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A Grass Path is a block that was added in Java Edition 1.9 and Pocket Edition alpha 0.11.0, which generates as roads in villages instead of gravel. For a player to make this, they have to right-click with any type of shovel on a grass block, turning it a tannish colour and one 16x16x1 layer lower.

If a player destroys it with any tool, it will drop as a dirt block. However, in Bedrock Edition, using the Silk Touch enchantment, it will drop as is (Grass Path).

In the Java and Legacy Console Edition, Grass Path Blocks can be found in the player's inventory in Creative Mode.


It can be used as a road, as seen in villages. Although they do prevent hostile mobs from spawning. The only difference is that it is 1516th of a block high.


  • If a player puts a block on a grass path block, the grass path block will turn into dirt.
  • The grass path block looks a little like a lighter color of podzol.
  • Torches, ladders, and lanterns cannot be placed on Grass Path blocks.
  • If rabbits were to be on the grass path, they would jump higher than normal.
  • Because this is not a full block, Having ice under it will make the Grass Path block behave like it is ice.
  • This used to only be obtainable in creative mode using Pick Block or /give. It was later added to the creative mode inventory.


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