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This article is about the history of world generation. For the biome history (IDs, etc.), see Biome § History. For the history of generated structures (Loot Tables, behaviors, etc.), see Generated_structures § History.

Java Edition[]

Classic, Indev and early Infdev[]

Java Edition pre-Classic
rd-131655The terrain is very rough and full of caves as shown in Notch's video.[verify]
Levels are 256*64*256 blocks big.
rd-132211The terrain is now flat with one layer of grass and lots of stone under that.
rd-20090515The terrain is now varied in height, with a layer of grass at the top, a few layers of dirt under it, and then stone going down to the very bottom.
Cliffs will occaisionally generate.
rd-161348Cliffs are now more common.
Java Edition Classic
0.0.3aCaves now generate underground.
0.0.12aNew terrain generator, terrain is now rougher and changes in elevation often happen in 2-high intervals.
Added water and lava to world generation.
Bedrock now generates around the sides and bottom of the map.
Terrain now generates in islands above sea level. Some worlds can be 95% water because of this.
All dirt with access to sunlight below sea level will not become grass upon world generation.
0.0.13aDirt generation is now two blocks thick.
Terrain generation changed, terrain is now a little smoother than earlier.
The world no longer generates in islands, but instead, generates lakes within the main land mass, sometimes connecting to the infinite ocean around the world.
Worlds were huge in size (512*512).
0.0.13a_03Lava now no longer generates on the surface.
Worlds have been reverted to the normal size (256*256).
0.0.14aAdded sand, gravel, ore blobs and trees.
Added world size option: levels can now be Small (128*128), Normal (256*256), or Huge (512*512).
New noise generator: Less bumps on the surface, smoother hill transition, dirt layer can once again be more than two blocks thick.
Ores generate in large blobs on the sides of cliffs and in caves.
Beaches of both sand and gravel generate on and below ocean level.
0.0.14a_04Tree shape changed - now has a plus shape on top.
0.0.15a (Multiplayer Test 1)Gravel now only spawns in water.
Added modern small trees.
0.0.21aCaves generate slightly differently than before.[more information needed]
0.24_SURVIVAL_TESTRougher terrain and more cliffs.
Longer and narrower caves, these get bigger the deeper in the world that you are.
Lava generates right above the bedrock layer.
Mushrooms and Flowers now generate naturally.
The noise generator is more reminiscent of the one used in 0.0.11a: Cliffs can be sheer walls again.
Java Edition Indev
0.3120091223-1Levels start off as a small size now.
20091223-2Due to leaves blocking light, the ground immediately around a tree log generates as dirt.
20091231-1Grass can grow in slightly darker areas meaning the ground around trees is back to grass.
20100106Added new level generation options, see below:
Level type (island, floating, flat, original).[note 1]
Level shape (square, long, deep).
Level size (small, normal, huge). See below for a guide to map sizes:[note 2]
The default setting is Island, Small, Normal, Normal.
The bottommost layer of the world no longer has an infinite lava sea.[verify]
Flowers removed from terrain generation.
Removed water from above the surface.
20100107Added the Hell and Normal, World Theme[note 1]
  • Normal
  • Hell
Deep floating maps now have layers of islands.
20100109Added "Inland" Level Type option: like the Original type but with grass instead of water surrounding the map.
Removed "Original" Level Type.
Grass Blocks in Hell replaced with dirt.
20100110Islands now have more sand.
20100113Ocean water is still infinite even though other water is finite.
20100122Liquids can now spawn.[more information needed]
Liquids can spawn above sea level and on floating islands.
New lighting pass, preventing stack overflows on huge deep floating maps.
Flowers added to world generation.
20100124-1Added the moss stone Indev House for players to spawn in.[note 3]
20100124-2All air directly above bedrock layer is turned into lava.[verify]
20100128Added Diamond Ore which gets generated in the world.
20100130Re-added the Infinite Lava Sea at the bottom of the map, this time its infinitely deep.
20100131The Lava sea will only generate whenever caves cut through the top layer of bedrock.
The bottom layer of bedrock can very rarely have gaps.
20100201-2The Lava no longer spawns on the surface
When generating a new level any grass block below flower turns into dirt.
20100203Flowers no longer spawn with dirt under them.
20100212-1Hell now starts off bright and gets darkened.
20100214-1The Indev House is now made of wooden planks and stone.
Hell worlds no longer start off fully bright before getting darkened.
20100214-2Added the Paradise and Woods themes.
Dirt exposed to enough light upon world generation gets turned into grass (visible in Hell).
When there is no good place to spawn an Indev House, it simply won't spawn.
Java Edition Infdev
20100227-1The terrain generation changed greatly in this version.[note 4]
World generation has been greatly simplified (with the removal of sand, blobs) in order to make infinite world generation implementation easier to work with.
Added brick pyramids.
Added obsidian walls.
All generation beyond 33,554,432 blocks is solid stone.
20100227-2Brick pyramid generation changed - they will now always come to a single point at the top, rather than sometimes being truncated, resulting in "brick square frusta".
20100313Removed obsidian walls.
Oceans are considerably larger than before.[check the code]
20100320Reimplemented primitive ore blob generation, in which they spawn as scattered, single blocks.
Reimplemented tree generation.
20100325Ore blob generation has been changed to the modern generation type. However, a float is used in their generation, causing their generation to break down at excessive distances.
Added caves. They generate through all blocks, not just terrain blocks.
20100327The terrain generation changed greatly in this version.[note 4]
World generation has been significantly overhauled, which is visually very obvious.
Removed brick pyramids.
Removed caves.
Removed random patches of flowers.
The large stone wall at 33,554,432 no longer generates. Instead, the Far Lands generate at 12,550,824.
20100413All trees are now large trees.
Sand and gravel now generate with the world again.
20100420The terrain generation changed greatly in this version.[note 4]
World generation seems considerably less mountainous.
20100608All trees are now small trees again - big trees do not generate.
20100611The terrain generation changed greatly in this version.[note 4]
Terrain now appears to come in large islands.
Terrain can now generate high enough to be higher than the world height limit, causing it to be cut off.
Monoliths now have the potential to generate.[verify]
The amount of trees that generate appears to be different now.

