Hero of the Village

The icon for the Strength effect.

Hero of the Village is a status effect that players receive after defeating a raid. A raid is triggered after a Bad Omen effect occurs; a player must kill a pillager captain to obtain the Bad Omen effect.

Like all status effects, it can be removed by drinking Milk.


  • Defeating a raid on a village.


Players with this status effect receive a discount from villager trading. The effect is only active within 20 blocks of the village where the raid occurred. When the effect is active on a player, villagers will give items depending on their profession:

  • Hero of the Village I - decreases the emeralds required for the first item traded by 30%.
  • Hero of the Village II - decreases the emeralds required by 36%.
  • Hero of the Village III - decreases the emeralds required by 42%.
  • Hero of the Village IV - decreases the emeralds required by 48%.
  • Hero of the Village V - decreases the emeralds required by 55%.

Note: The discount cannot decrease an item's price to less than 1 emerald (an item will never be free).

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