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The term Golem may refer to several golem or golem like mobs:


  • Iron Golem - a neutral or passive mob naturally spawned in villages
  • Snow Golem - a passive mob created from snow blocks and a carved pumpkin or jack o'lantern
  • Shulker - a hostile mob spawned within the end cities and shoots shulker bullets at players and gives the levitation effect if it hits them. In the game files, they are referred to as a City_Golem.
  • Agent - a passive mob exclusive to the Education Edition

Minecraft Live[]

Minecraft Dungeons[]

Main article: MCD:Golem

Minecraft Earth[]

Minecraft Story Mode[]

  • Icy Golem - a hostile mob created by Romeo that are a cross of iron and snow golems
  • Larger Icy Golem - a large boss variant of the Icy Golems and one of the challenges of Romeo
  • Prison Golem - a neutral mob created by Romeo and used to keep prisioners on their places
  • Magma Golem - a hostile mob created by Romeo and used as challenges for himself, Xara and Fred
  • Giant Magma Golem - a gigantic boss created by Romeo as the final challenge for himself, Xara, and Fred


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