Alpha-era terrain[]

Java Edition Infdev
20100616The terrain generation changed significantly in this version.[note 4]
Terrain generation in ocean areas is now different.[verify]
Reimplemented caves.
Random patches of flowers and mushrooms now generate.
Springs now generate.
Lava now naturally generates, although how it does so exactly is unknown.
20100617-1Bedrock now generates at the bottom of the world again.[verify]
Tree generation has changed such that logs only generate at layers where there are no leaves.
Coastlines are now "more gradual".
20100617-2Caves have been changed to be "more regional", and allegedly can form large clusters. The thickness of tunnels can also vary, affecting the frequency of branching.
Springs are now more common and can generate on the surface.
Added dirt and gravel blobs.
Bedrock now generates at the bottom of maps,[verify] even though this was already added in the previous version.
Lava no longer generates at the very bottom of worlds.
Ore blocks were "generated with a random amount of blobs regardless to the type of ore" prior to this version.
20100618Log blocks now generate in the leaf layers of trees again.
20100624Mountains are apparently less tall in this version.
20100625-2Added dungeons.
20100627The density of trees has been reduced.
20100630Caves can be bigger than before.
Java Edition Alpha
v1.0.1Added redstone ore blobs.
Coal ore blobs can now vary in size.[verify]
v1.0.4Added winter mode worlds, with their own block palette of snow and ice. Normal worlds appear unaffected in this version though.
v1.0.6Added cactus to world generation.
Readded large trees to world generation.
v1.0.11Added clay disks and sugar cane random patches to world generation.
v1.1.0Clay generation is apparently more common.

Beta-era terrain[]

Java Edition Alpha
v1.2.0previewThe terrain generation changed greatly in this version.[note 4]
Added biomes.
Added the Nether.
An in-game value corresponding to the Old Customized depth noise scale has been changed from 100 to 200.
v1.2.0_01Areas where soul sand would have generated in the Nether in v1.2.0 now generate with gravel instead.
v1.2.0_02Soul sand now generates in the Nether again.
v1.2.6Added water and lava lakes.
Java Edition Beta
1.2Added birch trees.
Added spruce trees.
Added lapis lazuli ore blobs to world generation.
There is allegedly more coal ore, iron ore and diamond ore found in caves. Whether this refers to blob size or frequency is unknown.
1.2_02Lapis lazuli ore is apparently more common and can be found at bedrock level.
1.3Sandstone now generates beneath natural sand.
Fixed a grassland/sand biome border issue.[more information needed]
1.6Test Build 3Added random patches of grass, ferns and dead bushes to world generation.
?The frequency of blobs no longer varies per quadrant of the world.
1.7Clay generation has been fixed and no longer exclusively spawns when x and z are equal.

