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Honey may refer to:
  • ItemCSS
    Honey Bottle
     – a food item obtainable from using a Glass Bottle on a Beehive or can be crafted with one Honey Block and four empty glass bottles.
  • ItemCSS
     – items that can be obtained by shearing Bee Nests and Beehives with a honey level of 5 which drop 3 honeycombs.
  • BlockCSS
    Honey Block
     – a block can be crafted using Honey Bottles. It functions like a slime block in some ways but the exception that instead of bouncing entities higher, it keeps them on the block, as well as denying 80% of fall damage.
  • BlockCSS
    Honeycomb Block
     – a decorative block that can be crafted with four Honeycombs.
  • ItemCSS
    Crystallized Honey
    – an unused item in Java Edition. It was accidentally added to the files of snapshot 19w34a but was confirmed to be removed. It removed from the game files in 1.15.

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