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The hoglin is a boar-like hostile mob which spawns in the crimson forest biome of the Nether. They are the only breedable hostile mob, and are also the main source of food in the Nether.[1]


Hoglins spawn in herds of 4 in crimson forest biomes and may respawn over time. 25% of them spawn as babies.


Hoglins will attack the Player on sight, flinging them into the air. Baby hoglins also attack but deal less damage and do not fling the player. Hoglins will not attack the player when standing near warped fungus, running up to seven blocks away. Though baby hoglins flee when hit, all hoglins have high knockback resistance.

Adult Piglins will attempt to hunt and kill hoglins. Adult hoglins will also be hostile towards piglins.

If a hoglin is brought to the overworld, it will start shivering and turn into a Zoglin after 15 seconds, or 300 game ticks.


  • On Easy, an adult Hoglin does 1 - 2.5 hearts of damage.
  • On Normal, an adult Hoglin does 1.5 - 4 hearts of damage.
  • On Hard, an adult hoglin does 2 - 1 x 6 hearts of damage.
  • On every difficulty, a Hoglin piglet (you could call it a Hoglet) does 0.5 hearts of damage.


Upon death, a hoglin will drop leather and cooked porkchop as of 20w07a.


  • They are the 4th mob to be derived from pigs (including the unreleased pigman).
  • They used to be called "piglin beasts" before being named hoglins.
  • Hoglins are the first hostile mobs to be able to breed.
  • Henrik Kniburg has confirmed on Twitter that there will be baby hoglins in the future.[2]
  • They do some knockback damage to the player/piglins when they attack you with their tusks, but they do not take much knockback themselves. Netherite armor will be very useful against a hoglin because Netherite armor greatly reduces the amount of knockback received.
  • Hoglins will advoid respawn anchors and nether portals.



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