Early Release-era terrain[]

Java Edition Beta
1.8Pre-releaseThe terrain generation changed greatly in this version.[note 4]
Terrain generation has been outright overhauled, adding and removing several biomes and changing how height is applied. The full list of precise changes may be listed later, although would end up massive.
Terrain now generates in the form of large continents in an endless, open ocean.
Height is now controlled by biomes instead of climate.
Biomes are now generated with a fractal based algorithm instead of a climate system.
Removed roses from world generation.
Removed Savanna, Shrubland, Rain Forest, Seasonal Forest and Tundra biomes.
Added Extreme Hills, River and Ocean biomes.
Added strongholds, villages, mineshafts, and ravines.
Snow no longer generates in Taigas.
The sea level has been decreased by one block (64 to 63).
Tall mountains are now exclusive to the Extreme Hills biome.
Oceans are now exclusive to the Ocean biome.
Added Sand, Gravel and Clay disks.
Sand and gravel beaches no longer generate.
The Far Lands and Farther Lands no longer generate.
Java Edition
1.0.0Beta 1.9 PrereleaseThe terrain generation changed slightly in this version.[note 5]
Reduced the size of islands and oceans.
Added Mushroom Island, Mushroom Island Shore, Ice Plains, Ice Mountains, Frozen River and Frozen Ocean biomes.
Added nether fortresses and added an (empty) portal room to strongholds.
Readded roses to world generation.
Beta 1.9 Prerelease 3Added a glass tower to strongholds.
Added more chests to strongholds.
Beta 1.9 Prerelease 4Added The End.
Removed the glass towers of strongholds. Grass and flowers can now generate in snowy biomes - previously they could only generate under shade, for example from trees. When the previous behavior started is unknown.
1.111w48aChanged temperature value of taigas from 0.3 to 0.05, making them generate with snow again.
12w01aAdded more biomes, these are: Beaches, and biome variants such as Desert Hills, Extreme Hills Edge, Forest Hills and Taiga Hills.
Reduced the height of Extreme Hills.
Added superflat world type.
Blacksmith buildings in villages now hold chests with loot.
1.2.112w03aThe terrain generation changed slightly in this version.[note 5]
Added Jungle and Jungle Hills biomes.
12w04aAdded Desert Wells to deserts.
12w05aMineshafts now bridge over ravines.
1.3.112w16aAdded an optional bonus chest.
12w19aChanged height scale and height depth of Desert Hills, Forest Hills, Extreme Hills edge, Ice Mountains, Jungle Hills and Taiga Hills to make these hill biomes slightly taller.
12w21aAdded desert pyramids to deserts.
Added emerald ore, which generates on blobs of up 10 blocks in Extreme Hills biome and variants.
Changed desert villages to have desert-specific blocks.
12w22aAdded jungle pyramids to jungles.
Changed emerald ore blob size to 1 block.
1.4.212w36aAdded carrots and potatoes to villages.
12w38aStone monster eggs now rarely generate in Extreme Hills biomes and variants.
12w40aAdded swamp huts to Swamps.
1.513w01aAdded Nether quartz ore, which generates at the Nether.
1.6.113w17aLakes no longer spawn on desert biomes.
13w18aAdded loot chests to nether fortresses.

Major Release-era terrain[]

