
    • Bottom-right (wall) and right side of a torch (ceiling), behind and under the brewing stand, column 3 and row 4 on the left, and upper-right of a chiseled stone brick that is located on the middle (stone bricks).
    • Left side of a cauldron and middle of the basement's ceiling (chiseled stone bricks).
  • Thus, there are a total of 9 monster eggs in an igloo's basement.
  • There are no cracked stone bricks monster eggs within an igloo's basement, so this is the only variant that does not contain a silverfish until it enters into them.
    • In certain versions of the game, if a silverfish entered into a chiseled stone brick, it will change its texture to stone like other stone brick variants.
  • It is possible for igloos to spawn partially in the air, revealing the stone bricks surrounding the ladder.
  • In earlier versions of update 1.9, there was a rare chance of the igloo spawning underground.
    • This happens more often in snow hills or mountain biomes.



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