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This page describes content that exists only in outdated versions of Java Edition. 
This feature used to be in the game, but has ever since been removed.It may or may not return in a future update.

Green shrubs were variants of the grass block ID with block metadata with a value from 3 to 15 inclusive in Java Edition. Unlike the intentionally-implemented shrub, their color changed depending on the biome.


When broken normally, green shrubs had a 18 chance of dropping wheat seeds, due to being a type of grass. This drop rate is affected by fortune like normal grass as well. Green shrubs could be obtained as an item using shears.


Unlike the normal shrub, which was not tinted per biome, the green shrub was, hence its name. This gives rise to many visually distinct colorations:

Biome Color Colormap


Green Shrub
BadlandsBadlands PlateauEroded BadlandsModified Badlands PlateauModified Wooded Badlands PlateauWooded Badlands Plateau
N/A Badlands Green Shrub
DesertDesert HillsDesert LakesSavannaSavanna PlateauShattered SavannaShattered Savanna PlateauNether Wastes
(0, 255) Desert Green Shrub
JungleJungle HillsModified Jungle
(12,36) Jungle Green Shrub
Jungle EdgeModified Jungle Edge
(12, 61) Sparse Jungle Green Shrub
ForestFlower ForestWooded Hills
(76, 112) Forest Green Shrub
Birch ForestBirch Forest HillsTall Birch ForestTall Birch Hills
(101, 163) Birch Forest Green Shrub
Dark ForestDark Forest Hills
(76, 112)

w/ additional tint

Dark Forest Green Shrub
Swampbefore 13w36a [more information needed] N/A Swamp Green Shrub JE1
SwampSwamp Hills
N/A Swamp Green Shrub
SwampSwamp Hillswhen temp < 0.1
N/A Swamp Green Shrub (Cold)
PlainsSunflower PlainsBeach
(50, 173) Plains Green Shrub
OceanDeep OceanRiverThe End
(127, 191) Ocean Green Shrub
Mushroom FieldsMushroom Field Shore
(25, 25) Mushroom Fields Green Shrub
MountainsMountain EdgeGravelly Mountains Gravelly Mountains+

Wooded Mountains Stone Shore

(203, 239) Windswept Hills Green Shrub
Snowy Beach
(242, 251) Snowy Beach Green Shrub
Giant Tree TaigaGiant Tree Taiga Hills
(178, 193) Old Growth Pine Taiga Green Shrub
TaigaTaiga HillsTaiga MountainsGiant Spruce TaigaGiant Spruce Taiga Hills
(191, 203) Taiga Green Shrub
Snowy TundraSnowy MountainsIce SpikesSnowy TaigaSnowy Taiga HillsSnowy Taiga MountainsFrozen OceanFrozen River
(255, 255) Snowy Plains Green Shrub

Data values[]


Java Edition:

NameIdentifierNumeric ID Translation key

Block data[]

See also: Data values
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Java Edition Beta
1.6Test Build 3Green Shrub JE1 Added green shrubs.
Green Shrub (item) JE1 The item form has no name, does not have a tint applied, and places shrubs instead of green shrubs even if its damage value is 3 or above as expected.
1.8Pre-releaseGreen shrubs can now be harvested with shears, allowing for its acquisition from its block form.
Green Shrub (item) JE2 The item now appears with the correct sprite in the inventory, and is also tinted.[more information needed]
Pre-release 2 ;)The item is now called "Grass" in the inventory.
Java Edition
1.0.0Beta 1.9 Prerelease 6Green Shrub (item) JE3 The tint used for green shrubs as items has changed.[more information needed]
1.513w02aGreen shrubs now cause a game crash if brought into view,[verify] likely due to not having an assigned texture. This affects both its block and item forms.
13w09bGreen shrubs no longer trigger a game crash.
Green Shrub JE2
Green Shrub (item) JE4 Green shrubs now use the tinted shrub/dead bush texture, hence its common name, rather than the grass texture it used previously.
1.814w07aGreen Shrub JE3 The texture planes and pixels of green shrubs are now completely square.
14w10aMissing Model JE2 Missing Model (anisotropic filtering) JE2 Green shrubs no longer have a model.
14w25aRemoved green shrubs.


Green Shrubs effectively were issues themselves, due to resulting from a quirk of block metadata handling at the time. As they have since been removed with several reworkings of block metadata, they can be considered already fixed.