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Java Edition
1.7.213w36aThe terrain generation changed greatly in this version.[note 4]
Just like Beta 1.8, Terrain generation has been outright overhauled.
Re-added Savanna, and added several of its variants.
Oceans are now much smaller.
Added Mesa and its variants.
Each 48-bit world seed generated 64 layers of terracotta that repeated every 64 blocks on the Y-axis, for use in generating terracotta layers in mesa biomes.
Added Roofed Forest and its variants.
Added Sunflower Plains as a Plains variant.
Added Birch Forest and its variants.
Added Flower Forest as a Forest variant.
Added Extreme Hills+ as a Extreme Hills variants.
Taiga now normally generates without Snow, similar to Taiga from Beta 1.8 to 1.1.
The previous Taiga has become its own biome, Cold Taiga
Added Mega Taiga and its variants.
Added Deep Ocean as a Ocean variant.
Added several Biome variants.
Added Amplified world type.
Jungle are now much rarer.
Several changes to Swampland, Plains, and Extreme Hills.
Extreme Hills Edge no longer generates naturally.
Removed Frozen Ocean.
Changed Biome categorization into 4 categories.
Biome elevation now has much greater variation.
Caverns are now less interconnected.
1.813w02aAdded Diorite, Andesite, and Granite, which generates randomly underground.
14w17aAdded Customized world type.
14w25aAdded Ocean Monuments, which generates in oceans.
1.915w31aTerrain generation in The End has been completely changed.
Added End Islands, which generates hundreds of blocks from the main island.
Added End City, which generates at the End Islands.
Added End Ship, which sometimes generates at the End City.
There are now 128 Strongholds per world, instead of 3.
Added Igloos.
1.1016w20aAdded Fossils, which generates underground.
Added Magma Blocks, which generates in the Nether.
1.1116w39aAdded Woodland Mansion, which generates very rarely in Roofed Forest.
Added Return Portals, which generates randomly in End Islands.
1.1318w06aThe terrain generation changed slightly in this version.[note 5]
Removed Customized world.
Mutated/Modified biome variants now conform to biome and river boundries.[note 6]
Spawning positions of Jungle Pyramids, Igloos, and Swamp Huts were changed slightly in each world.
18w07aRavines now generates in the Nether.
18w08aAdded Warm Ocean and its deep variant.
Added Lukewarm Ocean and its deep variant.
Added Cold Ocean and its deep variant.
Re-added Frozen Ocean, although its different from the original version.
Added Deep Frozen Ocean as a Frozen Ocean variant.
18w08b Deep Warm Ocean no longer generates naturally.
18w09aAdded Underwater Ruin, which generates in all oceans.
18w10dAdded Coral reefs, which generates in Warm Ocean.
18w11aAdded Shipwrecks, which generates in all oceans.
18w15aAdded Icebergs, which generates in Frozen Ocean.
18w16aAdded Buffet world type.
1.1418w43aAdded Bamboo Jungle and its mutated variant.
18w47aAdded Pillager Outposts, which generates in most land Biomes.
18w49aAdded Snowy Tundra villages.
19w07aAdded Snowy Tundra zombie villages.
1.1620w06aAdded Crimson Forest to the Nether.
Added Warped Forest to the Nether.
Added Soul Sand Valley to the Nether.
The original Nether biome has been renamed to Nether Wastes.
Added Ancient Debris, a rare ore in the Nether.
20w11aAdded Nether Gold Ore to the Nether.
20w15aAdded Basalt Deltas to the Nether.
20w16aAdded Bastion Remnants, which generates in the Nether.
1.1720w45aAdded Amethyst Geode, which generates underground.
Added Copper Ore, a new ore in the Overworld.
20w49aAdded Dripstone Caves, which is accessable only in Buffet or Custom world type.
21w06aComplete overhaul of Caves.
The World has been extended 64 blocks up and 64 blocks down, which means that it is possible to build from -64 to 319 in the overworld.
Ore generation has been tweaked to match the new world height.
Added Aquifers.
Added Spaghetti and Cheese Caves.
Removed Underwater Canyons and Underwater Caves.
21w07aAdded Grimstone, which generates below Y=0.
21w08aAdded Smooth Basalt, which now generates at the Tuff layer on Amethyst Geode.
Added Deepslate Ores, which now generates when an ore replaces Deepslate.
Added Crack Carvers, which is like Canyon but deeper.
21w10aAdded Lush Caves, which is accessable only in Buffet or Custom world type.
21w15aReverted most of the changes from 21w06a back to the original, as the changes will be moved to Java Edition 1.18. This can be bypassed by using the Official Caves and Cliffs Datapack.
Tuff and Deepslate now generates in blobs between Y 0 and Y 16.
21w16a(Experimental changes) Aquifers below Y=0 are now sometimes made of lava.
21w17a(Experimental changes) Added Noodle Caves.

