Gunpowder, formerly known as Sulfur, is a non-placeable item that can be obtained by killing Creepers, Ghasts, Witches and looting Dungeon, Desert Temple or Woodland Mansion Chests.


Gunpowder can be crafted into TNT, requiring five of them, and Fire Charges. Gunpowder is essential in order to create splash potions, which is usually applied to potions with negative effects. Fire Charges were added in Minecraft snapshot 12w04a. These have the same properties as Flint and Steel, except they can be launched from a Dispenser. Gunpowder is one of the ingredients used to make the Firework Rocket, and is required to make Firework Stars.


In Indev, mob drops were randomized, so when a pig was killed, it could drop gunpowder instead of a Raw Porkchop. This was the same with all other mobs that left behind an item when killed.

In Beta 1.0, Gunpowder was renamed to Sulfur, but it was reverted to its original term in Beta 1.3.

In Beta 1.9 pre-release 4, Gunpowder was made usable in Brewing to create Splash Potions.

Gunpowder was added to the Pocket Edition in 0.4.0.


  • Texture-wise, it looks almost identical to the redstone dust texture, but with a desaturated color.