Mountainous Release-era terrain[]

Java Edition
1.181.18 Experimental Snapshot 1The terrain generation changed greatly in this version.[note 4]
For the first time since Java Edition 1.7.2 in 2013, Terrain generation has been completely overhauled once again.
Java Edition now uses xoroshiro128++ as its pseudorandom number generator for terrain generation, changing from the LCG it used previously.
All of the Cave changes from 21w06a to 21w17a has been re-activated.
Lush Caves and Dripstone Caves now generates naturally.
Complete Overhaul of Mountains.
Added 5 sub-biomes for the new mountains. Mountain Meadow, Mountain Grove, Snowy Slopes, Lofty Peaks, and Snow Capped Peaks.
Terrain generation is now independent from Biomes, with Biomes adapting to whatever terrain they happen to generate throughout.
Terrain is now smooth and more extreme.
Removed Large Biomes and Amplified world type.
Removed most of the sub-biomes.
World seeds now generate 192 layers of terracotta per world seed, instead of 64 layers of terracotta, for use in generating terracotta in badlands biomes.
Eroded Badlands and Ice Spikes was added back in Java Edition 1.18 experimental snapshot 2. Whether any of the other biomes listed will be re-added, or if any will be removed from the game outright, is currently unknown.
Swamp does not generate properly, this is fixed in 1.18 experimental snapshot 2.
1.18 experimental snapshot 2The terrain generation changed slightly in this version.[note 5]
Swamp now generates properly.
Eroded Badlands and Ice Spikes now once again generates naturally.
Terrain now tend to be flatter.
Biome are now smoother and less noisy, with less microbiomes.
Beach are now larger. Some areas don't generates them, this is to provide some variation.
Reduced the size of Cheese Caves.
Cave Entrance are now smaller, and less likely to go down all the way to Deepslate level.
Lush Caves are now rarer and smaller.
Underground Biomes interfere less with surface Biomes. They can still leak out sometimes.
1.19Deep Dark Experimental Snapshot 1Added Deep Dark.
Added Ancient City.
22w14aAdded Mangrove Swamp.
23w12aAdded Cherry Grove.
Added Trail Ruins.

Bedrock Edition[]

Early Alpha-era-terrain[]

This section is missing information about missing changes. 
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Pocket Edition Alpha
v0.1.0Added a simple world generator. The world is simillar to pre-Java Edition Beta 1.8 world generation.
The world is 256 blocks wide and 128 blocks high.
Added 5 Biomes, Snowy Tundra, Snowy Taiga, Plains, Desert, and Forest.
v0.1.3Cacti now generates in Desert.

Pocket Edition-era-terrain[]

The terrain generator was made infinite in mid-2014 with the addition of biomes from the then Java 1.7.2 generator. This world generator remained identical until Caves and Cliffs Part 2 was released in late 2021.

Pocket Edition Alpha
v0.9.0build 1The terrain generation changed greatly in this version.[note 4]
The world is now infinite. The old limited world can be created by using Old world type.
Added most Biomes that exist as of Java Edition 1.8.
Frozen Ocean no longer generates naturally.
Added Villages, Mineshafts, Strongholds and Dungeons.
Added Flat world type.
Mesa biomes have a bug where new chunks generate with clay banding layers reset to a fixed preset after reloading the world.[note 7]
v0.9.5Added Mesa Bryce, Extreme Hills+, and Jungle M.
v0.10.0build 1Mesa biomes now has gold at every elevation, and can generate Mineshafts on the surface.
Huge Mushrooms generate in swamps.
Added Desert Wells.
v0.11.0build 1Added Birch Forest M, Birch Forest Hills M, Extreme Hills M, and Extreme Hills+ M.
build 8Changed the default biome.
build 10Increased the amount of gravel in the Extreme Hills M Biome.
v0.12.1build 1Added the Nether biome.
Added Nether Fortresses.
Mesa Plateau F biomes no longer generate properly.[note 8]
build 10Leaves coloring shaders are now used only when the color for a biome actually changes.
v0.13.0build 1Added Desert Pyramids.
v0.14.0build 1Added Swamp Huts.
Cauldrons in Swamp huts are filled with random Potion.
v0.15.0build 1Added Jungle Temples.
Added Savanna and Taiga village variants.
Villages can now generate in Snowy Taiga and Snowy Tundra biomes, where village buildings are constructed with spruce wood like in taiga villages.
Villages have a slim chance to generate as abandoned villages, which spawn zombified villagers. Cobwebs and moss stone replace some blocks in the buildings of such villages.
v0.16.0?The biomes can now be viewed on maps based on the grass color.
Added Ocean Monuments.
Pocket Edition
1.0.0alpha End biome.
Added End City.
Added Igloos.
1.1.0alpha Woodland Mansions.
1.1.0Mesa biomes now generate the same pattern of clay banding layers per world seed after reloading the world.[note 7]
1.1.3alpha Fossils.
Bedrock Edition
1.2.0beta Ravines.
1.4.0beta generation is equivalent to Java Edition 1.13
Added Warm Ocean and its deep variant.
Added Lukewarm Ocean and its deep variant.
Added Cold Ocean and its deep variant.
Added Frozen Ocean, although its different from the original version.
Added Deep Frozen Ocean as a Frozen Ocean variant.
Added Shipwrecks, Buried Treasure, Coral Reefs, Icebergs, Underwater Ravines.
beta Underwater Ruins.
Caves can now generate underwater.
1.6.0beta Forest M, Birch Forest Hills M, Savanna M, Savanna Plateau M, and Mesa Plateau F biomes now have the wrong grass color.[note 9]
1.9.0beta generation is equivalent to Java Edition 1.14
Added Added Bamboo Jungle.
1.10.0beta Pillager Outpost.
Added new villages.
1.11.0beta Plateau F biomes now properly generate.[note 8]
1.16.0beta generation is equivalent to Java Edition 1.16
Added Crimson Forest.
Added Warped Forest.
Added Soul Sand Valley.
Added Basalt pillar, Huge Crimson Fungi, and Huge Warped Fungi.
beta Basalt Deltas.
Added Ruined portal and Piglin Bastion.
1.17.0beta generation is equivalent Java Edition 1.17
Added the new mountain biomes: Lofty Peaks, Snow Capped Peaks, Snowy Slopes, Mountain Grove, and Mountain Meadow behind experimental gameplay.
Added Dripstone Caves.
beta Lush Caves.
Extended Altitude.
1.16.220All above features are unavailable in release.
beta all above.
beta now generates under Y 16.
beta Dripstone Clusters.
beta Noise, Cheese, and Spaghetti Caves.
Added Aquifers.
beta Amethyst Geode.
Lush and Dripstone Caves generate rarely underground.
releaseMountain biomes are unavailable in release.
1.17.10Re-added Mountain Biomes behind experimental gameplay.

Mountainous Bedrock Edition-era Terrain[]

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Bedrock Edition
1.18.0beta generation is equivalent to Java Edition 1.18.
All world generator changes now available outside experimental gameplay.
Caves now reach to the surface.
Changed mountains to look like jagged peaks.
beta old world type has been removed from the world creation screen. Existing old worlds are still playable, but will not receive new features onward.
Wild Update
beta Deep Dark behind experimental gameplay.
beta Ancient City behind experimental gameplay.
1.19.0beta Mangrove Swamp.
Deep Dark and Mangrove Swamp are available outside experimental gameplay.
1.19.40beta Growth Birch Forest, Windswept Savanna, and Dark Forest biomes now have the correct grass color, matching that of Java Edition.[note 9]
Next Major Update
beta Cherry Grove behind experimental gameplay.
beta Trail Ruins behind experimental gameplay.
1.20.0beta Grove and Train Ruins are available outside experimental gameplay.

Legacy Console Edition[]

This section is missing information about Legacy Console Edition terrain changes. 
Please expand the section to include this information. Further details may exist on the talk page.

Legacy Console Edition was historically updated roughly following Java Edition major releases, and as such, mirrored Java Edition changes for much of its update history.

Beta Era Terrain[]

Xbox 360 edition was released with features roughly equivalent to Java Edition Beta 1.6, and therefore matched its terrain generation identically.

Legacy Console Edition
TU1World generation is equivalent to Java Edition Beta 1.6.6
First release with features and terrain generation roughly equivalent to Java Edition Beta 1.6
World sizes are limited to 864x864 blocks.
TU3World generation is equivalent to Java Edition Beta 1.7.3
Added a seed display to the level load screen (requires existing levels to be saved out again to add the display).
Clay generation has been fixed and no longer exclusively spawns when x and z are equal.[more information needed]

Early Release Era Terrain[]

Xbox 360 version TU5 released features identical to Java Edition Beta 1.8, and therefore, all seeds have changed. The addition of Jungle biomes in TU12 shuffled positions of all major land biomes, changing a decent portion of world seeds again on Xbox 360. All other console editions except for Nintento Switch edition were initially released with the latter world generation.

Legacy Console Edition
TU5World generation is equivalent to Java Edition Beta 1.8.1
The terrain generation changed greatly in this version.[note 4]
Added biomes: Swampland, Ice Plains, Extreme Hills, Ocean.
Added Villages, mineshafts, strongholds, ravines.
Removed biomes - rainforest, seasonal forest, savanna, shrubland and tundra.
Removed the Void by making it impossible to break the bottom/top layer of bedrock.
TU7Added Mushroom island biome and Nether fortresses.
TU9World generation is equivalent to Java Edition 1.0.0
Added The End
The world is not infinite, but has a block placement limit similar to that of the Nether.
Obsidian pillars are generated in a spiral circling an unactivated exit portal.
The crystals on the two tallest obsidian pillars are surrounded by iron bars.
Re-added beaches.
TU12 1.00 World generation is equivalent to Java Edition 1.2.5
The terrain generation changed slightly in this version.
Added Jungle biomes, changing positions of all major land biomes.
Biome data is now saved to world, meaning biome positions no longer change in existing worlds after new game updates to world generation.
Build height limit changed from 128 to 256.
Cocoa grows on jungle trees.
Very rare desert wells can be found in desert biomes.
Mineshafts can generate with wooden bridges now when generated over a cave or over top another tunnel.
TU14 1.04 World generation is equivalent to Java Edition 1.3.2
Added Desert temple, desert village, jungle temple.
Hills in select hill biomes are now slightly taller.
CU1 1.07 First initial release of Xbox One and PS4 editions with, classic, small, medium, and large world sizes, up to 5120x5120 blocks, and increased render distance to 18 chunks from 10 chunks.
Villages on larger world sizes do not spawn as common as they do on classic 864x864 world sizes. The rarity of villages on larger world sizes more reflects that of Java's spawn rate than classic world size spawn rate.
TU19CU7 1.12 World generation is equivalent to Java Edition 1.6.4
Added witch huts and Nether fortresses.
Lakes no longer generate naturally in deserts.
TU25CU14 1.17 Patch 1Added custom superflat world option.

Major Release Era Terrain[]

Nintendo Switch edition was the only Legacy Console Edition to be initially released during this world generation's stage.

Legacy Console Edition
TU31CU19 1.22 Patch 3World generation is equivalent to Java Edition 1.8.9
The terrain generation changed greatly in this version.[note 4]
Added ocean monuments
Added biomes: Mesa, Mega Taiga, Roofed Forest, Birch Forest, Forest, Savanna, Extreme Hills+, Deep Ocean, Snowless Taiga, and 20 new technical biomes.
Melons can now be found in jungle biomes similar to pumpkins.
Swamp biomes now spawn with blue orchid flowers and the coast is covered in staggered dirt block with lily pads between them.
Plains biomes now generate with azure bluets, oxeye daises, tulips and double tall grass.
Extreme hills biomes now have snow at higher elevations, gravel, flat valleys near sea level and are slightly higher. Extreme Hills Edge biomes no longer naturally generate.
Ocean biomes contains only gravel on the floor instead of sand, dirt and gravel.
Desert temples now spawn with stained clay instead of dyed wool.
Due to limited world sizes, biomes are now downscaled 4x (16x area) in order to fit more biomes in each world (all world sizes). This differs from the "Biome Size 2" configuration in Java Edition Old Customized world type in that the 4x size downscaling occurs before hill biomes, edge biomes, and beach/shore are applied, not after like on Java. This is an exclusive feature to Legacy Console Editions.
TU32CU20 1.23 Fix for worlds generating slightly differently every time even with the same seed.
Mutated/Modified biomes now generate correctly the same each time using a set world seed.
Fixed a world generation bug where large areas of land biomes would generate underwater as river biomes
TU39CU27 1.31 Patch 10Fix for an issue with hills generation. Hills and mountains are now slightly taller and more varied.
TU43CU33 1.36 Patch 13Added Fossils and igloos
There's now a small chance for villages to spawn as zombie villages
Villages are no longer restricted by biome boundaries. They now spawn with grass paths and have bridges when generated over water. Village farms now include beetroots.
Mineshafts now generate in mesa biomes - previously they did not spawn at all, even underground.[verify]
Updated loot for loot chests in dungeons, temples, mineshafts etc.
Plains and sunflower plains biomes now have a chance to spawn trees.
TU46CU36 1.38 Patch 151.0.1World generation is equivalent to Java Edition 1.10.2
The End has changed when generating a new world and can also be updated for old worlds. To get the new End in an old world, select "Reset End" in the "More Options" menu when loading the world.
After killing the ender dragon in the new End, an end gateway will spawn nearby. Throwing an ender pearl into this will teleport the player to a new area in the End with an end city and end ship.
There is 1 outer end island on classic worlds, and large world sizes have up to 4 outer end islands. These spawn about 2,048 blocks from the center island in each cardinal direction and are not directly connected. This is exclusive to Legacy Console Edition.
Within the End City and End Ship the player can find shulkers, elytra and a dragon head.
Villages now generate naturally in the Taiga biome.
TU54CU44 1.52 Patch 241.0.4World generation is equivalent to Java Edition 1.12.2
Added Woodland mansions. These generate a lot more common than on Java Edition due to limited world sizes as a exclusive feature to Legacy Console Edition.
Improved spawn chances of ocean monuments.
Added Biome Scale Slider, Find Balanced Seed options as exclusive features to Legacy Console Edition.
Small biome setting was the default option since TU31, Biome Scale Slider adds new medium and large scale options. large scale option matches biome size of default Java Edition worlds. Medium scale option is 2x (4x area) smaller biomes than default Java Edition biomes.
Increased spawning frequency of biome specific structures as exclusive features to Legacy Console Edition.
TU60CU51 1.64 Patch 301.0.11Added fallen, dying and vined trees.
Lake generation has changed.
Villages Tables have brown carpet instead of a pressure plate.
Added Ice Plains & Cold Taiga Villages. These generate with chests, but won't generate crops.
Paths around village wells now made up of grass path (sandstone in desert).
TU69 1.76 Patch 38World generation is equivalent to Java Edition 1.13
Added warm, lukewarm, and cold oceans. Frozen oceans now generate naturally again. Added deep ocean variants for lukewarm, cold, and frozen oceans.
Added Shipwrecks, Underwater Ruins, Coral Reefs, Icebergs, Underwater Caves, Underwater Ravines, and Buried Treasure
1.88 Added new flowers: Lily of the Valley and Cornflower.
1.91 World generation is equivalent to Java Edition 1.14
Added sweet berry bushes, pillager outposts, and bamboo jungles.
Note on World Generation: In order to deliver the coolest generated villages possible, some world seeds may have villages generate in different areas than they used to before this update
Villages now have a new look, differing per biome.
Added village job sites and gathering sites.
Number of houses depends on beds.
Taiga villages are now more common.
Removed zombie villages, due to new village changes.

New Nintendo 3DS Edition[]

New Nintendo 3DS Edition
0.1.0Added features as of Pocket Edition Alpha 0.15.4.[more information needed]
1.3.12Added ocean monuments.
1.5.25Added coarse dirt.
1.7.10Added the End with end cities, end ships, chorus trees, and exit portals.
1.9.19Added woodland mansions and underground fossils. Added natural magma block generation into the Nether.

Glacier Seed Comparison[]


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Map sizes (width × length × height)
Square Long Deep
Small 128 × 128 × 64 256 × 64 × 64 64 × 64 × 256
Normal 256 × 256 × 64 512 × 128 × 64 128 × 128 × 256
Huge 512 × 512 × 64 1028 × 256 × 64 256 × 256 × 256

Indev World Types[]

  • Island: World spawns as a large island surrounded with water, smaller island off the coast are comon too. Border block is water as well, sand will generate.
  • Floating: World generates in rings of floating islands high in the air. Border block is water. Sand is common although caves often lead into the void.
  • Flat: world is a perfectly flat plane with trees growing. Border block is grass. Sand does not generate.
  • Original: Resembles classic 0.30 terrain generation
  • Inland: